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Wyvern's Writers United

<img:>This wiki supports the Take Elftown Back movement!<img:>

I'm quite surprised that I haven't found any wikis for Wyvern's writers, so here's one now.
If you're a Wyvern's writer, please put your name on the list.

Our Goals
• Get to know each other a little better.
• Help other Elfwooders realize that Elftown isn't all that bad. And of course, get them to join.
• Make Elftown a cooler place by giving the contributing Elftowners something fun to log on for (not that there wasn't plenty already... but there's always room for more!).
• Inspire our members to keep writing and improving.
• Inspire our members to help each other out through comments or just plain encouragement.
• Provide the contributing Elftowners with another refuge from the cyber kids and grammar sociopaths.

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Members (so far)
1. [Kiddalee] -
2. [ArchangelGabriel] -
3. [Tigers and Trees] -
4. [grey wanderer] -
5. [Alfirin Lindlea] -
6. [DeadSockMonster] -
7. [Guardian] -
8. [Coldfire1] -
9. [Dark Side of the Moon] -
10. [little flag] -

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2006-07-04 [Guardian]: Thankies.

2006-07-04 [DeadSockMonster]: Welcomies ^_^ Pardon my silliness.

2006-07-04 [Guardian]: Nah, it's cool.

2006-07-04 [DeadSockMonster]: Oh good. Well it's nice to know that there are a few Wyverns out there on Elfwood. Lol, until I found Elfwood, I didn't know what a 'wyvern' was.

2006-07-04 [Guardian]: Lol

2006-07-06 [Kiddalee]: YaY! ***dances with [Guardian]*

2006-07-06 [Guardian]: I don't understand why there aren't any more Wyverns. There's a lot of us out there.

2006-07-06 [DeadSockMonster]: I know what you mean ^_^ Most of the Wyverns probably just don't know about this.

2006-07-07 [Kiddalee]: I advertised, but I don't think everybody reads the advertising forum.

2006-11-17 [Kiddalee]: Wow. It sure is old news, but I'm happy that FARP is up again, and has been, since only a few days after I lost hope for it.

2006-12-02 [Nadie importante]: Could i invite all the members of this wiki to Leicrah's story. its the introduction to an up coming book^^
Thank you.

2007-01-23 [Guardian]: Welcome, [Dark Side of the Moon]!

2007-01-23 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Thankees! <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

2007-01-24 [Nadie importante]: gosh i feel a little ignored...

2007-01-24 [Guardian]: Why?

2007-01-25 [Nadie importante]: nobody seems to be answering my small comment...nor do i see anything happen in my wiki page either^^' sigh...

2007-02-03 [Tigers and Trees]: It would be easier to read if I could have a printer-friendly version so I don't have to stay logged in and make comments with copy + paste.

2007-02-03 [Tigers and Trees]: Also, you may want to consider WritersCo if you want people to critique your work.

2007-02-03 [Nadie importante]: I already am on writersco:)
I dont know what printer friendly version is

2007-02-03 [Tigers and Trees]: Advertise there and provide your WC name, then.

Printer friendly version is a version of your work where a simple CTRL+A gets everything relevant for printing.

2007-02-04 [Nadie importante]: It is already advertised and my user name is Leicrah:-)
Hmm...I'll think about it, but thanks

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