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The Vintage Gamers Of Elftown


<img:><img:>This wiki supports the Take Elftown Back movement. But if you play games that aren't sci-fi or fantasy, don't feel alienated. We still support you.
This page is for those rare members of the gaming community who understand and enjoy older systems and games. Not only can we find friends for gamers who feel left out when their friends only obsess over the newest systems and understand nothing about older games, but we can spread appreciation for old games as well.
Feel free to use the comments box to chat about vintage gaming or place suggestions on how to make this Wiki thrive.

Old Systems/Games (I probably missed some, just join if your favourite games are old.)
Activision Family Game
Amiga (aka Commodore Amiga)
Commodore 64
Gameboy (original silver, whoo!)
Gameboy Color
Game Gear
Microsoft Best Of Entertainment Pack
Sega Genesis
Sega Master System
Sony Playstation (original)
Virtual Boy

Anything that I've forgotten (I'm no expert)

Websites All About Older Games

Related Wikis
Retro Gamers

Vintage Gamers:
1.) [Kiddalee] - Lover of SNES RPGs
2.) [Viking] - Wishes he still had his Intellivision
3.) [Lerune] - *still fighting giants and looking for the hidden door in FF for NES*
4.) [Patri] - Atari and Family game lover :-D
5.) [Doc_D] - It's easier to ask, what systems I haven't played.
6.) [Fashionably Restrained] KIRBY!!!! <(+.+<)
7.} [iippo] Started with C64, evolved to DOS and SNES and then got stuck there XD
8.) [NamelessMerc] - Was brought up with the C64 and NES (Nintendo)... I still have Zelda II somewhere.
9.) [SilverFire]
10.) [kittykittykitty] Wheee Secret of Mana on the SNES.... the best RPG ever!!! ^_^
11.) [Faulty Limerence] Go Vectorman!
12.) [mtknight] I pity the fool who hasn't played Privateer---or anyone who's tried to get it running...
13.) [Rhammin] crap, # 13, oh well.
14.) [Charybdis] SNES goodness!
15.) [Azaroth] God Player of Commodore Amiga :D
16)[darkness angel]Good at Gameboy and Nintendo 64
17.) [Evilmonk]- I still have a working 8-bit Nintendo, 30+ games, and a working lightgun. I dunno if anyone remembers these "Turbografix16" and "Neo-Geo" and a "3DO"...I had em all!!!
18.) [Remial] Loves Snes RPGS and wishes he still had his Amiga. :'(
19.) [Avaz] Long live old gamers!

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2007-01-09 [Azaroth]: well this is my humble opinion but also, people tend to compare, even if in an "inocent" way, games with very different hmm vintage! i think it's really something to take into account, as for example, if you compare a game from let's say 1990 and one of 1995 for example, you need to remember that most of the time there is very different tech involved to make both games! there are times where that is present and the games are like a year appart! i know it's a bit off topic but still, it's something to have in mind!

also, i myself loved diablo I and II but what happends with this kind of games is that at some point they become a bit repetitive! and i believe that's the real chalenge for the games nowadays! :)

2007-01-09 [Doc_D]: *tosses Azaroth a lil gold star* Congrats you just passed a Doc test.
In all honesty I don't hate KH, I just don't care about it.
I wanted to see who among you would take the high and calm road should I toss a grenade on your picnick.
*pokes Baka* You can get off yer high horse now by the way.
I'm well aware that the game was made to attract more of the younger and female audiances and was never really meant for hack and slash gamers.

I honestly do apologise for tossing a rock on the bees nest but it really did seem like a good opertunity.

2007-01-09 [Faulty Limerence]: Hey, listen. If you're going to apologize you should at least do it a bit more sincerely. You know, without all the hidden agenda crap. I'm not on any high horse. You don't need to be on a very high horse to shoot down such idiocy. And in the future, it'd be appreciated if you didn't try to start things just to see who "would take the high and calm road should I toss a grenade on your picnick". That's not what anyone wants here. And by the way, it's "picnic".

2007-01-09 [Doc_D]: Fmeh, I'm no good at spelling at 3AM.

2007-01-10 [iippo]: I have to agree with Baka, it's not cool to start flaming just to heckle people, just like throwing a rock at a beehive is not a smart thing to do. Just because we're online doesn't mean that etiquette doesn't apply, and it's just bad manners to start egging people on with comments like that. :/ I come here for civil conversation and to have fun, not to be annoyed, no matter what the hidden agenda behind the annoying is. :/

2007-01-10 [Remial]: Well, if [Doc_D] wanted a reaction, he certainly got one. Congratulations, you've just been stung by almost every bee in this here beehive. Now go throw rocks elsewhere. Please.

2007-01-20 [NamelessMerc]: If I'd been here for that conversation, I'd have laughed a hell of a lot more. But reading it through was enough. That brightened up a bad day.

2007-01-21 [Remial]: *sigh* welcome to Vintage gamers. :3

2007-01-21 [Faulty Limerence]: ^_____^ 

2007-01-28 [NamelessMerc]: Aye, that too =3

2007-01-28 [Faulty Limerence]: Well, if you want a community of gamers, you have to expect some flamers, and the rabid defense against those flamers. That's just something that kind of comes along with the gamer mindset. You're either flaming, or rabidly defending. At least that's what I've found from my experience with gamers.  Examining myself as well.

2007-01-29 [Remial]: Sad, but true. We gamers are almost always under attack from someone. :/

2007-01-29 [Faulty Limerence]: Yes. Us games. Always under attack by the ratings bureau.

But gamers face another enemy entirely! =P

2007-01-29 [Remial]: hahahah. . .oh damn. (fixed typo)

2009-06-25 [Mind Fucker]: id love to do things with play the same rooom....playing my game...the xbox....but in this case its your box

2009-06-26 [Faulty Limerence]: So anyway, dead wiki is dead. Been playing a lot of XBox recently. Prototype, Rock Band, and Left 4 Dead mostly. Anyone know any details about the upcoming Left 4 Dead sequal?

2009-06-28 [Mind Fucker]: i put lotion and vastleine on the coffee cup holder of my xbox360 and make love to i dont know anything about it, i but i hope they make a sequal to left for dead that game was fucking great

2009-07-04 [Faulty Limerence]: Oh no, they're definitely making a sequal. They've got trailers out. I just don't know a lot of gameplay details.

2011-06-29 [Kiddalee]: Activity on this page?

2011-06-29 [Viking]: The latest mainstreet poll reminded me of this, so I linked it.

2011-06-29 [Avaz]: The activity would be my fault, yes. :)

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