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<img0*300:> <img300*0:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsPropietarioMis%20documentosJDvineg.jpg>
Pictures of Vineg

Player – [Veltzeh]

Name – Vineg Tor'eael

Race – Planetarii

Sub-race – Eolan

Class – Knight / Archer / Musketeer / Gunslinger

Allegiance – None

Appearance – 175 cm, somewhat muscular and at the same time curvy build. Vineg's light gray hair is often very messy and medium length. It's usually held in place by a black ribbon or a headband. Vineg's eyes are piercing blue with a clear green tint to them. Its pale skin is covered by different scars, of which the most noticeable include: a swordslash across the stomach; strange rash on the forearms and wrists; deep dagger cuts on the thighs; obvious whip marks on the chest, lower stomach and whole back; symmetrical claw marks on both sides of the head and on the shoulders; and excessive scratches on the lower legs. The tiny wings from Vineg's wrists have been ripped away, but they are growing back. Its ear wings as well as the ones on its shoulders are intact as of now, even if they seem somewhat ragged. Vineg's clothing is fairly simple: it wears somewhat baggy pants, a rather thin undershirt and a sort-sleeved tunic over it. It wears its cloak and armor when needed, but when traveling light, it makes do with just the black cloak over its regular clothes. It sometimes has gloves that reach to the middle of its forearms to hide its small wings there. It has gray boots that, however worn they look, are still waterproof and older than Vineg itself is.

Age – 29

Personality – Vineg is very cold, bitter, whiny, treacherous, tough, easily annoyed and often rather short-tempered. It has next to none appreciation for other lives and it has never actually known any actual happiness. It can be flirty when needed (usually for reaching goals the easy way or for simple pleasure), but it really doesn't seem to be capable of social commitment. It doesn't tend to be wholly serious all the time, nor does it joke around excessively. However, Vineg is also rather careless, laid-back, even friendly in the account that it isn't intending to to rob or kill the people near it. It's hard-working and honest at heart, even if it usually pretends it's not. It lets small lies slip easily, and doesn't feel uneasy when deceiving people, but it prefers honest speak, if not for anything else than shocking other people with its awful stories. Vineg used to be scared and ashamed of being an androgyne, but overcame that and is now rather proud of itself, even though it still would like to be normal. Surprisingly, if given the chance to be normal, it wouldn't even be able to choose whether it would like to be a male or female. Experience taught it that a Planetarii raised by Dah'kins is even less acceptable than being an androgyne, but during its recent days, choosing to continue living the Dah'kin way has been its own decision and it is sometimes delighted of the utter chaos its mere being causes – even if it is stressing in the long run. Vineg does prefer to be left alone, but doesn't particularly avoid crowds and other people in general. It makes sure to not trust anyone with its life or anything that has even some importance to it.

History – When Vineg was born, eir young parents, though they were slightly confused about the ambiguity of the child's sex, accepted and eventually admired it like only Planetarii could. Vineg got eir fair share of attention in the little community, but not really in excess. Ey was special, but there wasn't time for anything special to happen before the events took a disastrous turn.
    Vineg and the small community had been watched by a Dah'kin voyeur who had been keeping an eye on them for some time now, growing an interest in Vineg. The old and experienced Doomsday Knight called Non'rid Tor'eael thought it would be magnificiently twisted to raise the little Planetarii androgyne as one of the Dah'kin, "corrupt" eir mind and fill eir head with lies. Thus, Non'rid waited for the right moment and stole the little infant, who had just started walking. Vineg's parents were horror-struck and failed to find out what had happened to em, number one cause in their mind being that ey'd walked off and gotten caugt by a predator. Nevertheless, though scarred and sad, the parents survived and lived.
    Living mostly with Non'rid and being usually abused by him, Vineg eventually grew to hate eir "condition", as well as eir real parents of whom Non'rid often told stories. He told em that they had been scared and ashamed of em even though Planetarii usually liked androgynes. He told they had tried to bring Vineg up like a normal girl or boy but that they couldn't agree which, and that eventually the father got so sick of fighting that he took Vineg out, left em in the woods to die and went back, and that soon after nearly all the couple's problems were gone. Non'rid had of course rescued Vineg and witnessed how the parents got a new, normal child and forgot all about Vineg. Vineg couldn't know if the story was true and doubted it, but the old Doomsday Knight always said: "Why would I lie?" And Vineg could not come up with a satisfying reason, so ey believed. Non'rid himself was not exactly a good or even mediocre father; he was trustworthy as a basic provider and nothing else. The basic reason for him initially picking up Vineg was because he thought Vineg was rather interesting (in the most suspicious meanings of the word) and took many chances just to abuse, embarrass, confuse and otherwise harass and molest the poor kid. He often told Vineg that ey was a worthless and unwanted piece of useless effort and that ey should be happy that he had ever bothered even this far with em – and then Vineg let him do whatever he wanted to do to em. Non'rid took a liking to pulling out or otherwise mutilating Vineg's small wings whenever they were fully healed or looked like they drew too much attention. The most drastic thing he ever did was to completely pull out the feathers, some skin and nearly all wingbones from Vineg's ankles, after which Vineg couldn't walk for two weeks. In the end, Non'rid wasn't exactly keen on being seen with any Planetarii like this, but fortunately Vineg passed for a Dah'kin when needed, even smell-wise since Non'rid was rather careful with respect to "marking his territory". He started bringing Vineg up as a Doomsday Knight, but soon noticed that the little Eolan wouldn't be up for it and trained em a Shadow Warrior instead, seeing as ey had more talent in that area – however, Vineg retains certain offensiveness from eir early training to this day.
    Near to Vineg's twentieth birthday, Non'rid took Vineg back to where ey was born to finally meet eir real parents. The event ended in Vineg cursing eir parents and younger siblings to the darkest cesspits on the continent and getting so angry that ey gladly fought eir family and killed every one of them who was present in no time, even though ey received a bad beating emself. Of course it didn't cross eir mind to ask around for any facts of what had really happened 19 years ago. After the assault, Non'rid was gleeing happy for the bloodshed caused by his "step-child", and he took Vineg away, helping em to overcome the wounds ey had received. However, Non'rid continued molesting the young Shadow Warrior before eir wounds had even fully healed. After a week of embarrassing suffering, Vineg realized that after this show of brute prowess ey shouldn't take that kind of treatment from anybody. Thus, the next time Non'rid assaulted em, ey first let him do what he wanted, and when he was occupied enough, stung him in the side from behind like the little bastard ey was, causing a lethal wound. Vineg struggled with the man for a few short minutes before the Dah'kin lost his strength and could do nothing anymore. Ey then watched as Non'rid died, feeling extraordinarily delighted at seeing him curse eir treachery, the truth of Vineg's kidnapping dying with him.
    Vineg continued living, now completely free of any bonds ey might have had. However, the responsibility ey now had over emself was stressing; this far Non'rid had after all been providing em with the basic things ey had needed. Even though ey couldn't be completely carefree or happy in the literal meaning of the word, ey enjoyed eir overall freedom. For the first time in eir life ey would only inflict pain and not receive any. Vineg's next few years consisted of inherently evil deeds, violent deaths and bloody rapings – which of course led to intensive running away, the occasional arrest and a short or not-so-short stay at a prison. Ey mostly spent eir time in small prisons from where ey either escaped, waited until the sentence was over, or occasionally even bribed a guard. After that ey traveled elsewhere, which also took time. The prisons never really left a mark as permanent as Non'rid, no matter what was done to em, as they were so unpersonal and Vineg always felt alone even in the tightest crowd. There, nothing meant anything.
    The first prison Vineg was thrown in illustrated perfectly that eir deeds definitely wouldn't all go unnoticed. It was a small, unremarkable prison, but at least for Vineg, the newbie to prisons, it was a real hellhole. It certainly didn't help that Vineg was extraordinary, as the other prisoners tended to pay more attention to em. Ey often got eir food, water and clothes stolen and was physically abused, though not for long as ey stood up against the others. Not knowing how to escape, Vineg sat the whole of eir first sentence before getting out. Fortunately it was not long, since the authorities didn't know what all ey had done. Having got out, Vineg swore to be more careful, but ended up arrested again after only three weeks. This time ey managed to escape. After that it had gone approximately similarly every time ey had gotten caught.
    The worst place Vineg had been in this far was the prison of Orvedhalen in Lochmore, where an Eolan and an Ignean inmate abused em for being raised by dah'kins and most of the guards abused em for being an androgyne. Ey had discovered that Planetarii weren't as bad as Non'rid had told, but the element imposed on Vineg was such a big thing to them that Vineg couldn't go unnoticed among them – and the dah'kin ways that ey was accustomed to weren't exactly popular among them. In Orvedhalen, Vineg tended to not get any food at all, and being in a more or less damp cell secluded from the outside world the fresh air couldn't nourish em either. Still ey didn't much care, as it was so unpersonal, ey sometimes even enjoyed their "abuse" when they didn't know how to hurt em. Eventually eir third cellmate, an Eolan named Tyh'koi, started sharing his food with Vineg, and even some more time after that the guards started finally giving em food also. However, the guards still didn't do anything about the mild abusing ey received from the other two Planetarii. Finally, when Tyh'koi stood up for Vineg and the other two were about to batter him instead, Vineg gathered eir strength and bashed the two bleeding, broken and unconscious. Of course, this time the guards came and Vineg was punished in unimaginably horrid ways. After that, Vineg just slept or whined in pain for the most of the days. The two Planetarii had gotten warnings (even if they were from only one guard who thought they had better leave Vineg alone now), and after Vineg beat them they weren't that eager to assault em again anyway. Tyh'koi took care of Vineg a little since ey had defended him. The guard, Dei'dea, that had warned the two inmates had a some sort of liking for Vineg after feeling so sorry for em when ey had been punished. Eventually Dei'dea helped Vineg and Tyh'koi escape, and they ran off somewhere else. After some time Dei'dea noticed that helping Vineg escape was a bad mistake, made that known and thus Vineg fought him and won, killing him. Tyh'koi didn't approve of this killing at all – he hadn't really liked what Vineg did but hadn't cared enough to start bothering with it – and also fought Vineg. Since Vineg was already half beaten, the other won, but did not kill it. Instead, he merely told it to leave him alone, and Vineg couldn't object. He disappeared and eventually Vineg forgot him, or tried to.
    Although Vineg had always hated being an androgyne because ey had thought that was pretty much the only reason for eir terrible suffering, ey could never decide what else ey could be if not an androgyne. At times, and even when naked, ey was able to pass for a member of either sex, but ey never could permanently decide, and that started eventually getting on eir nerves. It didn't help that in nearly all prisons ye had been in ey was put with the males either because there were no female prisoners or because Vineg could rape them. Yet the men mostly treated em like they would a woman. Luxury were those times when the authorities considered it best to isolate the androgyne. The only time Vineg was placed with women the guards yelled at em that if ey did anything to the women, ey would suffer like never before. Vineg was ready to agree on that and left the women alone, but the women had heard the guards and went sneaky on em. They lured em to be friendly with them and slept with em, only to accuse em of assaulting them. The women teamed up against Vineg and ey was nearly flayed by the guards. Thinking how useless it had been, when Vineg finally made eir escape, ey killed two of the women and took two with em to abuse them accordingly.
    During the more recent times, especially before after ey had escaped from Orvedhalen, Vineg emself started getting sick of all the death and misery ey caused, so ey slowed down a little even though it started to be a bit too late. That improved eir life considerably, as ey was no longer constantly running away from the authorities or busy with thinking up new mischievously evil ways to cause suffering, even if ey still tended to catch up with local prisons. However, ey had started to be too well known. Even though Vineg didn't actively go around making people suffer anymore, ey often wouldn't pass an easy chance to do that.
    Vineg had had two months of peace, one sixth of a year of fairly relaxing time, nine weeks without humanoid blood on eir hands. Still, one day, ey was faced with eir ultimate enemy, a zealous white Paladin. Ey vowed to stay out of trouble but he would not listen. Ey swore to send him and his loved ones to hell and he defeated em with a single blow. The realization of that at the last moment before ey passed out got stuck in eir head and ey dreamed it over and over again, until ey had nothing but hate left for the man. Could ey hate him more than eir parents, more than Non'rid? Vineg had thought to be done and over it, ey had left the memories and experiences fade and be forgotten. Ey had wanted to be rid of all that; no one would humiliate em again, no one would be over em, no one's slave, no one after em. Now this wretched paladin, this monster of a man, had come along and ruined all of that. This was no ordinary detainment, this time it seemed like Vineg would trulysuffer and feel helpless again.
    When Vineg next woke up, ey was haunted by eir nightmares and barely coped by whining and taking it out on the deranged girl in the next cell. Nevertheless, Vineg was a smart survivor and it didn't take em long to figure out what had happened: ey had been imprisoned for crimes against the Empire, ey was in a prisoner caravan heading to "The Anthill" apparently just to "soften you up" as the hydran girl from the cell next to em put it and from there they were likely to send em to The White Wall. The only people Vineg saw for a while were the girl in the next cell, Kei'rin, and a Priest named Ortho who took care of the prisoners during the journey. He was the best friend of the Paladin in command of the Caravan, that bastard who captured Vineg. During the journey, however, a devilish thought emerged from the back of eir head. The gentle priest who so diligently cared for that pile of human refuse in the Caravan, those prisoners which society had left out – what could be more hurtful to the Paladin than to corrupt his best friend. Vineg chuckled madly entire nights at the thought of this, making the visions of further humiliation and slavery dissolve by imagning how ey would hurt the Paladin. Vineg would make the priest trust emself, use him and and finally get revenge at the Paladin in whichever way ey deemed suitable, even if just by taking away his best friend.

Weapon of ChoiceCocktail, a unique pistol. The gun is almost completely black in color and has a loading chamber that holds six bullets in total. The handle has a few weird decorations and the word "Vineg" written on the left side of the handle and "Cocktail" on the right.

Other – Vineg is quite used to dark places but while it doesn't see that well in dark, it does see slightly better than a normal person would. It also dislikes being in sunlight, though the light doesn't do it more harm than to any other Planetarii, even if it gets normal sunburn a bit more easily.

Element – Black (Death)


Level - 5/5/10/5 (25)

Experience/To next level - 93010/97150

Equipment -

E Cocktail (Unique Pistol +1, 8 Atk, 3 Def, 7 Rng, 3 wgt, Special Skill - Loading Chamber: Can load and fire 6 consecutive rounds. Loads two rounds per loading turn.)
Windlash Sabre +4 (Magical Sabre, 8 Atk, 4 Def, 5 Rng, 5 wgt, Deals yellow elemental damage, can attack a straight line of up to 5 squares in front of the wielder.)
Sling +4 (4 Atk, 6 rng, 1 wgt)
Kogatana +4 (4 Atk, 4 Rng, 1 wgt)

E Annie (Unique Hunter Hat +2, 1 Atk, 4 Dex, 1 wgt Special Skill – Snipe: Doubles the range of any weapon. Twice a day, 25% chance of one-shot kill, bonus to camouflage.)
E Frost Armor +3 (Magical Black Leather Armor, 5 Def, 2 Mag, 6 wgt, Reduces blue magic damage by 50%, Reduces Red Magic Damage by 25%, when hit by a touch attack, attacker takes d6 damage, bonus to Camouflage.)

E Black Cloak (Magical, 3 Car, 3 wgt, Provides the Camouflage skill, casts acid fog centered on the caster once per day, makes the wearer immune to the Acid Fog spell.)
E Necklace of the Clouds +5 (Magical Tribal Necklace, 4 Atk, 4 Dex, 2 Car, 2 wgt, Once a day, 50% chance of creating Rain in a 1 meter/level area.)
E Swift Gloves +2 (3 Spd, 0 wgt, Bonus to Stealing.)
E Weightless Boots (Magical Winged Boots, 3 Dex, 0 wgt, Allows wearer to fly for d4 + level minutes once a day.)
E Survival kit (3 wgt, +2 in survival)

58 Lead Bullets (3*2 wgt)
38 Packs of Gunpowder (8*0,5 wgt)
3 Lesser healing potions (3*0,5 wgt)
3 Healing Potions (3*1 wgt)
1 Lesser Magic Potion (1*0,5 wgt)
5 Rolls of Parchment (13/15 uses)
40 GP

4 Rations (4*1 wgt)
1 Bedroll (5 wgt)
1 Waterskin (2 wgt)
1 Lamp (2 wgt)

HP - 56/70
MP - 12
Str - 10
Con - 6
Dex - 18
Int - 10
Mag - 6
Car - 5

CC – 40/48

Skills – Magic Resistance, Minor Lightning Resistance, Handle Swords, Flank, High Morale, Handle Firearms, Marksmanship, Track, Stealth attack, Lockpick, Disable Traps, Absolute vision, Handle Sling, Camouflage, Lvl 1 black magic, Awareness.
Skill Points - 2

Spells -
Level 1 - Sonic Blast, Blind

Special Skills
Craft Arrows - Tired of having to resort to greedy merchants for arrows, the Archer learns how to craft his own arrows out of whatever materials he can get his hands on. Each new material yields different kinds of arrow, the only way to know which makes whih is to try it on as many different kinds as stuff as you can find.
Indirect Fire - Fire a spread shot straight into the sky, how long will the bullets take to fall? no one knows, who will they hit? no one knows either, the one thing that matters is that whoever gets hit won't really have time to dodge or block.
Hit and Run - Experience in fighting numerous foes one-on-one has given the Gunslinger a nimbleness in sword fights that can only be envied among other classes. Once a day per every five levels, the Gunslinger can attack with a melee weapon and move at the same time.
Craft Bullet - Tired of having to resort to greedy merchants for bullets, the Gunslinger learns how to craft his own ammunition out of whatever materials he can get his hands on. Each new material yields different kinds of bullets, the only way to know which makes which is to try it on as many different kinds as stuff as you can find.

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2006-08-27 [Veltzeh]: No HP from sleeping? :o

2006-08-27 [Duredhel]: Yeah, he got 21 I think.

2006-08-27 [Veltzeh]: Who? Where's the HP from the healing potion?

2006-08-27 [Duredhel]: I think I added it a while ago, he went from 27 to 47 (Potion, mebbe) and then from 47 to 67 (Resting). If not I probably forgot teh potion ye were talkin' about.

2006-08-28 [Veltzeh]: Who?

2006-09-11 [Veltzeh]: Hey, I'd almost forgotten those 3 SP. Improved awareness? :D No wait, Vineg doesn't have awareness. Awareness then, I'll get the improved one later.

2006-09-22 [Veltzeh]: Prod. See the skill there. Camouflage is missing too. Also, how about that Acid fog on the cloak?

2006-09-22 [Grengo]: Add 'em yourself. That's what I do with my characters and I don't think Dur cares too much. <(--<)

2006-09-22 [Veltzeh]: Well, I thought of doing just that but I don't think I can do the acid fog. unless he finished those bits. Damn, I gotta go see now. I forgot what element that spell was -_-

2006-09-30 [Veltzeh]: So yeah... Vineg is a lvl 21 Shadow Warrior, ey could've had those Rogue skills already a level ago. From Ri'hane's case, I'd draw the conclusion that a char only needs to have the prerequisites... but that's a bit wacky since then a char could be ALL the advanced/hybrid classes the standard classes give, without taking a level in any of them... right? :/
And where's that acid fog on the cloak! X)

2006-09-30 [Duredhel]: Ah ok ^^ I'll do the cloak.
Yeah you can be a rogue. However this here is a RPing chance, since the rogue class really doesn't suit Vineg, nor its history.

As for the class thing, yeah, you only need the prerequisites however I doubt players will exploit that much for a few simple reasons,
1 - It spreads your SP too thin, just look at Vineg, all of its skills are relatively low level skills, it has no specialization, it's a jack of all trades char, so it comes handy in several situations, but pitted against a specialized char like Camus or Ortho it falls really short, so I doubt many players'll be willing to take that chance. Ri'hanne is the same thing, even worse. Sunny managed to somehow avoit it by still specializing in ranged combat, but a Lv 20 Archer or Marksman would still own her.

2 - Stat versatility, you might've noticed that Hybrid, advanced chars have more choices for class stats.

3 - Level cap. Only monsters can bo beyong Lv 40 ^^ so there is a limited number of levels you can take in anything.

2006-09-30 [Veltzeh]: Oooh. Well, for the first point I was mostly thinking that Vineg for example could now have all special skills of Rogue and Ninja and still it could level up in just one of those two. It'd just have all the special skills... :D Unless a character can only have some limited amount of those special skills? Do the characters even retain the special skills of all the classes they've taken? Which reminds me, Vineg doesn't have any of the special skills... X)

I'm a bit confused about the Rogue class not suiting Vineg too. Sure, it's certainly not a perfect match, but I think it fits Vineg way better than Wind Bearer fits Tylien's personality for example...

2006-09-30 [Duredhel]: I'm thinking of setting the limit of special skills to 4, and then you can pick ones you want to have/keep as you multiclass or add base classes.

2006-09-30 [Veltzeh]: Goody. Can the special skills be changed, though? Like, at level-up the certain class's special skills could be exchanged for those that the character has or something.

2006-09-30 [Duredhel]: Nah ^^ you would pick'em upon attaining a class. Say for example, you're a rogue, then you add ninja, you can pick some of the rogue specials to replace with ninja specials, then you add flame bearer (just an example) you might pick one of the specials to replace with the FBs special, but can no longer regain the rogue or ninja skills you discarded.

2006-09-30 [Veltzeh]: Yay! I'm less confused now!

2007-11-30 [Veltzeh]: I forget how many special skills characters could have. Was it 4 or 3?

2007-11-30 [Duredhel]: 4

2008-01-01 [Veltzeh]: That better be good.

2008-01-01 [Duredhel]: 's good.

2008-01-01 [Veltzeh]: Woohoo!

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