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We Rock Elftown!



(poetic words in an image)


<img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> Made thus far: <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:>

Who Are Elftown Believers & Elftown Rockers!?!

Tickle these thumbnailed, named banners to see!

 <img100*0:*Artsie_ladie*_Rocks_Elftown!.png> <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!_Rocks_Elftown!.png> <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!.png>
  <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>  E  <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>  
 <img100*0:!.png>  <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:*Phoenix*_Rocks_Elftown!.png> <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!.png>
  <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>  L  <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>  
 <img100*0:!.png>  <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:*_Rocks_Elftown!.png> <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!.png>
  <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>  F  <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>  
 <img100*0:!.png>  <img100*0:!)_500.png> <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!.png>
  <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>  T  <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>  
 <img100*0:!.png>  <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!.png>
  <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>  O  <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>  
 <img100*0:!.png>  <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!.png>
  <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>  W  <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>  
 <img100*0:!.png> <img100*0:!.png>
  <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>  N  <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>    <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>   <img:>  


<img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> These to be made: <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:>

Using the D20 feature = numbers' order drawn:

<img:>14 = [Captain Rachel Black], [Wunjo*], [Linderel]
<img:>19 = [Phoxx], [Asator Stormbringer], [~Crimson Angel~]
<img:>  7 = [Paul Doyle], [Atayemi], [Adaria_Moonlight]
<img:>16 = [Sana], [Grandamelf], [MisLuck]
<img:>18 = [Teufelsweib], [someelf], [Thunder Cid], [Chrysilla] *
<img:>  8 = [Pnelma Tirian], [Ryo-Oni], [Galatea]
<img:>15 = [Angelic nightmares], [smakeupfx], [Shadow Gypsey]
<img:>17 = [Vou], [Yami], [Layre]

*[newest member drew #18 will make very soon!]

<img:>12 = [BloodLusting Elf], [Triola], [Expensive Fidelity]
<img:>  3 = [Cia_mar], [The Black Cat in Your Path], [Jeccabee]
<img:>  1 = [EnigmaXero], [Angel In Red], [Sir Riddle], [Alexi Ice]
<img:>11 = [Kuramasgirl], [Saray], [Morningstar Rising]
<img:>13 = [Diede.], [Channy], [Zab]
<img:>  2 = [cyberhavok], [Erubeus], [ArcticTofu]
<img:>  5 = [Lithium Lullaby], [Sauron], [Todd van elslande]
<img:>  6 = [Mr. Wonka], [Zacky Stardust], [Dark Side of the Moon]
<img:>20 = [sequeena_rae], [Tableau Vivant], [PnkShpGnWld]
<img:>  9 = [Iske], [Khronos Atmosphaera], [Crankychangeling]
<img:>  4 = [The Scarlet Pumpernickle], [XxTsomexX]. [Child of God]
<img:>10 = [Kelaria], [Kyrinn], [Linn Scarlett]

1 [EnigmaXero] 2 [cyberhavok] 3 [Cia_mar]
4 [The Scarlet Pumpernickle] 5 [Lithium Lullaby]

6 [Mr. Wonka] 7 [Paul Doyle] 8 [Pnelma Tirian] 9 [Iske] 10 [Kelaria]

11 [Kuramasgirl] 12 [BloodLusting Elf] 13 [Diede.] 14 [Captain Rachel Black] 15 [Angelic nightmares]

16 [Sana] 17 [Vou] 18 [Teufelsweib] 19 [Phoxx] 20 [sequeena_rae]

1 [Angel In Red] 2 [Erubeus] 3 [The Black Cat in Your Path] 4 [XxTsomexX] 5 [Sauron]

6 [Zacky Stardust] 7 [Atayemi] 8 [Ryo-Oni] 9 [Khronos Atmosphaera] 10 [Kyrinn]

11 [Saray] 12 [Triola] 13 [Channy] 14 [Wunjo*] 15 [smakeupfx]

16 [Grandamelf] 17 [Yami] 18 [someelf] 19 [Asator Stormbringer] 20 [Tableau Vivant]

1 [Sir Riddle] 2 [ArcticTofu] 3 [Jeccabee] 4 [Child of God] 5 [Todd van elslande]

6 [Dark Side of the Moon] 7 [Adaria_Moonlight] 8 [Galatea] 9 [Crankychangeling] 10 [Linn Scarlett]

11 [Morningstar Rising] 12 [Expensive Fidelity] 13 [Zab] 14 [Linderel] 15 [Shadow Gypsey]

16 [MisLuck] 17 [Layre] 18 [Thunder Cid] 19 [~Crimson Angel~] 20 [PnkShpGnWld]

1 [Alexi Ice] 2 [ -next- ] 3 [ -next- ] 4 [ -next- ] 5 [ -next- ]

6 [ -next- ] 7 [ -next- ] 8 [ -next- ] 9 [ -next- ] 10 [ -next- ]

11 [ -next- ] 12 [ -next- ] 13 [ -next- ] 14 [ -next- ] 15 [ -next- ]

16 [ -next- ] 17 [ -next- ] 18 [Chrysilla] 19 [ -next- ] 20 [ -next- ]


<img:> Related Links: <img:>

<img:> Elftown!
<img:> Elftown Rocks!
<img:> I Believe In Elftown!
<img:> I Rock Elftown!
<img:> I Use Elftown Because!

If you 'Rock Elftown', feel free to display this image.
<img:> Spread the Word!
<img:> Spread the Spirit!
<img:> Spread it Loud,
<img:> So all may hear it!
      <img:> Spread the Love!
<img:> Spread the Passion!
<img:> Spread the Fever!
<img:> In prideful fashion!

If you do not want a banner with your name, I'll place two asterisks (**) by your name.</center>
Missing: </center>

Username (or number or email):


2008-10-14 [Ramirez]: Geez, why am I not watching this page?

2008-10-15 [Artsieladie]: Hehe Yeah, why weren't you? ;) You are now! :D

2008-10-15 [Ramirez]: Indeed, indeed. =D

2008-10-16 [Artsieladie]: hehe Ok, 15 made, 61 to go! *grins* Me likes everything organised and neat. I rolled the 20 sided die to make the order in which I make the rest of the banners, fair. ;)

2008-10-16 [Ramirez]: lol, fair indeed. Nice work. =D Would you like me to announce who has their badges whenever you finish at the main page, or would you like to?

2008-10-17 [Artsieladie]: Thanks! Actually, when I get some finished, I've been delivering them to their guestbooks. People seem to like to get nice surprises delivered to their guestbooks, so I thought it would be a nice gesture. 'Course I didn't think of this idea until afterward. So you received yours through a PM. *frowns at self* Do you think this GB idea is good or not so good? :P

2008-10-17 [Ramirez]: I think it's a great idea. =P

2008-10-17 [Artsieladie]: Ok. :)

2008-10-18 [Ramirez]: Very nice. =D You're making quick progress.

2008-10-18 [Artsieladie]: I is a working! hehe I'm delivering the latest dozen now. :)

2008-10-18 [Ramirez]: <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2008-11-02 [Angelic nightmares]: I love the banners. Thank you so much!

2008-11-03 [Artsieladie]: I'm glad and you're welcome very much! :D We're believers! Woot!

2008-11-06 [someelf]: :O I r 18 x333 wheee! -lubs Artsie- thankii :D

2008-11-14 [Khronos Atmosphaera]: I can't wait to get a rockin' badge XD

2008-11-15 [Artsieladie]: You're so welcome, [someelf]! Artsie lubs Elfy! *huggles*

Oooh, I'm tickled pink that folks are liking them! Soon, [Khronos Atmosphaera], soon! ;D

2008-11-15 [Khronos Atmosphaera]: ^^ Yay!

2008-11-17 [someelf]: -kishes Artsie- I luffy it! :D

2008-11-23 [~Valkyrie~]: You're great [Artsieladie]! :p :D

2008-11-26 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Wow. o_o I saw this badge on Atay's house and I gotta have one! XD I'm part of the I Believe In Elftown wiki! :D This is awesome!

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