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Why I Believe in Elftown


I believe in Elftown because there will always be people who make an effort to be part of the community--be it through art, photography, or writing they're always there to make us smile and to give us hope. I believe in Elftown because I know there will always be Elftowners who organize and manage wikis where all Elftowners can come together and spread their creativity. I believe in Elftown because I know that there will always be people here to dedicate themselves to Elftown and its meaning.

This page is a dedication to these hard workers.


Nominate a Elftown House that you think is inspirational and true to Elftown and its meaning or nominate a Wiki that you think is creative, artistic, informative, funny or friendly while helping Elftown stay true. (You can also nominate it at wiki nominations in hopes that it will be featured on Mainstreet!)


Nominated Houses
[Mortified Penguin] nominated by [Mortified Penguin]
[Bookwyrm] nominated by [Angelic nightmares]
[Artsieladie] nominated by [*Phoenix*]
[Adnama] (inactive) nominated by [Paul Doyle]
[Asator Stormbringer] nominated by [Rook.]
[Ramirez] nominated by [Tynuka-Rhytishy]


Nominated Wiki's
Take Elftown Back nominated by [Ramirez]
Bob's Diner nominated by [Mortified Penguin]
Maze of Guile nominated by [Mortified Penguin]
The Town Herald nominated by [Ramirez]
Reviving elftown nominated by [Paul Doyle]
The Best of Elftown nominated by [Tynuka-Rhytishy]


Places to Visit

Are you an artist? Are you a writer? Are you someone who loves to admire both? Then this is the place for you to find amazing talent by none-other than our very own Elftowners! This can be a place for you to show off your work, or look for constructive criticism. If you do not want any critiques on your artwork, be sure to state that. =)

Terms: All images must be uploaded to Elftown and follow the Uploading Art Rules. Beside your image, put your username. Do not put up artwork that is not yours. You can only put up another Elftowners work if they have given you permission, and you give them credit.

All stories must be linked to a separate wiki. If you have a poem, and it is 12 lines or less you do not need a separate wiki. Remember to put your username beside your work! You may not put up anyone’s work without their permission and crediting them.

If you would like to add your "Why I believe in Elftown" simply write it out in comments, and it will be placed under the appropriate category.



April's Art--[*Phoenix*]
Mary's Artwork--[Tynuka-Rhytishy]
Ir-Iddyns gallery--[Dark Side of the Moon]
Artists' Work



Elftown Archives is a featured wiki that holds links to Elftowner's writings. If you would like to have your writing publicly displayed, you are encouraged to leave links to your work there.
April's Poems/April's Stories--[*Phoenix*]
Stories by Elbereth--[~Valkyrie~]
Love and Chaos's Writings--[Love and Chaos]
Ir-Iddyns poetry--[Dark Side of the Moon]
.:Words From The Heart:.--[Lithium Lullaby]



Captured Moments is a wiki showing some of [Byne]'s latest photography. Feel free to comment or objectively critique the shots.


Active RPG's


Wikis holding artwork and writings

Official Competition Winners Gallery
- Art/Costume - OCWG - Art
- Photography - OCWG - Photography
- Prose/Poetry/RP - OCWG - Writing
- Graphics/Building - OCWG - Graphics/Building

Elftown History
- The Elftown Museum
 - Art Section
 - Documentary Section
 - Science Section
- The News Archives
- Elftown Past Competitions
(With past Elftown history links for the years beginning with 2002 up through this current year, 2008.)

Elftown Academy

Robine's Creations --> Collection of art, photography, prose & poetry.

Draw it! Active Art Competition


Miscellaneous Wikis

How on earth did you pick that name?
How on Earth did you find Elftown?
What's an Artist?
artistic enquiries


Why I Believe in Elftown

[Ramirez]: I believe in Elftown, because Elftown has been there for me. Every time I felt need for inspiration, I would visit my favorite houses and marvel at the beautiful artwork. When I posted my own art or writing, I always had a flood of responses. I'm not willing to let Elftown go, so it, and the Elftowners that live within it, better be ready to have me here for years and years to come. <3

[Tynuka-Rhytishy]: I believe in Elftown because like so many other artists here, this is where I got my start and it's where I have my few fans. I think this site provides the help and information that all starting artists need. Even older artists need a helping hand from time to time. This is a good site that provides helpful information in it's wikis. I've also met a lot of supportive people here and without them, I don't think I would continue with my art path. I hope Elftown enjoys my company because I'm stubborn and stayin' put.

[Wunjo*]: I believe in Elftown because it's truely inspiring. Whenever I feel lazy or suffering from some kind of art-block, I scatter around elftown and álways find myself freshly motivated and inspired afterwards. Maybe even slightly jealous of all the amazing work I've seen. ;) It would be sad to see all the talent that found it's place here to go to waste. I think we should really support and help every Elftowner that is dedicated to their art and love for fantasy. There's a reason why Elftown is so addictive, and it's not the überawesomeness of [Hedda] XD. It's because of áll the Elftowners who help you, motivate you and who you can have a great laugh with. I freakin' love ET! :D

[*Phoenix*]: Why I believe in Elftown? I saw the question and the first thing I thought of was all the comments I've left on art and writing wiki's and my friends that I talk to about anything. Then my thoughts ran to role-playing wikis. Then I thought. What about those that just encourage or are there to have fun? Those are the most important. There are a ton of art, writing, photography, poems, ect, but the ones that uplift others are the ones that we should be giving a standing ovation to. The art and other wikis ARE the foundation for Elftown! The wikis and people that uplift those are what I believe in...

[Paul Doyle]: I believe in Elftown because it's supposed to be a special place for those of us who detest places like Myspace, and are not on ET for cyber-sex reasons or frivolous long-distance "Internet relationships" that seldom work. I'll skip the usual parts of my well-known opinions for brevity's sake. ET is a healthy escape from the often depressing aspects of life, no matter how good life can generally be. I came here during my mother's last few days of life, because in real life I was not getting any real comfort or counseling. ET inspired me to start drawing again actively (at age 29!) for the first time since 1991, when I first joined ET on 12 June 2003. For example, Elftown helped inspire me to create Pauly the Anthro-Dragon, my comedic personal character, as well as a page that is presently a horrible mess but in the process of being uncluttered. I miss a lot of good, artistic people who have left ET, such as [Adnama], but I have "left the light on" (in other words, kept them as ET relations) in hope some day they will rediscover Elftown. The cybersexing Myspacers with zero artistic inclination need to be either banned from ET, or (much more realistically) given severely restricted ET accounts.

[Grandamelf] Why do I believe in Elftown? I came here not knowing how to do much of anything on the computer, and I found friendly Elftowners who answered my questions, and became my friends! You can find all kinds of things to do here, and the more you find, the more creative you become! I have actually learned more here, and had more fun doing it than any other website I have visited. Elftown is more than a website, it is a community that welcomes you and make you a part of the community! When you are here, YOU are Elftown!

[Alexi Ice] : I believe in Elftown because of my friends that I have made. We support each other as fellow artists (no matter what kind of art we are into.) If they need an editor, I am always available, if I need supportive critique; they are all willing to help. Elftown contests inspire me to work my hardest and do my best, not to win, but for the simple fact that I want to progress in my craft and contests are a good way to do that, all the while getting opinions from artists who are much better than myself. I love the daily poem because, when I get my poem posted on main street I feel like maybe someone does appreciate what I am doing (even if the daily poem is picked at random, I don't care ^^) It still makes me feel special. The final reason I believe and love ET? It is because of all the people who are just like me, struggling to be great, to write, draw, take photos, work on computers, create things, and any other form of artistic creation out there that stop by my house, leave me a comment and make me really think that this site has a chance to recover from all it's been through.

[Falx]: I believe in Elftown because everytime someone says "I don't believe in Elftown", there's an Elftowner somewhere that falls down dead. On a more serious note, I believe in Elftown because it is one of the few places I've found where I can post my art and writing and actually get some productive feedback. It's nice to be able to ask advice of fellow artists and writers. It's good to be able to get a real critique of my work aside from, "It's good. I like it." or "Srsly, coo artz." (I'd like to note that there are a few people here that I would accept that last comment from, as I know it would be followed by something a bit more in depth.)

[Rebulous]: I do believe in Elftown, I do believe in Elftown, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do! Why? Because it is beacon of hope in the dark and miserable place that is the Internet. I've never been a particularly creative person, but recently I've needed to express myself or go crazy. I searched the Internet for several days trying to find a place that creative people - truly creative people - called home. I stumbled upon Elftown and was overjoyed. But only briefly, because for a while I thought I was roaming a ghost town, and I began to despair. Then some kind soul (a new resident like myself) reached out, like a lonesome cry in the wild, and touched me. [LynnAnneBrown] has been wonderful, because she has found in Elftown what I could not: life. I am hopeful again. As I said, I'm not particularly creative, but I love seeing what other folks do. And I am inspired. OK, sorry for the long ramble. I'll be off now...

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2008-08-25 [Lithium Lullaby]: I finally have one to add ^_^

.:Words From The Heart:.

2008-09-17 [Artsieladie]: I have some to add, if I ever get around to getting the links together. :P I also want to add why I believe in Elftown, because heaven knows I do! I just need to write it up. :)

2008-09-17 [Ramirez]: Awesomeness XD

2008-09-21 [nehirwen]: Perhaps you could add What's An Artist? and Artists' Work? :)

2008-09-21 [*Phoenix*]: Hey! Those are my wikis! YAY! ^.^

2008-09-21 [nehirwen]: Yeah, I thought they seem fit. <img:stuff/sm-gif.gif>

2008-09-21 [*Phoenix*]: Thankies! You get a hug! *HUGS*

2008-09-21 [nehirwen]: x) Thanks *is hug-junkie*, and you're welcome.

2008-09-22 [Byne]: ...I GOT A JOB. (x

2008-09-23 [Love and Chaos]: awesomeness...........I got a new computer piece. Niceness for the tech junkies. Where are you working?

2008-09-23 [Byne]: At a grocery store. xP

2008-09-27 [*Phoenix*]: sweetness!

2009-01-02 [Darth Jacein]: i got an active rp you cold nominate, and several inactive..but still great exapmles of people who can role play maturely, and really well

2009-01-02 [Ramirez]: Active RP's can go under RP part, and the inactive ones can go under writing, just mention they're RP's that are inactive.

2009-03-30 [Falx]: Do you think you could add Draw it! somewhere in here?

2009-03-31 [~Valkyrie~]: Could somebody add [Talos Cyrion]'s and my RP, Akallabeth for me? Or should I add it myself?

2009-03-31 [Ramirez]: You can add it yourself if you'd like.

2009-03-31 [~Valkyrie~]: Ok :)

2011-09-30 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Should we do the daily/newest artwork here?

2011-09-30 [Ramirez]: I'd leave it at the coffee house.

2011-10-03 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Should we take down Draw it? And I added artistic enquiries under miscellaneous wikis.

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