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Vampire Wiki

This is the list of the vampiric wikis:

Blood Bar
Blood lust
City of Mist
Estate on the Outskirts
Full Moon Town
House on the Outskirts
Las Noches
Night falls
Oronra Estate
^Real Vampires^
The Creed
The Guild of the Vampyr
The House of Ventrue
The Vampire Sanctuary
True Vampires
Vampire Castle
Vampire Guild
Vampire's Guild
Vampire Haven
Vampire Hunters
Vampire Lovers
Vampire: the Masquerade
Vampires of the world
Vampires+Vampaneze unity
Vampiric Tendencies
Young Vampires

27 wikis

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2004-11-09 [FireGypsy]: If you guys like Mythologial Vampires...come check out my Wiki on real Vampires =(^_^)= ^Real Vampires^

2004-11-09 [Yoruno]: ^Real Vampires^ has been added... and it´s quite an impressive wiki!

2004-11-09 [FireGypsy]: *blushes* =(^_^)= Thank you Yoruno!

2005-01-22 [Senko-Tenchi]: Mayhaps I can join?

2005-01-22 [#9437]: This isn't a wiki for people to join...this is a wiki for people to find wikis relating to vampires. if you have a wiki about vampires, post it in the comments and we'll put it in here

2005-01-22 [Senko-Tenchi]: I see. sorry. I'll let you know then if I end up having one.

2005-01-22 [Senko-Tenchi]: I have a Vampire ish Wiki, It is called "Shadow Mansion"

2005-01-22 [#9437]: Since its an RPG, it's been added to RPG wiki subcategory Horror RPG's

2005-05-19 [Artemis Riddle]: i have a vamp wiki vampireteen i'm supposed to do like this, eyh??

2005-05-19 [Yoruno]: Yeap, just like this. I'll add it.

2005-05-19 [Artemis Riddle]: thanx^_^

2005-06-10 [†SYN†]: I have a vampire wiki also its †vampires† please add it.. and thank you!

2005-06-10 [#9437]: added ^.^

2005-09-27 [DemonWade]: let me in or bats will come and feast on your flesh for all of time...

2005-10-31 [My Chemical Vampire]: may i join?

2005-11-03 [Yoruno]: You cannot join... this is just an index of wikis...

2006-01-13 [midnight_sun09]: how do you join these wikis?

2006-01-13 [Fireheart2233]: ooh, okay, add Las Noches if you would please...

2006-01-14 [Gone123456789]: Added.

2007-05-24 [The Dark Wolf]: Good Vimpire/ were wolf/ ect RPG !!! Evil wars go ahead take a look!!!! Thanks!

2008-08-08 [Blackshire]: Hello Brethen.

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