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2015-06-17 07:37:49
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2010-07-03 [Eyden13]: Scholar/ teacher as rank then your good to go. Oh and can you put the Lich info in the beastary. ^-^

2010-07-03 [Rice]: I shall do that for you.
And ok. OMG XD he'd be the most amazing teacher ever.
Vandal: *slams dead body on the table* >8( who did this person die?
Students: D8 *traumatised*

2010-07-03 [Eyden13]: hhehe. Your all set on the character front. I'll move him over. In last thing and I'll leave you be. Can put a link back to Tyradias on here please?

2010-07-03 [Rice]: Consider it done boss.

2010-07-03 [Eyden13]: THANK YOU! He can know be used.

2010-07-03 [Rice]: *high fives*

2015-06-17 [Eyden13]: awwww. You got ride of your character.

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