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User: [Rice]
Name: Vance Flicker. (Flick)
Race: Shade.
Kingdom: Roc. (But now he just follows his leader everywhere like some creepy stalker)
Alliance: The Rebellion.
Rank: Hunter.
Personality: Flick is an awfully complex individual even for a shade. He is eccentric to the extreme and has a tendency to think and say things at a million miles an hour, his theories, while ingenious are often somewhat out of this world and highly unlikely to work, he either has great confidence in himself or he really doesn't have an perception of reality. He is cheerful most of the time and almost constantly grins, he enjoys chatting and talking to people, especially people who find him irritating and wish he would shut up. He's the kind of man to intentionally do exactly what you asked him not to do just to get a reaction. Flick is has a childlike nature to him in the fact he can flit from person to person without emotion and tends to happily bounce through life seemingly without a care in the world. However as a Shade his nature is laced in death and darkness, he has a very twisted soul and while he is powerful he is also fundamentally unstable and insane. He, is contrary, a good ally and once he gets serious he gets the job done, it just takes a fair bit to get his lazy butt in gear.
Discription: Flick is not an imposing man in the slightest, he has a small build and stands at only 5'8ft, which is short for a male. He has pale ivory skin, thin red and yellow outlined shade eyes, short black hair and a very thin lipped mouth that seems to do nothing but an insane grin. His expressions are actually very welcoming and friendly, which is a tad misleading. He likes to dress all in dull colours, mainly blacks, greys and whites. His main choice of outfit is a long sleeved black top, thick black belt, grey trousers and dark brown boots.
Weapon: N/A.
Abilities: Dark magic, agility and acrobats mainly, his body his agile and not really built for close combat. He would snap like a twig if forced to fist fight someone.
History: It's as if he appeared from no where, literally, no one knows much about this odd man, which is probably for the best.

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