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Willow Inn and Tavern

This tavern is run by madaline(maddy) Cornell

Discription: The tavern is often full, many people come because of its owner's great looks. This is were Corus is stationed in his kingdom, and were travelers come to rest.
RP Below

When Evan walked into the Inn he saw Racheal, Maddy's assistance covering then front desk, which ment Maddy was out for a bit. "Well it looks like we're going to have to wait for maddy to return," Evan said out loud to sage.

Sage nodded. "It would seem so...lord..." he said calmly. "There appears to be a table to the back free where we can rest and wait for her..."

"Great." Evan said as he walked over to the table. "Hey Racheal weres Maddy?" Evan asked when the girl came over to her.

"She went to the blacksmiths. One of the horse's shoes came loose.She should be back soon."

Sage sat down at the table with Evan, positioning himself so that he could watch Evan and all around them.

Evan kept thinking about the amount of blood the king was asking him to take. He wasn't sure if he could kill that many wereanimals if any at all. "Sage what's it like to be what you are?"

"I...I can only guess that it may be different for each individual like myself.... I... I grew up never knowing my father, and being raised as human by my human mother.... she was important to me and I wished to protect her... she was also my only friend.... until the call of music came to well as my talent involving music.... but...I had made friends with a human girl, but she got hurt because of me.... because she was my friend, and she wouldn't listen to me or the men that came after me for what I was... wouldn't listen to us about going home....I was hated for what I was, but I had no choice in what I was....the Lady is the first since I left my village to really accept me...." Sage said softly and calmly.

Evan really though about the man's life. "It must have been hard. I've alwaysed been privlage, but I understand the pain of lossing a parent." Both his were dead.

"I can only hope that my mother's life has been peaceful since I left...and I don't even know if my father is alive or dead..."

"YOu should use tis time while we're away to see how she is doing. Look there's Maddy." Evan waved over to her

Sage was silent, thinking of Evan's suggestion, though he had swearn that he would not go back just to keep her safe. Sage looked over at Maddy as she came over.

"What are you doing here?" Maddy demanded. "What ff someone identifies you?"

Evan blushed at Maddy's mothering. "I'll be fine, no one has ever figured it out before. However we really need to talk in private. YOu're not going to like this, but it's serious."

Sage looked at Maddy, and stood up, bowing slightly. " is good to see you again..." (they did meet at the ball lol ^_^)

"Come into my office and we can talk." Maddy had a big feeling that she wasn't going to like what ever Evan had to say.

Evan swolloed when he walked into her office. She was tring to figure out if she was going to hurt him when she was told she had to leave her home and buisness.

Sage followed behind Evan, though stayed back towards the wall of the office knowing that Evan knew more of what was going on.

Evan bit his lip when he sat down in Maddy's office. "Corus wanted us to tell you about a messy situation."

Maddy Rolled her eyes. "Evan stop being a wimp and just spit what ever it is out. I'm sure Sage would like to get this over with just as much as you would"

Sage nodded. "Indeed, Miss Maddy.... though it would seem that you and I are in the same boat here... there is danger that threatens you and I.... for what we are...." he said calmly, though softly.

Evan took a deep breath then told Maddy about the kings order. "That's the jist of it. Corus wants you to go to THE island to keep you safe, as well as Sage here."

Maddy took deep breaths to calm herself before she answered. "No way in hell am I going to abandon my home and everything I built. Give me one reaon why I should."

"If you would stay, Miss Maddy....and you are killed, your home would be lost for ever.... however.... if you headed to this.... island.... you would live and be able to rebuild.... a person's life is precious....." Sage said softly.

Maddy sighed. "I know, bt this is my home. It took me years to get this place going and for the people of this villae to over look the fact i'm a were-animal. However, i do understad the circumstances."

Evan looked at her hopefully. "Does that mean you'll leave and not cause any trouble." He cringed at the rebudled look Maddy gave him.

"I'll go, but first Corus has to come and tell me himself." After Maddy said that she got up. "Sage your free to stay here till we leave or you can go back with Evan to the palace. Either way doesn;t matter to me, just let me know so I can set you up a room."

"The Lady has been allowing me to use a room within the palace....she has been very kind to me.... I can not leave without speaking with her....I will be back though...." Sage said politely.

Maddy shruged at he two of them. "I wish you luck and have a safe trip back to the palace."

Evan just grumbled as he got up. He wasn't looking foward to telling Corus Maddy's conditions to leaving. He hoped Corus did't kill him were he was standing.

Sage looked at Maddy, and bowed to her, before following Evan.

Bairn walked into the tavern, his shoulders hunched forwards in an almost sombre manner, he stalked across the wood floor and sat down at the side, quite casually. To any mere passer by or as it was patron sitting in the tavern he'd probably look like a big of a weirdo, which was probably best given that people didn't react, to what is technically a skeleton, very well. Bairn waited for Maddy to notice and waited for her to approach him.

It didn't take Maddy to notice the new man in her Tavern. One, because it was late so the place was near empty. Two, he had a strange aura and smell to him. He smelt like death. "Can I help you sir?" she asked.

Bairn looked up, the light catching his skeletal face, he then spoke in an oddly low voice that lacked the fiercness you would expect from someone looking so sinister. "Madaline"?

Maddy froze in her spot. How did this man know her real name. The only ones who had ever called her Madaline was Corus and her parents. "Who the hell are you and what do you want?" she kissed out.

He seem unphased by her, or maybe unaffected would be a more fitting word and answered her question as if it had been pleasent and well mannered. "Bairn, and I want nothing". Simple enough.

Maddy squeezed her eyes shut before sh opened them again. Then are you in need of a room or food." No matter the horrid oder of the man she'ddo her job and do it well."

"No thank you". He turned his gaze away from her and began to glance around the room in a melancholic fashion.

"Then what are you doind here?" Maddy said through clentched teeth. She usually didn't but into other people's lives, but something about this guy set her hackles up.

"Sitting, Corus sent me". He replied and though the statment was one you might expect as a sarcastic retort it wasn't, he said i plainly as if it was a completely okay answer to her question.

Maddy's eyes shut tightly. "What does he want." She said fighting off a headache. She all ready told evean that the only way she'd leave her home was if Corus told her to himself.

Malek found his way to a vacant table. His auburn hair kept neatly in a loosely held, clean pony tail.

When the next guy walked in Maddy Knew this just wasn't her day. For some reason these creepy, yet strange men kept coming into her Tavern. "Hold that thought let me go see what this guy wants." Walking over she sighed. "Can I help you?"

"Yes, if you have a room, an ale when you get around to it" Malek said, with a soft smile an glimmer in his green eyes.

Maddy smiled at the man, he had a glint to him. "It'd be my pleasure." Maddy quikly grabbed the man's drink then brought it to him. He wasn't so strange up close. "Anything else?" Maddy was still creeped out by the skull man, that Corus sent.

"Nothing for the moment" his soft voice clear yet at the same time you could have sworn he said something in the form of a complement. He kicked himself mentally, he was tired and it showed in how his voice often communicated somehow no matter what he said, what his mind would wish him to say "Do you expect Corus around? Or is he away on buisness?"

Maddy sighed, "He should be around soon." And he was going to get a piece of her mind when he got here. "If you'll excuse me. Oha nd if you need a room Racheal will get it for you." With one last nod she walked back over to the guy with the skull. "Save your message Corus can tellme when he gets here."

Malek nodded, looking over at Barin. His aura both intrigued and sickened him. He stank of death both warrented and likely unwarrented as well which rankled with his own twisted sense of honor.

As Maddy was walking back to the bar a man grabbed her by the arm. "Mady what the hell are you doing?!" Corus whispered harshly in her ear.

Malek looked oddly at the man, waiting to see what would happen before returning to his drink.

Maddy Was ferious at Corus. "What are you doing? I've got two men in my tavern, one who said you sent him and the other looking for you. And Evan just came to tell me I've got to leave my home! Like Hell I will! Deal with these men, and if you want to speak to me I'll be in my room." Storming arouns Maddy waled to the Bar. "Racheal I'm leaving you incharge for the rest of the night." Then went up the starts.

Corus sighed, he knew MAddy was going to through a ft, but it couldn't be helped. Turning towards the men, Corus decided he would sit next to Malek. "What is it you want? You've put Maddy in a temper, which does me no good."

"Me? I would beg to differ on that but as to your question i hear you're having trouble with Turan" Malek said slowly "I don't suppose it would be of any interest to you that i'm the reason for his memory loss as well as the reason why he has nothing to really aid in those memories" a dark glint appeared at the edge of his eyes, and it became, if only for an instant that he was far more than what first met the eye.

Corus Smirked at the man as he rest his chin on his hands. "Really? I must admit this does peak my intrest." Corus waved Bairn over to him. "What is it that you have in mind? You seem to have a plan."

"Corus everyone and everything has a plan for it, but as for, he was to easy the first time around but he doesn't torment very easily at all...but no matter round two could be interesting" Malek said almost whimsically.

"Sounds like you may be of use. I know very litle about what the man cares for. For Now I'd like you to see if you can destroy his mental health. I want him to think no one cares for him and can't. Thet he's to much of a monster. While your at it, find what he holds most dear then rip it away from him." Corus said in a harsh tone. He knew what it was like to lose what you cared for with all your being. His daughter and wife were examples.

"And what if he's already at that point? What if he truely has nothing to lose in this..." he cut himself short "And yet everything to gain...yes i think there may be something" His eyes turned an ever darker black.

Corus smiled, "Very well. However, as for the girl he travel's with, Roan, I want her in perfect condition. I have a plan for her that requires her safety. Although, I'm sure a bit fear would do her well. Use your desgrasion. Right now Ketsuri has informed me she is at Crystal Academy, away from any contact at all for several days. " Corus liked this new man.

Malek smiled "Good...because something tells me that for some odd reason she is the one he cares about most, and with him you never want to go strait for that....oh no...if you do that then there's no getting to him at all. Yes, this could do very well. Question, are any of those close to him skilled in Wytch sight?" he shook his head "Sorry...ancient term...what i meant by that is are any of them capable of communicating with their minds or poses abilities of that sort? Those things tend to be rather...difficult to deal with"

Corus shook his head. "I belive a vampire travels with him, as well as a companion that is able to control shadow. They both may have the ability. If you c\woud I'd love if you could get Turan tohe Luminecent Coucil meeting I would greatly owe you. I'll leave it up to Ketsuri to Get the girl their. That is when I'd lke you to spring your trap. And you can use Bairn for any extra use you may need."

"Getting him to go won't be an issue, especially since someone i know is most likely going to invite him anyways and he least compared to us be a friend whom he might even trust should we dare hope for that"

Bairn had been silent for the complete endeaver and didn't even speak when his name was mentioned, he was the type of person to speak when spoken too and it was hardly in his nature to take intiative, considering what he was. He did however glance up at the two talking for a breath second and then turn back to staring at the ends of his frayed black robe where skeletal fingers just barley peaked out from the ends.

Malek became aware of Bairn as if for the first time. He smiled "And what is your skill set?"

Sage came into the inn and tavern, a cloak pulled around him and his hood up. He had his pack and his string instruments pulled over his shoulder. He looked around, saw Corus, but then went over and sat in a corner away from where he was.

As even walked into the tavern he nodded to C
orus, but looked for Sage. When he saw the man he walked over to sit down next to him. "We need to talk."

Corus looked at Barin, who was disobeying his orders. With a flick of his hand Corus banished the man to his office. "Nother mind him . He would be useless any way. Actuall.." Thinkng out loud, corus closed his eyes." Are yolu leaving the kingdom?"

Malek looked around "If you mean me then yes i am....i intend to see to it that Turan is either dead or rendered completely incapable of doing anything to aid or protect Roan...that old elf is enough trouble alive as it is"

"Would you be willing to take a werewolf with you? There is some one I'd like for you to take with you, if your willing." C orus's eyes trailed to Maddy as she came down the stairs, muttering to bher self about arrogent men, which caused him to smile.

Sage looked at Evan. "What is it Lord Evan...?" he asked in a low voice.

Malek smiled "No i wouldn't mind long as that someone isn't a pup...older wolves are actually quite nice" his eyes seemed for a moment to return to normal color before turning jet black again.

Evan quickly retold sage the information he had told the princess. "So you see I need you to do me this favor."

Corus Smiled as he beconed Maddy Over. "Then allow me to introduce you to your new company. Don't judge her on first appereances. She's a bitangry at me at the moment."

Sage nodded. "As you wish....I will go..."

Malek decided against a snide comment "Nice to meet you Maddy"

As Maddy approahsed the men all she saw was a film of red, causing her to miss the man, Malek's, comment. "How dare you thing that it would be okay to leave everthing i care about behind! This is my home, one I built with my blood and sweat!" She spent the last two hours dwelling on his comand.

Corus sat calm as he waited for MaddyTo Finsh with her rant. Most times she just needed to get it out of her system. In truth wolves are very territorial, causing it to be difficult for her to leave. When she went for a breath her took it as a chance to intoduce Malik. "MAddy there is some one I'd like you yo meet."

Calming down Maddy turned to look at the man. "Hello." A slight blush tainted her cheeks. "Sorry about the yelling, but it seems that I'm being ordered to leave my home."

"As to that order, I'd like you to acompany Malik while he's doing a bit of buisness for me. It'll get you out of the kingdom, and I do believe you would enjoy were he is going." Coruxs knew she'd like seeing more of her own kind at the Luminescent council.

Malek inclined his head politely, he knew what was expected of him "Besides the obvious, is there anything else you would like me to do?" he had several things in mind.

"Well then we should be going then." MAddy said, tiredly. "Lts go face the firing job." She had one worry on her mind, something she'd managed to keep away from Corus: her father.

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2009-11-30 [Eyden13]: Gross but creative.

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2009-11-30 [Eyden13]: ohh)0.O

2009-11-30 [Rice]: Shadow dancing?
I don't know what that is but if it's anywhere as cool as what I'm imagining...hell yeah.

2009-11-30 [Talos Cyrion]: hmm....well it is a style of fighting one such as Abarhi, an i assume to an extent flick would be acustomed to, since they are both at home in the shadows. Fighting basically materialising in an out of the shadows, the loser is either the one who gets stuck with a ninja star first, or fails to sense the attacker an loses a limb (or head, or the lower half of his body lol)

2009-11-30 [Rice]: Well that's Flicks main power, he uses shadows as a means of teleportation.
So yes, they would both be very good in a fight.

2009-11-30 [Talos Cyrion]: Ketsuri is good at this as well...however Abarhi has practised for hundreds of years, where as Ketsuri uses it as a way to remain hidden on a dark which is why he scared the bajesus out of Ketsui in the summons room

2009-11-30 [Rice]: Well Flick is a shade, so, his power is linked with the shadows.
XD And its kinda all he can do since his shade form do not allow him access to any other forms of magic, he just can't do it.
I think a battle with the two is on order later on.

2009-11-30 [Talos Cyrion]: definately, especially since Turan will probably end up using Abarhi to keep an eye on Roan when he isn't around

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