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Valentine Poetry 10, Page 1

Elftown Valentine Competitions


Winners: Valentine Poetry Competition, 2010

"Blackbird Has Spoken”

by [Triola]

"A Philologist's Love Poem"

by [Linderel]


How to post your entry:
Add your poem after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag. Don't forget to write your username and the title of the entry:

1. <b>"Title"</b>
Written by [insert user name]

There is a theme: heart(s)

DEADLINE: 14th February, 2010.

Make sure the entries fit the theme, or they will be disqualified.


1. Useless Organ

I watch as royalty rages,
In my hand, crushing,
A sensation of betrayal.
But I am not without mercy,
For you alone felt the beat,
Felt where they said was nothing,
A warmness pulsating throughout.
I’m going to rip it from your chest,
And present it to the world.
And then simply cast it aside,
Leave it to rot where it belongs.
A quivering lump of meat on the floor,
Calling my name till madness blooms.
SMACK – I’ll hit it against the wall.
Let me rub this heart away,
Smear it till it’s gone.
Till nothing is left but a red wave,
An idea,
Of what a useless organ is once was.

Written by [Rice]

2. The Broken Hearts Society -

I'll pick a pedal off a rose
And loose the feeling in my toes
I'll kiss your cheek
I love you so!
I'll write your name a thousand times
And teach myself how to rhyme
I'll hold your hand
I love you so!
I'll talk for hours on the phone
And wish that we could be alone
I'll touch your face
I love you so!
I'll break your heart
And we will part
I'll slap your face
I love you so.
I'll cry for days
And you won't be phased
I'll erase your memories
I love you so.
I'll never love another
And this feeling I can't smother
I'll ignore your offers
I love you so.
- I'll let him pick me off my feet
And our experiences will repeat
I'll kiss his lips
I love him so!

Written by [Alexi Ice]

3. Rhythm

She dreams of the beat
It’s thumping in her skin
Teeth tear her trembling lips to shreds
And eyes wide with scintillation shed
No tears tonight.
Pulse, pulse, it’s in her wrists, in her throat
A pounding footprint
Left by his fingertips
They’re tracked across her soul
Oxygen is scarce
But the beat remains
Thump thump.
Thump. Thump. Thump.
She is his.

Written by [Fifi McFu]

4. A February Lament (You Broke My Heart)

So madly in love
Though the distance between us would rip me apart,
And allow these heavy tears to pour from my eyes.
This collage of feelings runs rampant,
And is tendered by uncontrollable waves of emotion.
I am unable to calm a floodgate,
So filled is my heart with indecision and misdirection;
I am helpless to feeling so lost without you.
This is me, trying to get a grip on myself as I am,
Despite this desperate aching to share you again.
Words lost within echo over and over
In what used to be only me but is now distinctly you.
I realize the indescribable horror
That loving you has brought upon me
As I fight in a world that alternates between
A burning sun and total darkness.
This is an emptiness that not even
The shadow of your love can remove.

Written by [Nioniel]

5. Of my heart

I have but one request
of this restless, relentless
ticking, beating, throbbing
within my chest:

Do not thrum, leap nor cease to beat
nor follow Cupid's arrow's path
nor crack open with your sugar seeping through
your flimsy paper walls
on to the carpet of my bedroom floor –

Of my heart, I ask one thing
do not change what you are
all for the sake, want, wealth and love

of him.

Written by [Chimes]

6.My Heart’s Love, so Endowed

Beyond the lips of Adam and Eve,
Beyond the bonds of Romeo and Juliet,
The cupid boy’s arrow tries
While whispers and rumors turn to lies.
In reality and in truth there are
Sonnets written and fables told
Of love once lost
And lust once loved
Betrothed to a lover’s touch so mild.

Valentines come and leave,
But ‘til the end, love’s lasting course beget,
The sweet serenity in your eyes,
The milky skin tone of her thighs.
Devotion raises the bar:
When one’s heart is sold,
Inhibition is tossed,
Regrets are gloved,
And romance closes the curtain, so riled.

Affection is no longer just a word to perceive
A kiss is no longer just a touch, my pet.
We break the mold; we build the ties.
We are the reflection in each others’ eyes.
Your breath on my neck sends me to someplace afar.
You burn for me: I’ve never seen you so bold.
Hairs stand on edge like Winter’s bitter frost.
Love is never a war of feelings hidden or shoved.
You cradle in your hand, my heart; our love-child.

Written by [sweet.tx.tea].


I’m a sentient soul
That combs through your hair as I pass on a whim
Holding myths bowed like slaves
Between thumb and forefinger
And they crumble to dust
Hearts are but flesh
They do not feel, nor are they shaped
Like speed bumps and a V
Just pulsing organs
If I want to break you
I’ll pierce your psyche with consuming rage
And crush your emotions to sand.
Your heart won’t break
But your mind will.
I am a sentient soul
I hold power between two digits
Will I abuse that power?
Let your ‘precious’ organ decide.

Written by [Fifi McFu].

8. If I fell In Love –

If I were to fall for you
Would you tell me not to close my eyes
When I cry?

If I were to lie to you
Would you show me the truth
When I fall?

If I were to pray with you
Would you forgive my sins
When I repent?

If I were to be with you
Would you stroke my skin
When we kiss?

If I were to pull from you
Would you hold my heart
When I run?

If I were to hate you
Would you let me go
When I die?

If I were to love you
Would you love me back
When I ask you?

Written by [Alexi Ice]

9. Necrophilia

Cold eyes beckon me over,
A glance, a grasp,
I touch.
That cold skin laid out before me,
Like a meal.
And I shall gorge.
And with a stroke,
With his face in my hands.
I adore the perfection of it,
The beautifully void expression,
It defines life - or the lack of it.
Our hearts relate,
An imaginary thump thump thump
Pounds at me and I feel the connection.
As his head sways, neck wonderfully broken.
Flopping to the side.
Oh how I shall kiss that crimson wave.

...I do love it when they talk dirty.

Written by [Rice]

10. "Blackbird Has Spoken"

           Yesterday                           you looked at 
        me through those               glasses you always somehow 
     forget to wipe so they make     your vision blurry when they're 
   supposed to do exactly the opposite and you smiled that smile you 
 have where your cheeks dimple and I can see the gap between your teeth 
the one they told you you needed braces to fix but your mother told you
 it made you look distinguished and you opened up your mouth like you
   do when you’re commenting on an article in your science magazine     
     about the new and fascinating research into molecular fusion
        that only you find fascinating really but I don’t mind  
           because you’re talking to me but instead you said  
             in that slightly rough voice you have early   
               in the morning from lack of use and too    
                 much rest like it was something you  
                   said every day and you were just 
                     asking me if there was any 
                       tea left on the kettle             
                          that you love me. 
                            And my heart
                              skipped a 

Written by [Triola]

11. My Block Of Ice

I used to have a heart,
but now it is long gone,
replaced by this block of ice.
You ripped my heart out,
for entertainment for fun,
the ice I found myself.
You never had a heart,
that’s why you kept mine.
It made you feel alive,
to control something like my life,
but I broke free.
You do not own me anymore,
I am my own person.
My heart may be yours,
but I am not.
If you returned my heart,
I would not want it.
not now you tainted it,
with your lies.
The block of ice,
that replaced my heart,
works just fine.
I still feel emotions,
just not to the same extent.
I thank you,
for taking my heart,
by doing so you set me free.
Now underneath the cherry blossoms,
I watch and wait,
again and again.
As you steal more hearts,
cause more pain,
free more people.
Most of all,
I wait for the time.
That someone takes from you,
all the hearts that you have stolen.
To replace the one that never grew,
inside your empty chest.

Written by [darkness of death]

Last valentine
I had a big suprise
I went home after work
To find my house in reds
I guessed what was the big deal
My wife was up again

I stepped into the sitting room
and found the house adorned
My rug was covered with petals
That smelt so nice and good
The looked like little pink hearts
I knew there were that of rose

The dinning was fully packed
with lots to eat and drink
She made a pink heart cake
And put our names on it
I took a glass of wine
Then went to look for her

I found her in the room
Playing a game of hearts
She said she heart her heart
And she's giving it up for love
As a sign of love for her
I gave my heart to her

Written by [Lakayana]

13. Be my Valentine

They say that the heart is just a pump.
They say that love is between your ears.
They say that hormones dictate feelings.
But they are so wrong.

It’s my heart that beats louder.
It’s my heart that skips in surprise.
It’s my heart that aches when you’re not here.
It’s my heart that breaks if this comes to an end.

So save my heart, my love.
Make it beat, faster, louder.
So it’s the centre of my life, my soul.
Be my Valentine.

Written by [arthemis_]

14. Corridor Of Broken Hearts

Long dark endless corridor, stretching out for miles and miles.
Broken hearts float in the air, headed towards who knows where.
Shedded tears are all dried now, only streaks remain to tell the tale.
Of the hearts once full of love, now they are just empty shells.
Sorrow ripped them all apart, like ten thousand daggers through the heart.
Broken hearts that never mend, nightmares rise like flooding rains.
Thread lightly as you pass, for no heart here is safe.
Corridor of broken hearts, welcomes all with open arms.

Written by [Morningstar Rising]

15. Valentine

I want to say so much, yet nothing at all.
My heart burnning with, excitment, fear
doubt, joy.

I know, you love me too.
This love, i feel for you
I don't just love you darling.
I'm in love.

I'm in love,
In love with you.
It's said, some hearts
they get lucky.
Mine did, the day it met you.
You painted a smile on my face
And wrote your name on my heart
In sharpie, a permanent adue

In unison, now my heart sings
If you were a bird i'd be a bird.
I love your song, adore your melodie.
with these wave's you could be
my most beautiful sin.

One thirthy Seven
The second month
The early morn.
I've felt it so long,
And the feeling strong.
So why not today,
if any of the days?

I'm in love with you
I'd wait forever for you
Happy valentines day.

Written By [~*~Music Junkie~*~]

16. Blues for the Fallen

The house of my heart
has its windows barred

Once, long ago,
fairytale princes came
to knock upon a door
painted daintily in a pattern
of red and blue pansies
and sat on their valiant white steeds
would profess a love undying,
unwavering and eternal
and there would lilt through the air
a most beautiful melody
but the door never opened

What maiden live there?
Perhaps a long lost princess,
now captured or simply mistrusting
of sweet promises, whispered vows—
perhaps a witch
wicked, bitter, heartbroken
never to show her face to the world

Not one of them stayed
those handsome young men
one by one starved, left, or was lost
to the darkness of the woods
but the song still echoes around the trees,
and becoming weaker
while a shadow in the doorway moves inside

The windows are barred
in the house of my heart.

Written by [Linderel]

17. A Philologist's Love Poem

Words press, unformed,
weighing heavily against the breastbone
striving to break for the larynx;
waiting to be uttered,
to be expelled in a rush of air
pushed between teeth and clumsy tongue
in an array of sounds, syllables
and sweet, shy meaning—
but the words are malformed
the syntax garbled, jumbled
by some failure in the brain's synapses
or the poet's heart
cowering back in fear

Written by [Linderel]


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2010-01-12 [Alexi Ice]: I'll be writing another closer to time, since I neglected the Christmas competition this year (oops...)

2010-01-12 [SilverFire]: I thought that was because you didn't like Christmas? Or was that just the excuse you used to get out of modding? ;)

2010-01-13 [Alexi Ice]: It's the excuse. LOL! I'm still working on the last contests I modded...>> *Scared of the winners pages*

2010-01-16 [SilverFire]: Phoenix, could you squeeze the word 'heart' or a reference to it somewhere into your poem? :) The title doesn't really count. :P

2010-01-16 [Nioniel]: ummm....maybe.
*re-reads poem*
*makes tiny edit*

2010-01-16 [SilverFire]: Yep. ^^ Works for me. :) Thanks.

2010-01-17 [Nioniel]: yup, yup.

2010-02-07 [arthemis_]: OMG Triola that was wonderful! Much better then my heartpoem where I express that you need to love yourself (see my house) :)

2010-02-07 [Triola]: Thanks :D Though I'm not sure mine has the eloquence of yours ;)

2010-02-08 [Alexi Ice]: It's cute and heart shaped though!

2010-02-08 [arthemis_]: Lolz I love yours! (no pun intended)

2010-02-09 [arthemis_]: Oeehh, unlucky number 13 :P

2010-02-14 [Fifi McFu]: [~*~Music Junkie~*~] there are quite a few spelling mistakes and grammar errors in your submission, you might want to fix them up as it will give you a better chance :)

2010-02-14 [~*~Music Junkie~*~]: Thanks [Fifi McFu] I have allways been very bad at spelling.... >.<

2010-02-14 [Fifi McFu]: No problem :) I just get a nervous twitch when I see errors xD

2010-02-15 [~*~Music Junkie~*~]: I read that on your page haha, my appologies for making you twitch haha, thats never fun. :p

2010-03-04 [Rice]: [Linderel] I love your poem.

2010-03-04 [Linderel]: Thanks. Which one, though? :P

2010-03-04 [Rice]: A Philologist's Love Poem

2010-03-04 [Linderel]: Ah, yes. That one. :) That was me being a total geek. :3

2010-03-04 [Rice]: Its good though, the last few lines are my fave.

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