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What is an Elftown Clan?

Elftown Clans FAQs Answered

What is an Elftown Clan?

1) An Elftown Clan is a group of people on Elftown.
2) An Elftown Clan is based around certain fantasy races.
3) Each Elftown Clan chooses which fictional species are in their Clan. The full list of these beasties is called the Creature_List.
4) Each Clan member chooses which fantasy race(s) they prefer over the others. This is your Fantasy Race.
5) The full list of Clans, Factions, and Tribes is Elftown Clans.
6) If your Fantasy Race is not featured in a Clan, then it might be a part of the Minor Clans. These are Clans with creatures listed with 1% or less votes on the Representative Poll.
7) The Representative Poll of the Elftown Clans is <poll:73926>.
8) Each Elftown Clan chooses one member to speak as its singular voice. This can be called a Leader, Chairperson, Diplomat, Aristocrat, or any other title, but there is only one from each Clan of the Elftown Clans. This voting member is a member or Leader of a House. NOTE: When capitalized, we are not referring to your Elftown 'house', also called a Presentation.

What is an Elftown Clan House? What is GOP? What is MGP?

1) The Elftown Clans form two Houses, known as the GOP and MGP. These two Houses are based on a Majority and Minority of voting members. A Clan is a Majority House member if it contains 8% or more votes of the Representative Poll, <poll:73926>. A Clan is a Minorities Group if it has 7% or lower of the votes on the Representative Poll.
2) GOP stands for "Grand Olde Party", and refers to the Republican Party in American politics. Here, it means the Fantasy Majority.
3) MGP stands for Minorities Groups Party, and is featured on the Fantasy Minority.

What are the Minor Clans? Why are there so many races?

1) The Minor Clans represent members of the Fantasy Endangered Species List, or FESL. The FESL's members form the Minor Clans so that they too have a voice in the RP Council. A Minor Clan is made when a Fantasy Race has nowhere else to go, because they are so different from any other Clan. These races are listed on the FESL Page.
2) There are so few races listed on the Rep. Poll, that we have to join together to make a difference in how we are polled.
3) The Elftown Clans were formed to help solve this dilemma through proactive response and volunteer work.

Why does this matter? Who does this affect?

1) Everyone is welcome to the Elftown Clans and the RP Council.
2) If you would like a Fantasy Race posted on your house presentation, but it is not listed on the current pull-down menu, this affects you.
3) The Elftown Clans would like to take the races of the Race Suggestions, the Creature_List, the WFR, and popular fiction, and make them available for you to post on your presentation as you deem fit. Please help us by joining one of the Elftown Clans and casting your vote with an action.
4) This affects you even if you do not choose to participate.

What if I don't choose one of the Elftown Clans? What if I am indecisive, and cannot possibly choose one?

1) There will be default settings.
2) Users with no choice made, and no artwork uploaded to their house will have a default setting of Human Clans, with no sub-race, clan, tribe, faction or culture chosen.
3) Users who upload artwork or images to their house presentation will become members of the Elfin Clan by default. If the member chooses to become a human again, this is possible by changing their house presentation like normal.
4) Users who have a hard time choosing will have the option of choosing, "Multiple Clans" or Shifter Clan if they are shapechangers.
5) If one is simply an anarchist, and wishes not to be a member of any Clan at all, the default options can be removed by choosing "Non-Clan Member".

When will these ideas take place? What will happen?

1) They have been put before the Council, including [Hedda] (in connection with the ECM, and will be evaluated when they all have time to discuss the ideas.
2) Either they will accept it or deny it. No clue when it will be done, if it is accepted.


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