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Why Good Grammar?

This wiki supports the Take Elftown Back movement.

  Why should you use good grammar on the internet? There are many reasons:

1. Your writing becomes easier to read. It will be less likely to be skipped over and people who do read it will only have to use their thought processes on the thoughts you are trying to convey instead of on trying to piece your letters together.

2. Because you have been taught good grammar in school, it is actually more instinctive for you to use it than webspeak. It leaves more room for you, the writer, to think.

3. You gain more respect among circles of people who use good grammar, while not losing respect among those who choose not to.

4. If you don't make a habit of intentionally using poor grammar online, you won't have to worry about it accidentally transferring to your schoolwork or other places where you can't get away with it.

5. It helps you build an online identity, rather than just a persona to escape to. Your online life becomes fuller and richer.

6. If you are trying to post something serious, you are more likely to get a serious answer if you use good grammar.

7. If you are posting something that's not serious, people are more likely to get the joke (unless of course, the bad grammar is a part of the joke).

8. It makes it easier for disabled people to read your work. Because deaf people don't connect the sound of words directly to their letters, they cannot read webspeak words like "u" or "r" (Thanks, [aphrodizzeeack])

8.b. It makes it easier for blind people especially. Their reading programs don't recognize webspeak words and so they can only read decent grammar. (Credit for [Nightshadow])

9. It makes it easier for people just learning to read English or who don't usually use the same alphabet as you (see reason 8). (Credit goes to [I pretend for your sake] for saying this in his bio.)

10. It shows that you respect those reading your work.

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2005-11-20 [Kiddalee]: And of course I'm allowed to shamelessly plug on my own wiki page: please enter the Trochaic Poetry Contest. Poems in trochees are so fun to write!

2005-11-20 [Tigers and Trees]: Yay, love this page!

2005-11-21 [Kiddalee]: So do I!

2005-12-07 [Kiddalee]: Well, if anyone sees this ad, I've created a wiki that I think is related to this one: Healing In Elftown.

2005-12-16 [aphrodizzeeack]: I would just like to mention also, that deaf or mute persons cannot read letter corrisponding to words such as 'u' (you) or 'r' (are) because they do not know the sound of the letter and the sound of the word to be able to distinguish the similarity in sound, well, that's what my deaf friend told me!

2005-12-21 [Kiddalee]: Thanks! :)

2006-01-26 [Clue]: This is brilliant

2006-02-03 [Kiddalee]: I hope it works...

2006-02-11 [Nightshadow]: Just a slight addition to what [aphrodizzeeack] up there said...blind people generally can't read hopelessly maimed words--I mean, chatspeak--either. Reader programs don't see "lol" as "laughing out loud," they see it as "lawl." l337 is certainly all but impossible for them to understand without a "leet" human reading it aloud to them.

2006-04-20 [roslyn]: I hope this attempt to popularize proper grammar works. Webspeak is so limited.

2006-04-21 [Kiddalee]: So do I, though I don't think this page has had a lot of viewers in its history.

2006-04-26 [Kiddalee]: Again, I am shamelessly plugging in a wiki that is mine: Stupid Pasted Things.

2006-07-13 [Chrysilla]: Do you mind if I add this in my house? Not that I have lots and lots of visitors but I think it would help :) Btw I think your work is great and even if I just "discovered" you, I like you a lot ^^

2006-07-15 [Kiddalee]: I don't mind. Thanks :)

2007-12-28 [Zab]: hello. Neat page.

2008-07-10 [Jitter]: Kudos!

2008-07-10 [Zab]: hi! :P

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