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WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs

The Wiki Fiction Roleplay Official Guild Pages,
Guild Moderators, Game Moderators and Artists


This page is continuously renovated and updated by [xido], [Raerlas], and
all volunteering Official Guild Moderators

[The Guild and all pages have been undergoing a major renovation since 11/2005, and will continue to be working in this manner until all Guild-sponsored pages are fully updated and moderated by active, willing Guild Members. The Guild and all supported pages are active and accessible, and a final post will be made when the renovations are 100% complete. Thank you for your patience and support!]

The following pages are under construction:
-WFR Applicant Character Example
-Talents, Feats, Skills & Abilities
-WFR CHAR Race Page
-WFR CHAR Rank Page
-WFR Art and Contests (WFR Artwork and Images/Celtic Graphics for Ideas)
-Info Pages: -Guild Knights  -Guild Council  -Guild Representatives  -Guild Mystics  -Guild Resident Artists  -Guild Guards  -Game Moderator/Game List  -Guild Support and Sponsorship  -Elftown Open RPG (Guild-sponsored pages, etc)

The following pages are being renovated:
-WFR Quests
-WFR Main Guild Page : Wiki Fantasy Roleplay and integrating the Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay into the Guild, so as to form a Wiki Fiction Roleplay.
-WFR Games
-WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs
-WFR Renovations and Updates
-WFR Rules & Guidelines
-WFR Guild Members and Guild Support Application System
-Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay Integration into WFR Guild System

The following pages need your opinions, comments, and contributions:
Size, Alignment, Talents, Feats, Skills & Abilities, WFR Char Race Page and WFR Char Rank Page, WFR Quests, WFR Renovations and Updates (always seeking more ways to be better at what we do and have at our disposal), WFR Rules & Guidelines, WFR Application Page (cause every rookie deserves at least one set of eyes that know what's going on to tell them what's up), WFR Art and Contests (as well as info on who is a 'Resident Artist' of the Guild), WFR_Library


ALL WFR Pages:

Wiki Fantasy Roleplay - [xido] (Guild HeadMaster)

Text Adventures Archive - [SilverFire] (Guild Representative)

Role Playing for Dummies - [Lunnie] (Guild Representative)

WFR Application Page - [Leara] (Prime Moderator)
Assistant Moderators: [Blood Raven], [Nightshadow]

WFR Applicant Character Example - [Raerlas]

WFR Character Template - [Raerlas] (Prime Moderator)
(Assistant Mods)

Character SIZE and ALIGNMENT, Talents, Feats, Skills & Abilities All personal traits and characteristics - [xido] (Prime Constructor), open for additions and comment

Make me a Psion! for psionic or mentally-powerful classes to audition with [Nightshadow] (Prime Moderator)

WFR CHAR Race Page - [xido] (Prime Constructor)
Assistant Moderators: [Linn Scarlett], [Blood Raven]
WFR CHAR Rank Page - [Blood Raven] (Prime Constructor)
Assistant Moderators: [Linn Scarlett], [Kim_Lundin]

Creature_List - [Angel Dreamer] (Prime Moderator)
Assistant Moderator?: [Linn Scarlett]?

WFR Games - [Cougar] and [Nightshadow] (Prime Moderators)
Assistant Moderators: [Blood Raven], [Kim_Lundin]

WFR Lost Characters - [Kim_Lundin] (Guild Knight, Mod)
Limbo's List of Lifeless Anarchs - [xido] (Prime Constuctor, Guild Planar Warrior)

WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs - [Raerlas] (Prime Moderator)
Assistant Moderators: [xido], [Nightshadow], [Kim_Lundin]

WFR Formatting (formatting for all official WFR pages) - [xido]

WFR Quests - [Blood Raven] (Prime Moderator)
Assistant Moderators: [Cougar], [Kim_Lundin]

Androntel Academy - [Angel Dreamer] (owner and Dean)
(Assistant Mods)

WFR_Library - [Kim_Lundin], looking for more people.

Elftown Open RP Pages:
Elftown Open Marketplace - [Firous] and [Pinkdonkey] (Prime Moderators)
Elftown Water Fountain - as above, (Assistant Mods)

Contest Page: Elftown Water Fountain Design Contest - [xido] and Judges (...)

WFR Renovations and Updates - [Kim_Lundin] and [Firous] (Prime Moderators)
Assistant Moderators: [xido], [Blood Raven], [Pinkdonkey], [Nightshadow], [Leara], [Cougar]

WFR Rules & Guidelines - [Kim_Lundin] and [Juraviel]? (Prime Moderators)
Assistant Moderators: [xido], [Nightshadow], [Blood Raven], [Leara]

WFR GUILD MEMBERS Page (Previously 'The League of Accepted Characters') - [Leara] and [Blood Raven] (Prime Moderators)

WFR Art and Contests (WFR Artwork and Images/Celtic Graphics for Ideas) - [xido] (Prime Constructor)
Assistant Moderators: [Leara], [Sunny Silverunicorn], [Kim_Lundin], [Nightshadow], [Blood Raven], [SilverFire], [iippo]

Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay - [Nightshadow],
WSFR Character Page - "
WSFR Application Page - "
Sci-Fi Races Page - "
Sci-Fi Ranks Page - "
(WSFR should be fully integrated into the WFR and the Guild....One single guild, Emily can have more access to WFR App page liberties and acceptance of modern/scifi chars and WFR app template additions, etc.)

Moderator Help?


Contact xido [xido] for more, or see xido's personal updates for general guidelines for what's to come.
If your name is not up here, and you have been told that you are a Moderator and given a password, you may add your name up on this list, under Asking: or to whatever page(s) we had decided you could work on.
This a guild-wide project, and is now officially underway.

All pages should have a Prime Moderator, and any assistant Mods that they deem necessary. All page Mods are finalized by me, [xido] after nomination and Prime Mod acceptance. Only a select few individuals should be Prime Mod of more than one page, and only under certain circumstances. No one should be overworked, and Mods can be assistant Mod to any page they can handle being a part of.


Guild Moderators (and titles):
-[xido] Guild HeadMaster
-[Nightshadow] Guild Council Representative, Guild Guard
-[Leara] Guild Council Representative, Guild Guard
-[SilverFire] Guild Representative
-[Lunnie] Guild Representative
-[iippo] Guild Representative
-[Kim_Lundin] Guild Knight, Prime Moderator
-[Blood Raven] Guild Knight, Prime Moderator
-[Firous] Guild Guard, ET Open RP Representative
-[Pinkdonkey] Guild Guard, ET Open RP Representative
-[Raerlas] Guild Guard, Prime Moderator
-[Linn Scarlett] Guild Guard, Game Moderator
-[Angel Dreamer] Prime Moderator
-[Cougar] Prime Moderator
-[Juraviel] Guild Guard
-[Sunny Silverunicorn] Guild Mystic

Resident Artists:
-[Sunny Silverunicorn]

Game Moderators (and their wikis):
-[xido] (too many)
-[Nightshadow] (Ionnya, ...)
-[Raerlas] (Kingdom of Dae'Vyhir, ...)
-[Angel Dreamer] (Androntel Academy, ...)
-[Duredhel] (Realms of Lemire, ...)
-[Linn Scarlett] (Realm of Evernight, ...)


The WFR loves Elftown Graphics
And WFR Artwork and Images

Username (or number or email):


2005-12-05 [xido]: Just out of curiosity, can I ask who all is watching this page?

2005-12-05 [Leara]: Me. O.O

2005-12-06 [Raerlas]: me.

2005-12-22 [xido]: sweet. thanks, just curious. Raer, you can Moderate this page, if you'd like.... More pretty things to adorn the WFR pages are coming, but I am going slow on them so far... I have some neat celtic designs I would like to incorporate into the banners and tags, etc... I just need to do some PSP work soon....

2006-01-06 [xido]: How's that for a title for the art/contest page?

2006-01-19 [Raerlas]: me? cool. Thanks...and i would love to see the celtic designs sometime. I'll have to send you my ouptu on the lands of qor as well, i just have to type them up for you.

2006-01-20 [xido]: No problem, babe. ;) First job - [Firous] and [Pinkdonkey] are potentially modding the new open rp pages, Elftown Open Marketplace and Elftown Water Fountain They're modding responsibilities are light, but they are the 'official' guild presence on those pages (along with any other guild members that want to put in on the stories or events in those places). Their names can be added to this list. That's step one. These steps can take you as long as you'd like.

2006-01-20 [xido]: Step two is to find out if any pages linked through the WFR pages are NOT featured on this page. Setting/story pages are not what we want for this (just yet), only official WFR pages that are linked somewhere and not listed. I THINK that the WFR Character Template is the only part of this right now... but soon an 'Elftown Water Fountain Design Contest' will also be featured... I might be the only mod of that one, unless you'd like to form a commitee of people to whip a page for that up... *shrugs* otherwise, I'll do it, not that a modding title matters on that one.

2006-01-20 [xido]: Step three is (after adding in a section on Player-run pages), is to re-format the page to be more organized in appearance and as a list. After this step is complete, you can msg moderators, players, and WFR Guild Members to ask if they have any wikis they'd like featured on the WFR Games or WFR Quests pages. Four steps in all, and you can take your time with each. Technically only step one is your first job, but this is the long-term plan. WFR Art will come soon after, and the page can be prettied up once more when that happens.

2006-01-20 [xido]: Somewhere through there, msg each of the mods on this page, and ask them if they are willing and able to be the moderators of those pages. Ask them if they know the repsponsibilities and duties of the job, and if they would like any help they feel they do not already have. Any questions should be directed to me, specifically about job duites, etc. Any changes can be made, and then msg me about them. I trust your abilities, so go with the flow, and I will clean up anything I feel is totally off-base.

2006-01-20 [xido]: And Text is soon to be Text Adventures, with Silverfire as its mod. Thank you, and feel free to ask me what in the hell. Sometimes even I don't know.... :P

2006-01-24 [Raerlas]: *eyebrow raises as she laughs* really...hmm I'll have to go through all this...and think. wow..jumpstart to the brain.. I'll do what i can...but um...can i have the password?? please???

2006-01-26 [Raerlas]: Alright I went through differnt pages and came up with these few things: first there are the WFR CHAT and the new race and rank pages...? if they are supposed to be added on this list. and what about the pages such as Roleplaying for Dummies and Androntel Academy? Are they to be added as well later? I'll continue to look and get back to you with more.

2006-02-06 [xido]: WFR Chat is an open page, and only needs a moderator in case it gets so long it's silly not to split it up, and make archive pages for it. The new race and rank page are modded by me and Blood Raven so far. They should be up there already, though the old pages are not (Rank Page and Species Page). RPfDummies is modded of course by Lunnie, and probably should be added, though I would ask her if she feels comfortable with that first. Androntel is a venture by Angel Dreamer and I, and I would message her about that as well. ;)

2006-02-06 [xido]: I have an update. The ET News will publish an item about the renovations in the guild, like our new ET Open RP pages, the Elftown Water Fountain Design Contest, etc. but I am still a little ways away from having this done yet. I am going to do my best to make a few quickie updates that will put us at around the half-finished mark of our updates, but I need all mods to know that we are in a bit of a hurry now. Any pages that I have asked someone to take on major updates on should try to make at least half-finished progress within the next week or two. This includes our work here with our page list. Now that you have that password, please do not hesitate to edit this page.

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