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Valentine Poetry Competition



Greetings, and welcome to Elftown's official Valentine Poetry Competition!

Open for 2014!


Contest Moderator: [Flisky]

Please read the [#RULES] and the [#THEME] before entering!


1. No plagiarism. works must be written and conceived of by Elftowners and posted here by the original author.

2. Old work allowed. Old works are allowed in this contest, provided they have not already been submitted to another official Elftown Contest and fit the theme. If your work has been submitted in an unofficial contest, then you are still free to enter it here.

3. Each member may submit two (2) entries.

4. Length: The poem should be fewer than 50 lines.

5. Subject matter: Works that depict graphic violence, pornography or other disturbing actions will not be accepted. Only works that fit the [#theme] will be allowed.

6. Vote-mongering: Asking people to vote for you is not allowed. You may ask people to vote in the poll in general, but not specifically for you.

7. Queries: If you wish to discuss something about how the contest is run, or the rules, then please use the official contest forum: <forum:Elftown contests>! If you wish to bring up a query about whether a certain entry fits the theme, please speak up before the entries make it to the polls. You can still speak up even after the contest is closed, as long as the polls have not yet gone up yet. Complaints received after the aforementioned will not be considered valid. However, if you wish to query whether an entry is stolen art or breaks any other rules, you may still bring this up after the poll has been made.


Theme and deadline

What will we be expecting?
The theme is: Valentine's Day

DEADLINE: 2014-15-02

Up to 2 poems will be picked out by Literature Judges from all those presented. Winners and participants will receive the following badges:

<img:img/new/DonorPoemVday1.gif> <img:img/new/DonorPoemVday2.gif>


Valentine Poetry 14, Page 1


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2006-02-18 [Eveningsdawn]: Chary, I tried that.... Will try again. *wanders off* I do not envy judges. Their lives must be terribly hard.

2006-02-18 [Tawnee.]: [True, plain and simple], i was not proven wrong! because you guys did not change my mind.. so u have no right to say that u guys have changed my mind. And Eveningsdawn... i have been trying to drop it but you guys keep on hassling me... so don't you even try to tell me to drop it when i have been trying to!

2006-02-18 [Charybdis]: Scroll way down, then. Alternatively, go here: <URL:/poems.html?nrs=540> :)

2006-02-18 [Iseld]: so how's the weather where you guys are? it's REALLY cold here, even had to wear a sweater.

2006-02-18 [Teufelsweib]: rain, rain and a bit more rain :P though they do promise snow for tuesday!

2006-02-18 [Christina Loves Adam]: So who all won?

2006-02-18 [Christina Loves Adam]: And when will they give out the badges. sorry to bug just was wondering

2006-02-19 [I stabbith ye]: Starburst, firstly, I am sure the judges were not biast toward rhyming poems, they just thought they were the best, and you may think others are better, maybe the judges even did, but there are the rules which you have to follow: Good grammer, a fantasy type theme etc and maybe the better poems did not fit these rules as well as the chosen poems...Christina the winners are on mainstreet, or you could click on the link 3 comments above your first one, badges, when the delivery people have time...

2006-02-20 [Tawnee.]: Thanx I stabbith ye for being polite and helping me understand why some of the better poems might not have won.

2006-02-20 [~*Lonely Wanderer*~]: [Christina Loves Adam] I am wonering the same thing as you....when are they going to give them out...???

2006-02-20 [Teufelsweib]: patience, they will come. it's a lot of work handing all those badges out.

2006-02-20 [Eveningsdawn]: Thanks, Chary! Congrats to the winners.

2006-02-21 [Iseld]: LOL

2006-02-21 [Teufelsweib]: having fun? :P

2006-02-21 [mesaana]: YAY! Only just noticed :)

2006-02-21 [Corazie]: Every single one of the winning poems rhymes >.<' Euughh...

2006-02-21 [Teufelsweib]: read the previous comments and you'll get a right explaination... I would have never really paid attencion to the rhyming of the poems :S

2006-02-21 [Tawnee.]: Write in a Journal......................... i know what your saying... i said the same thing......... it sux

2006-02-21 [True, plain and simple]: To [Corazie] - Pure coincidence. The poems weren't chosen because they had fluent rhyme scheme, rather on overall quality.

2006-02-22 [RiddleRose]: and what's wrong with rhyming? i like it... and all of the poems chosen were great! congrats to all the winners, and good luck next time to all the rest of you! ^.^ 

2006-02-22 [Christina Loves Adam]: Thanx for telling me I will be sure to check it out and show support for the winners

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