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2007-10-23 14:27:07
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[Veltzeh]'s drawing style

Hm. More and more people have told me that my style looks like anime/manga style. At first I refused to show my drawings to anyone, so no one could really tell me what it looked like. Therefore, my skills and style "developed" in peace. I didn't try to imitate any other styles or drawings either, because I thought it was cheating, wrong and bad. At 16, when I first publicly showed off my drawings in Elfwood, almost no one called my style anime-like. And now that's changing...

I first drew rabbits in a realistic/comic style. Then I started reading X-Men and eventually drew my first humans, inspired by superhero comics. Those humans were children. I didn't want to draw men or women at that point. Heck, it took me about a year to draw even a teen. A year was a very long time indeed when I was 12 and very bored. Since then, my style still hasn't really changed as far as I can see; it's essentially the same. Only my skills have become "better". It's weird that I can see approximately the same skill level in my drawings from 2003 as in my current drawings... after that, it seems I just went through phases where I fixed anatomy, got more patient and detailed and so on.
I first saw anime when I joined Elfwood. I felt pretty indifferent to it, I think. I didn't want to draw it, I rather had my own style. I could tell by then that my style didn't really look like comic book style, but I didn't know why. Probably because I didn't ink much. I still say my style isn't even near anime.
So why are people calling my style anime or anime-like? Tell me!

After too many people (yeah, most would say it's just very few people) said that my style looks like anime, I decided to take out some of my X-Men comics and absorb the art.
It feels a bit wrong and like giving up to start changing my style just because other people say it looks like anime. Heck, I'd feel dirty either way. Don't know if that's good or bad.

So, maybe you should expect a bit of a change in my style. But no, I will NOT start drawing huge breasts unless some poor unfortunate character really has some.

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