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Valentine Poetry Competition



Greetings, and welcome to Elftown's official Valentine Poetry Competition!

Open for 2014!


Contest Moderator: [Flisky]

Please read the [#RULES] and the [#THEME] before entering!


1. No plagiarism. works must be written and conceived of by Elftowners and posted here by the original author.

2. Old work allowed. Old works are allowed in this contest, provided they have not already been submitted to another official Elftown Contest and fit the theme. If your work has been submitted in an unofficial contest, then you are still free to enter it here.

3. Each member may submit two (2) entries.

4. Length: The poem should be fewer than 50 lines.

5. Subject matter: Works that depict graphic violence, pornography or other disturbing actions will not be accepted. Only works that fit the [#theme] will be allowed.

6. Vote-mongering: Asking people to vote for you is not allowed. You may ask people to vote in the poll in general, but not specifically for you.

7. Queries: If you wish to discuss something about how the contest is run, or the rules, then please use the official contest forum: <forum:Elftown contests>! If you wish to bring up a query about whether a certain entry fits the theme, please speak up before the entries make it to the polls. You can still speak up even after the contest is closed, as long as the polls have not yet gone up yet. Complaints received after the aforementioned will not be considered valid. However, if you wish to query whether an entry is stolen art or breaks any other rules, you may still bring this up after the poll has been made.


Theme and deadline

What will we be expecting?
The theme is: Valentine's Day

DEADLINE: 2014-15-02

Up to 2 poems will be picked out by Literature Judges from all those presented. Winners and participants will receive the following badges:

<img:img/new/DonorPoemVday1.gif> <img:img/new/DonorPoemVday2.gif>


Valentine Poetry 14, Page 1


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2007-01-23 [Teufelsweib]: well, I can't find any errors in your poem!

it's lovely, I'm sure your mother would have been very happy with it :)

2007-01-23 [Teufelsweib]: you're very welcome ^^ *huggles back*

2007-01-27 [black and blue rose 90]: i really hope i win this i need at least one badge to make my mother happy!!!!!

2007-01-27 [Teufelsweib]: you'll get a badge anyway for participating ;)

2007-02-01 [Fizban]: question, I can loop three into my poem for sure,...but how valentines do you mean by valentines. It will be about love in a way, but not the super pink, lovey, dovey, shovey, love...yah know?

This ofcourse going by my latest design for the poem is all.

2007-02-01 [Linderel]: As long as it's about love, it goes, I guess. And if it's not fluffy, then try to put in a reference to the occasion, maybe.

2007-02-01 [Fizban]: hmmms...I will have it on valentines day lol XD,...that will mention it

2007-02-02 [Fizban]: wow, I have like no valentines spirit, I have like tried to write this poem 5 times today, and all of them have failed XD >_<

2007-02-14 [BinaryPhoenix]:


Happy Valentines Day!


2007-02-14 [Misty Lady]: Happy Valentines day. Love and hugs to all.

2007-02-14 [Linderel]: See <URL:poems.html?=719> ;)
Congrats, and thanks for playing!

2008-01-08 [Maeve104]: Hm. Could it have Valentine in the title but not in the actual poem if the poem is still about love and such?

2008-01-08 [Linderel]: Well... we just want something that would fit Valentine's Day, that is all. ;3

2008-01-09 [Doormat]: So basically "themes" are removed? It just needs to be relevant to Valentine's now right?

2008-01-09 [Linderel]: That is correct.

2008-01-11 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: Oh..I'm confused after reading [Artsieladie]'s and [Teufelsweib]'s comments. Are there specific words that must be used in the poems? <img:stuff/mood11-gif.gif>

2008-01-11 [Linderel]: That was for last year; look at the dates of the comments. ;)

2008-01-11 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: Ha ha ha!! Wow!! Sorry!!!! Well I feel better then!

2008-01-14 [Cia_mar]: can two people write a poem together and submit it as one entry?

2008-01-14 [Linderel]: I think so, yes. It has been done before.

2008-01-14 [Cia_mar]: cool!

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