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A pretty girl with long white hair walked into the tavern and straight up too the bar and sat down spinning around on the bar stool. "Can I get some ramen and some tea. Now please."

Genji walked into the tavern/bar and sat down in a dark corner after ordering some Sake, he looked around at all of the happy faces which made him sick so he just looked down at his table.

A man in an Akatsuki robe and a straw hat with white cloth tassels covering his face walked into the tavern and sat down at the empty seat across from Genji, at first the man didn't say a word then he spoke in a deep voice. "Waitress give us a bottle of sake, my friend here is paying."

Genji glared at the man, "What makes you think I'm paying for both of us?"

"Cause you should always share a drink with the man who might kill you someday." Said the ex-Akatsuki member.

"Kill me? Now why would you want to kill me, I don't even know you, and I wouldn't kill you unless you give me a reason to." Genji said as the waitress brought over the sake.

"Good words, but I've been in the business of killing for awhile. So killings all I know. The names Shimo Kurayami." Said Shimo.

"I'm Genji Tominoko." Genji said eying Shimo as he poured himself some Sake.

"So whats a guy like you doing here?" Shimo asked pouring his own sake.

"I don't have any family left, and I was banned from my village, so no where left to go." Genji said sipping on his Sake.

"Thats what I mean kid. Why would you be banned you seem wimpy." Said Shimo drinking his sake as a fish drinks water.

"I killed my old village's Kage." Genji said simply as if it was the most normal thing to say.

Rayne watched as Kokkei left and sat in silence for a while. Her mind was barely able to grasp that she was here with Kokkei at last. She stood and moved over to a large comfortable looking plush chair and lowered herself onto it slowly, she wanted to sit in silence for a while, letting her thoughts lead her wherever they went.

Only an hour had passed with the occasion toss and turn of the hammock and a slight whimper before the backside of Kokkei's home dematerialized with a bang. "Bwuhahahahaha!" His figure dropped from the sky landing squarely in the town center. "Xerinsss come outsh and playyyyyY!"

Xerin walked out of his home since it was only a few feet from the center of town. "So you raise your head? The real question is, do I fear the Reaper?" he jumped down and landed in front of Kokkei if you could still call him that. "You know, I could send you to time out in another dimension, but I don't think you'd learn from that."

Kokkei's head seemed to tilt like a curious dog, his eyes wild a murderous grin split his face in slow motion. "Iddd blows my ways out! Iwantsa see how stronG you ARE!!!" His scythe spun as he shot off, blade scraping the ground as he closed in on Xerin, his blade started to glow as it fed off his chakra. "The CHAOS will consumes YOUSSS!"

Xerin stood there wide open waiting for Kokkei to make his move. "Chaos can't consume what it can't touch." his eyes flashed with one eye sharingan and one byakugan.

"Ill just blows your precioussshhhh eyez from your skullz! Bwuahahahaha!" Kokkei broke out into a deranged laugh as his blades exploded behind him sending dust and debris flying outward. However this wasn't an attempt to hide in the dust, Kokkei had use the explosion to launch himself forward as he swung his blade around like a whirlwind the scythe singing as it cleaved the very air in half, but as it neared Xerin it erupted once more into a fiery explosion feed by Kokkei's chakra.

Xerin's eyes changed to both sharingan and he weaved several signs and as Kokkei's scythe was about to cut through Xerin. A giant wave of mud shaped in a dragon's form appeared and pushed Kokkei away.

Kokkei brought his blade down resulting in a massive explosion cleaving the mud dragon clear in half. As the mud rained down, Kokkei ran his hand through his hair brushing the debris away, his maddened eyes glaring down on the Eye jutsuist.

The mud had turned to dust and sand from the explosion. They both blew around making a small dust cloud and several piles of ruble and dirt. "So are we done here?" Xerin asked waiting for a reply at first, but became impatient. He then turned around and started to walk away.

"No.... i wantsa see whos stronger!" Kokkei seemed to flicker as he shot off taijutsu skills propelling him like an olympic runner. He was right on top of Xerin before the cloud behind him collapsed to fill the space he had stood. He brought his scythe straight down over Xerin, however he wrist wrist pivoted in order to retaliate to a counter with a fast spin slice.

Xerin turned around and in one motion grabbed the scythe at its handle, moved his leg forward in between Kokkei's and thrust a Gentle palm towards Kokkei's chest.

Kokkei's legs shot forward latching onto Xerin's extended one. He launched his head forward in a full force head butt choosing to take the blow to the heart not caring of his own bodily well being and driven by shear insanity.

Blood ran down Xerin's forehead and his eyes flashed white turning into only the byakugan. "Fly away, however by that point you'll have been torn into pieces." he smirked and closed his fingers into a fist. To a ordinary person it looked as if that was all Xerin did, but in truth he had extended his gentle fist outward through his finger tips. Cause more damage throughout Kokkei's body. Xerin now with his fist closed punched Kokkei, though it was only a short punch it was enough to send Kokkei backwards, of coarse that is if Kokkei was smart, if not the punch would merely cause sever eternal damage. "For someone that's looking forward to fighting their rival, your sure looking forward to being hospitalized until after the war."

Kokkei laughed coughing up a good amount of blood. "Rival? Anythinsh of orders is my enemys. Insanity and chaos are thes naturals states of the worlds!" He could feel his heart being bruised and his organs torn up but the storm in his mind blanked it all out, besides they had great med ninjas. His left hand shot out, his chakra released and without the scythe to channel it, it simply combusted the air around the two causing a massive point blank explosion.

Xerin's cloths were blown to shreds and his body was covered in blood, dirt and debris. Scars riddled Xerin's body but those were from past encounters. His left eye was closed and bleeding and his right wide open with his mangekyo active. "That would of hurt, if I had kept hold of your scythe." Xerin said behind Kokkei with only his wounds from the beginning of the fight as well as his left eye bleeding. The other Xerin dissipated in a burst of flames. "Now I must be leaving as much as I would like to stay in fight I have to prepare the village for the upcoming battle, and if you really insist on continuing I'll send you to another dimension and leave you there till after the war."

Rayne had been off in the village just looking around, getting to know where she would now be living. She first heard the explosion a while ago, but thought nothing of it. With all the slightly crazy people living in one village fights were bound to break out. But then, she could feel his chakra, it was singing through the air like a snake. She was on the other side of the village but she still started running to exactly where she felt his chakra at. It didn't to long to reach the battle between Kokkei and Xerin, and she seemed to arrive at the precise moment. Xerin was talking about trapping Kokkei in another dimension until the war was over, and she knew he would react to that. "Kokkei. Enough." Usually it was all she had to say, and he would stop. He would become himself again and not be lost in the madness of chaos.

Kokkei sat alone in the void. He always laid back when he was alone in the chaos, the black surroundings swirled and danced in the infinite room. His hands laced behind his head as he tried to follow the madness with his eyes. He always ended up here when he came in contact with his scythe. Then he heard a faint familiar voice, his name... it was Ryane! With that he was shot through the clouds of black, finally opening his eyes, the area had been scorched, his inwards throbbed and he could tell he had one or two fractures. He turned to see Rayne and Xerin standing behind him. It finally hit him as he dropped to a knee, his head bowed in respect. "A million apologies Xerin-sama. I lost myself for a time."

Xerin turned his head around slowly as if he was going to have an angry look on his face, but sure enough he was smiling with his eyes closed. "Stand up, madness or not your a fine warrior. I am a kage of a village of thieves, assassins, rogues, missing-nin, bandits, and people who've just been abandoned. I've gotta be ready to die any day." Xerin smiled looking up. "Even if I die from one of my own fellow villagers, so long as this place remains true, I'll die in peace." he continued to smile but with his eyes looking closed as he walked away. "I hope the next Kuroba no Kage never forgets to protect the villagers. Not just from outsiders but from themselves. Get some rest for in a few days you won't get the luxury. Cause we'll be at war to let the world know, We are the village hidden among the Clovers and we aren't to be overlooked!"

Rayne bowed in respect as Xerin walked away, before turning to look back at Kokkei. She sighed and squinted her eyes at him before motioning him to walk with her. "You need a bath, and you need rest. Lets go, and I'm not taking no for an answer." She waited patiently for him to start walking with her, knowing it would take time for him to get use to it.

Kokkei stood, his legs wobbly but he managed a half smile. His scythe no firmly strapped to his back. "What no bowl of gruel? It used to be that came with the bath." He coughed harshly a speckle of red misting out. "The chaos was enthralled, excited by the prospect of war."

Rayne let the corners of her mouth turn up, "Gruel is after the bath, and before rest. I'll make something for you while your bathing, if you have anything that I can cook with." She was silent as he coughed, catching the red mist with her eyes before turning back a head. She nodded in understanding as he spoke about the chaos. "That's why I am here, and that is why I will be your battle partner. Because I know once you start, you will not stop. Not to mention I think with my talents, and you power, we'll be pretty much unstoppable."

"True but Xerin-sama can simply flush us off to Jashin knows where." He sighed managing to hoist himself up. Kokkei drug his feet to the clover that was his home and started the walk up the stalk.

Rayne was silent a moment, and watched Kokkei walk up the stalk, the giant clover barely even hinting that his home rested atop it or that he was pushing against it. She had seen many things in her life, and knew many things as well. She silently plodded behind him, "True as he may, I doubt it would be truly easy for him to send myself, or you if we truly did not wish to go. And if he somehow did, he would surely be hurt from it. If you would do me a favor later, and spar with me, I would be very grateful. I have not taken part in a fight in a few months, it would do me well to break free of that time."

Kokkei managed a laugh, faultering a bit on his way up. He hoisted his legs up through the hatch and rolled onto the carpet. He gasped heavily and nodded. "Yeah ill give you a match, sane fighting only please."

Rayne followed him in, walking pasting his body on the floor heading straight to the bathroom. After a moment running water could be heard and steam billowed out when she came back into the room. "Clothes off, and into the bath. I'll be making you some gruel for when you get out. Then you will sleep, and then when you wake, we will spar. Any questions?" Her tone was light but left little room for him to actually question her.

"Yes teacher would you like a ten page report on thermodynamics afterwards?" Kokkei replied sarcastically, but he still made no move to move from his spot on the floor more from inability than defiance.

Rayne sighed shaking her head as she walked over to his prone form and gently eased him up off the ground. "No, I would much rather have a report on the alternate theories of time travel versus dementional pockets and which is safer and easier to use when in conjunction with a time paradox. But at the moment I am jsut going to help you get to your bath."

Kokkei actually steadied himself and hobbled to the bath under the influence of some aid. He dropped his jacket and shirt revealing a scar ridden body that wasnt relevant by his clean face, his abs were singed by the earlier explosions and his hair even smoked a bit. He went to unfasten his belt before pausing and casting a quizzical brow at Rayne, "No free shows missy."

After making sure he was getting himself busy for his bath, Rayne had stopped a moment to look in the mirror, and had caught sight of Kokkei undressing. After a moment, he caught her watching and she raised an eyebrow at him after he stated there were no free shows. "I don't need a free show Kokkei. I've seen all I wanted." She gently patted him on the head as she walked by him and out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. Intent on her promise she made her way to the kitchen and pulled open every cabinet to see what he had, which was a lot to her surprise. She immediately set out to make a small dinner for the two of them. After all, she wasn't going to cook for just him, she wasn't a maid or anything.

Kokkei gingerly lowered himself into the bath sighing as the hot water sung his wounds pleasantly. "Ohhhhhh that feels great." he slowely began to scrub the dirt from his burns. "The collateral damage is always bad."

As Rayne set things out to be boiled or chopped she looked around and couldn't seem to find any knives. "I bet he sleeps with them under his pillow." She gave a soft laugh before reaching her hand behind her and pulling a shining white crystal like dagger from there. With precise chops she started on making dinner for the two of them.

"Room for one more.." Goma interrupted the two. intruding into the home uninvited and unwanted "I thought I smelled something delicious..OH and your cooking!" he seemed to notice the food as an after thought as though breaking and entering to flirt with women was part of Goma's regular schedule.

Rayne didn't bat an eye as Goma barged into the house, though she did contemplate throwing something sharp at him to make a point. "You most likely smell Kokkei taking a bath, and yes I'm cooking. It would serve you well if you would knock from now on as I won't be held responsible for any damage you might receive otherwise from entering without permission." She continued to stay focused on her task, adding chopped vegetables to a boiling pot.

Goma's previous advance was cleverly avoided, He smiled beneath the cloak that shrouded most of his body from being seen. "It's a ninja's job to arrive unannounced." he said watching her add things to the pot as though he had an actual interest in the food. "As for my personal well-being, if I happen to sustain an injury because I'm lurking around. Well that just doesn't make me look very good now does it?" he smelled the air again taking in the aroma of the vegetables as they boiled. He loved to cook, but he was quiet about such desires.

Rayne didn't look up from her cooking as she stirred the pot, "It would not serve well at all, there for, I think you should be wise. I don't take kidnly to surprises, or unexpected visits at any given time. If my warnings are taken to heart well then..." She turned away from her cooking to level eyes with him, "I can always help you learn that lesson?"

Kokkei walked out of the bathroom, only clad in a towel. "Hmm im used to being alone here. Its noisy now." He shook his hair with a flick sending a slight drizzle across the room. "hello goma-san. Did you go recruiting today?"

Goma shook his head "I'd like to say I did, but that'd be a bold faced lie the girls have had me busy all day" he turned back towards Rayne "Threats don't hold much traction with me sweetie" he said politely.

Rayne turned tilted her head back towards Kokkei before pointing to his room, "Clothes, now, no eating dinner in a towel. As for you Goma. Will you be joining us for dinner or shall I set your plate outside in a dog bowl?" She turned her head back towards her cooking as she began tasting small spoonfulls making sure it was ready.

Kokkei's dresser was close to his hammock since his the house itself was only a living room bathroom kitchen and bedroom. He dropped the towel facing away from the group and slid on underwear and shorts not caring to bother with any more. He sat down at the small bar eyed Goma. "What were the girls up tp?"

"Avoiding and ignoring me. For the most part anyway." Goma said quietly with a happy chime in his voice. "Shouldn't be long now, before it all starts.." he spoke in a more serious tone this time.

a gentle knock at the door "May I come in says Koumori.

"Yeah come on in." Kokkei replied now that he at least had some pants on. He turned away from his dresser to face the other two. My little treehouse is getting crowded. He chuckled a bit to himself, it was odd having company after being locked in a cell for so long and Rayne being his only friend in that dark hell hole.

Koumori enters the home and says "sorry to come at such a late hour but i must talk to the reaper over there pointing to Kokkei"

"Oh? Of what nature?" Kokkei asked, slipping his hands into his gloves that acted as a barrier from the insanity that seeped from the scythe. His next article was the holster that went across his back. With that he flipped his scythe into the air spinning intricately as it landed in the holster. He strode across the room to address Koumori. "whats up?"

"i would like to spar with you to practice some um ideas but please no scythe." says Koumori

Kokkei opened the door to eye Koumori quizzically. "Ok then I suppose." He withdrew it from its holster and leaned it back against the wall where it had been. "Rayne could you watch the scythe? If anyone else uses it they might go mad." He instead secured his kunia pouch to his waist and jumped from his porch all the way to the small field that was below his clover top house.

Kokkei readied himself by stretching a bit before hand.

Koumori followed Kokkei to the small field jumping through the trees, but falls on the landing. "Ugh see this is why I need to spar. I haven't fought anyone in what seems like years." Koumori started to laugh still on the ground.

Kokkei approached Koumori with a smile. He bent down and offered him his hand for good sportsmanship. "A good spar is great for the soul to."

Koumori takes Kokkei's hand and after getting up. Dust himself off, then says. "Your not what I imagined to be, I expected you to be more reaper, but your not at all. And well I was just wondering, how well can you blow things up without your scythe?"

"I'm not exactly myself when i have it in hand." Kokkei rubbed the back of his neck trying to explain. "But the explosions are my specialty, the scythe just helps me contain and control them better, see?" he immediately bent down and pick up a rock focusing his chakra into it. Without notice it detonated like a hand grenade blowing him back a few feet. Still on his feet he whipped the debris from his eyes and coughed, "No dampening."

"oh i see i must ask do you make what you put your chakra into detonate or does the air around it? cause i dont fancy being blow up" said Koumori with a slightly scared smile.

Kokkei shrugged slightly as he went back to stretching. "The elders told me my clan cold force air and fire chakra into one so I suppose its the object that I put chakra into that explodes."

"Alright time to get ready" cracks his neck takes a awkward looking
stance "ready set GO Reaper" attempts a open handed strike! 

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2011-11-15 [Xerin Zamaki]: lol don't tell that to Goma or else he'll appear! APPEAR in your BATHTUB!

lol that be pretty hilarious if Goma slowly rose out of Kokkei's bath lol

2011-11-15 [Xerin Zamaki]: GOMA APPEAR SOMEWHERES WITH NAKED PEOPLE. cause its funny lol.

2011-11-15 [Goma]: I'm tempted o.o but he's not into men D8

2011-11-15 [Araglas]: Someone please post!! You really don't want to me post Rayne cooking, its horrible, and mean and nasty and it'll be like watching two old people have a nasty interlude in a public bathroom...

2011-11-15 [Goma]: Posted ;D

2011-11-21 [Goma]: VIOLENCE T.T

2011-11-28 [Goma]: Anybody else going to post?

2011-12-03 [Araglas]: lol oh god its a reversed Three's Company XD

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2012-01-26 [StormKing]: come on you can do it you just will end up in a hole for while thats all......

2012-08-12 [StormKing]: hey twitch can we fight so i can practice?

2012-08-12 [twitchboy]: Sure

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2012-08-14 [StormKing]: Twitch you play LOL and if do u play as twitch?

2012-08-14 [twitchboy]: i havemt played in more than a year and i think my screen name was xakot

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