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Valentine Poetry 12, Page 1

Elftown Valentine Competitions


Please see the rules on the main page:
Valentine Poetry Competition

This contest is closed for 2012!

Congrats to winner [Gastogh] for his entry, "Half"!


How to post your entry:
Add your poem after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag. Don't forget to write your username and the title of the entry:

1. <b>"Title"</b>
Written by [insert user name]

There is a theme: Valentine's Day

DEADLINE: 2012-2-15

Make sure the entries fit the theme, or they will be disqualified.


1. I am in love

I am in love
With the lad of my dreams
He tastes better than
Custard creams
He is my life
He is my Heart
Even when he calls me a tart
I love him so much
I don’t care what people say
I wouldn’t have him any other way

By [kians mummy]

2. Half

What's guessed is scarce, and still less known,
But once there was a man,
So let's suppose he loved a soul,
And say there't all began.

Long ago there was a boy who,
Born to no great highness,
In the fashion of that era
Was named Valentinus.

There was a woman, too, involved,
Her ardent love denied.
His martyr's tale's remembered since,
'T's been whispered, it's been sighed.

We recall that woman's name not
Nor her person's merit;
No accounts acknowledge her or
What she did inherit.

A tragedy on both their sides;
His name's survived the cross,
Yet hers was lost to ages past
As though it never was.

Written by [Gastogh]

3. Wedding Vows

Do you remember the man you married,
that young man who vowed to be at your side
for better or for worse,
in sickness and in health?
Do you remember that glow, that radiance,
the golden summer of our youth?

I sit by you now and press your hand,
limp and unresponsive,
the hand that trembled
when I slipped a golden ring upon it,
that stroked my cheek,
that stirred the soup,
that steered the wheel of the car
that did not quite kill you.

I gaze into your face, the same visage of loveliness,
resting among its tangled curls
on the embroidered pillows of our marriage bed:
flushed cheeks, lips parted,
forehead dewy, your eyes gently closed;
and I can almost imagine that you merely sleep,
that you will awaken and gaze upon me
with those dove-gray eyes,
and I will know that you love me,
that you always will,
and that you know that there is no limit
to the depth of my love for you.


I cannot sit by your bed tonight holding your hand
for you are no longer the girl I married.
You are an emptied vessel,
devoid of memory, of joy, of tears.
I have decided our fate
--until death do us part--
for part us it shall;
and tomorrow
when the machines are turned off,
the tubes removed,
the connections unmade,
there will be only silence and memory:
my memories
of a golden glow, a golden ring
and your glowing smile.

Written by [Priscilla Primkin]

4. Would Like To Meet

DBMtF WLTM man for friendship, maybe more.
Doesn’t care about race, religion or nationality.
Looking for LTR. Must be open-minded.

Written by [SilverFire]

5. Love in Verse

Red and white,
Eye's delight.
Cupid's bow,
Pointing low.
Hearts entwine,
Love divine.
Moment's bliss,
Lover's kiss.
Keys and locks,
Candy box.
All day long,
Romance song.
Just be mine,

Written by [Flisky]

6. Soulmate Love

Love is air, love is light,
love is also the night to
find our Soulmate with all
our might. Within this darkness
in our sight.

Written by [Cerulean Sins]

7. Show me what love is –

Could I have ever thought simple acts would matter most?
When I hold your hand as your fears overwhelm you
And feel the soft caress of your skin against my own.
Could I duplicate this feeling, replace it and remake it?
The smile that lights your face before you say ‘I love you’
And the way your voice becomes husky, ever slightly.
Could I ever realize just how much you mean to me?
When I feel every ache of your pain, every sorrow
And your every action threatens to consume me.
Could you find everything within me that you desire?
While we strive so hard to give each other everything we have
Even though gifts will never matter more than stolen kisses.
Could you be mine forever more, spanning eternity?
Your hazel blue eyes taking in my flaws and uncertainties
While I learn your compulsions and idiosyncrasies.
Could you show me what you think love should be?
When you know that no amount of time together will suffice
And when we strive, every moment, to make it last just a bit longer.
Could I show you how to see through my eyes?
A world that is much safer and more beautiful when I am with you
Where people are greeted by smiles and a touch is so much more than just that.
Could we learn, together, things we thought we might never know?
Perhaps how to make every second seem significant
How to laugh after fighting and love as if we just met.
Could we redefine that thing called ‘love’ to fit what we are?
Because frankly, dear, we are no structured definitions
And we have broken boundaries and rewritten protocol.
Could we, perhaps, be what some may call ‘forever?’
Because although I have entertained the thought of life without you
I would never choose that dark, abysmal fate, when instead I;
Could play out my eternity, my destiny, with you and only you.

Written by [Alexi Ice]

8. Snow on Valentine's Day

Snow on Valentine's Day
prevents public displays of affection.
The schools are closed,
people are stranded at home,
and the postman can barely deliver
bears, flowers, or candy there.
Everyone is debating what's worth risking their lives to leave their homes,
so desperate to shove their love in my face.
Valentine's Day cannot be repeated on the 15th;
this will just be a lost opportunity,
a holiday no one got to celebrate.
Snow is the best valentine I've ever gotten.

Written by [Leb]



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2012-01-29 [Akayume]: [SilverFire], you must translate this for me if it can be done. :P

2012-01-30 [SilverFire]: If you look up 'personal ad acronyms' or something like that, you should get a full list of abbreviations. :P

2012-01-30 [Akayume]: Oh god. @.@ Hokae. :P

2012-01-30 [kians mummy]: lol

2012-02-03 [Alexi Ice]: I hope my punctuation isn't too insane.

2012-02-03 [Akayume]: At a quick glance it seems fine to me. (:

2012-02-05 [Alexi Ice]: Awesome! Thank ya'

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