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A man in a orange hoodie stood in the middle of the woods as if he were waiting for someone."Not sure who would be out here hope Goma wasn't wrong...again."

Deep in the woods far from Koumori, a heart beat could be heard as clear as if he could see it in front of him, he then sent several of his clones to investigate just who this stranger was and to find out how he knew he was here.

The man in the orange hoodie stood there as he was surrounded."Your good, but are you good enough? Cause the last three missing nin I found weren't."

"Speaking a little confident aren't we? I never said I wanted to fight. I only wanted to know who was in my forest." said one of the clones.

"Impressive. I can't trace you. I'm not sure what kind of technique your using but its defiantly not normal clones. Excuse my rudeness. I am...Xerin Zamaki, and I would like you to consider helping me become a Kage. You don't have to answer me now, but the sooner the better. Don't go dying before you give me an answer." Xerin then vanished into a void.

"If you wouldn't mind being quite, some vagabonds need sleep if you don't know." A somewhat formal voice ran out from under a tree. There lounging between two roots was a boy with medium length hair and a gray shirt under a black jacket, a scythe held against his chest behind crossed arms. His eyes were closed as if he had honestly just woke up.

A man with snow white hair was wondering through the woods sighed as he realized he was going the wrong way. "Hey you boy do you know where I can find Koumori? I think, he also said I needed to find a guy with a scythe. You wouldn't happen to be a missing nin now would ya?"

The boy looked up slightly interested. "Koumori? Sorry I haven't the faintest idea." He unclenched his arms letting his tense body relax a bit and the scythe sink a bit. "As for a missing ninja, not all who wander are lost."

"That is true, but others are lost till someone comes along and offers them a hand. My name is Ziar." he said kinda glancing over the kid feeling the least bit threaten by his stature and aura.

The boy accepted with a slight warm gesture. "Kokkei Uwari." He hoisted himself up and brushed his pants down free of dirt. "Please, don't mind the atmosphere. This stick and blade here almost permeates with a soul of its own I'm afraid."

Ziar smiled softly."Probably no more then my blades. I've had them for so long and their still as if not sharper then the day I got them." he knew something was special about the boy's scythe, and Ziar was no fool he had been around the block twenty times over. He knew this was the boy he was looking for, but his scythe was the reason he was really alone.

A Man walked out of the shadows and clearly asked. "Why are there so many people in my forest?"

Kokkei looked about half surprised. "Oh this is your area? Sorry i was simply passing through." He looked about at the scenery, his hands busy placing the scythe in its holster across his back. "I must say it is peaceful and quiet out here."

The Man smiles softy "That's why i like it."

With a smirk Kokkei began to pace a bit. "For a secluded forest though there sure are alot of people. I heard someone arguing earlier." He began to inspect his gloves precariously to hold attention for himself.

The man said "Might I ask for you to please leave my forest I maybe blind but I can fight to protect whats mine."

Ziar turned to the man."And I maybe old but I can kill both of you whats your point. My master sent me here to find a man named Koumori and this boy with the Scythe and to either persuade them to join, but I will do what I see fit to protect my lord. So if I cannot persuade you and I see you as a threat to my lord then I will swiftly dispose of you."

The Man says "I am not a threat but if its a fight you want its a fight you shall have"

Taking a step back to avoid the potential blows Kokkei tapped his chin in thought. "Well if he isn't a missing nin hunter or an anbu, what would anyone want with me?" His hand strayed close to his scythe just in case something out of hand where to take place.

"You will lose young ones if you choose to fight. I would rather you just join us. Little one you look confused. Do you wish to know why I am here?" Ziar took a defensive wushu stance.

The Man says. "You will not win here. Even if you defeat me you wont kill me this day."

The ground between the two exploded into a shower of rocks and debris peppering the nearby trees like shot gun pellets, when the dust cleared it revealed Kokkei with his held scythe out, blade sunk into a three foot crater. His hair hung over his eyes, until he slowly leaned back, his madly wide eyes darting between the two. "Shut itz. Finder guy, whatz ya want wif me?"

Ziar picked the rocks and debris out of his chest."I come here with a offer. A place for you to live freely without worry of anbu or hunters. A village that will accept you and not judge you. Where you can take a mission or not. The only rules there are is to not kill the commoners. Like the farmers, shop owners, carpenters, etcetera, etcetera." Ziar said while continuing to pick debris out of his skin.

The man started laughing. "I shall accept this offer if you can beat me in a fight nothing sharp allowed to make sure none of us get hurt this is after all a sparing match."

With over whelming Self control Kokkei shakily managed to pull his hand back and slowly sheathing his scythe. His eyes and expression then revert back to their calm state. "Why would i want to join another village, i just escaped a so called friendly one." He took a few steps back and resumed his spot beneath the tree to watch the spar.

The Man says. "You don't want in on? this doesn't matter who wins the spare ether way the winner is gonna come after you next anyways."

"I generally prefer not to fight...I don't tend to remember what happens during one, I usually wake up in the middle of a crater scared and bruised. Not entirely enjoyable." Kokkei shrugged leaning back against the tree.

The Man with a angry sounding voice says. "You have harmed my forest already you will ether have to leave or fight one or the other"

Kokkie remained seated but drew his scythe and pointed it at the man, his eyes wide and without reason. "Ish you insists." He simply stayed seated, however the physical radiance of the chakra being transferred to his scythe could be felt in the air, thick and heavy.

Ziar cracked his neck."That is fine, but on one condition. If I defeat you you have to join, as for the little one. This village is about giving a home to those who don't have one. Your willing to come and go as you please. We only ask for your assistance to help us make this home. Also once the village is established anyone who dares attacks someone apart of the village. Will be consider a act of war and we will swiftly protect them or avenge. Basically we provide protection for wanderers, a place to live and a way to make cash the way you see fit. We will not force you to do a mission you don't want to unless its for the safety of the village itself. Oh and if were going to have this match shouldn't you come out and actually face me?" he said the last few words directed to Koumori.

The Man says."Sure"then uses the reverse summoning jutsu.

Just as Koumori was summoned. Xerin and Goma came walking out of a void infront of them. "Yo whats going on here?" Xerin asked Ziar.

"Just about to fight this man and get him to join." said Ziar.

"You mean your gonna do the one thing I said not too?" Xerin sighed. "Look contrary to what Ziar has said we won't make you join nor will we kill you if you don't. Hes a war veteran and gets alil jumpy, even if he is over 300 years old, he still acts like a kid. So look you two you can either join us and become our Namaka or... Heh you can try to live on your own. Whataya say live with us under the protection of a village and if anyone messes with you we'll start a war or have countless hunters and anbu chase you. The choice is yours."

Goma huffed out purple smoke and moved his glance from person to person. His cloak was wrapped around him fully hiding his monstrous arm. "That was a workout" he muttered cracking his neck.

Kokkei noticed Goma through his wild eyes, the memory clicking and bring his consciousness back for the second needed to regain himself and put away his scythe before it could exert its influence on him again. "I like the idea. Im in, aren't you the guy from Kono just a bit ago?"

The Man said."I accept the offer my name is Koumori just do not harm my forest."

"We will not harm this forest. No not harm it. We will protect it, cause this is where we will make our home. This land full of huge Clovers, this will be the Hidden Village Among the Clovers. Our village and after were through building this Village not just the houses but finding others like us, who have had their backs turned on. But, do not mistake this village as a place you can run wild. No one is to kill a Villager whether they be a ninja, samurai or a normal villager. We do not kill our own. Not without good reason. If you have a problem with someone, just tell me and we'll settle the matter. Swiftly. Now Brothers we have a village to build and then for some of you the funn begins cause after the village is built. Heh well lets just say that Goma here didn't visit the hidden leaf for nothing. By the way my name is Xerin Zamaki. The first Zamaki and only Zamaki and I am your Kuroba no Kage." Xerin's voice rang clearly with great authority and inspiration.

Koumori says."To the new village to freedom to peace for all who seek it Kage Xerin."

Kokkei nodded a bit in understanding. He braced against the tree and hefted himself up. "Well you certainly are confident. I like that."

Xerin turned to Goma."So how was your first mission as a Kuroba ninja?" he asked grabbing on to Goma's shoulder dragging him deeper into the woods. "Did you find out how strong they have become? Will our current numbers be enough to at least get us noticed?"

"Well, alone I only delved into my first stage for the lot of them." He smiled at Kokkei "Then he made his appearance which defiantly lightened things on my end a that we have a name to carry I think we'll be more than just noticed."

"I see, I would still like to gather a few more. I already have one on stand by, but I'm not sure when he will finish his mission. I would also like to find a few women to join. I don't want people thinking were sexist." Xerin chuckled alil. "Besides if we don't have a few women here who will distract you from killing everyone that gets on your nerves."

Koumori says."If I use my puppets effectively I should be able to get our village built in a matter of months even less if I can get some clones and people to help."

Xerin smirked."All we need is a cleared portion of land, a wall surrounding the cleared section and a gate with a sign above it stating our village. After that everyone can just build their own homes how ever they want and if they need special materials or they have already seen a place they like I'll take care of the rest."

Kokkei stepped forward, his face showed he was slightly interested in the conversation. "I can clear the land now no problem, just have some kind of restraint jutsu ready when im done." He volunteered.

Koumori laughs."This promises to be a good show."

"Is chopping all you limbs off a restraint jutsu?" Ziar asked.

"Oh how about sending you to an alternate dimension?" asked Xerin.

Koumori says"I think the alternate dimension works best"

"Hey now...i meant along the lines of vines or sleep powder or something. Jeez you guys are ruthless." Kokkei, waved his hands in mock defense. His eyes darted around a bit unsure if these guys would actually try some of their suggestions.

Xerin laughed and put his hand on Kokkei's left shoulder."Heh don't fret it won't hurt a bit." he smirked evilly, then whispered to Goma."Its fun to mess with the new guy."

Goma nodded a bit and wrapped himself up in his cloak trying to conceal himself once more. "When do I get to hunt the girls down?"

Koumori says."No flirting with the girls for now, at least wait till they are part of the village."

Xerin shook his head."He can flirt so long as it helps get them here. Now if flirting is going to piss them off Goma..." he said with a stern look. "But that may work to our advantage. Goma can approach them and flirt with them and if he fails and pisses them off. We will invite them with the notation that they can find him in the Village of Clovers."

Xerin popped out of a random void."What the hell...I hate when my powers use themselves, I wonder if theres a reason for them acting up this time." he then realized he was in a girls bath house and immediately closed his eyes."Sorry if anyones in here."

There was one girl in there, and a kunai whizzed past Xerin's head and embedded itself in the wall next to him. "I suggest you get out. Now." the woman growled, wrapping a towel quickly around herself.

A soft voice spoke calmly from seemingly nowhere, "I suggest you leave now...I don't like pervs...I don't like men sneaking through dimensional rifts just to get a glimpse of naked women. So if you would like to keep all your genitalia where it is, I suggest you leave....Now." A woman with long white blond hair stepped from around a corner, steam billowing from behind her. A towel was wrapped loosely around her body as she stared coldly at Xerin with her purple eyes.

Xerin did not have to have his eyes open to see the anger in the women's eyes."I told you I wasn't trying to peek and I even shut my eyes, I will leave though only if it is safe to open my eyes." he said calmly not even showing a sign of doubt in his confidence, to be honest the kunai throw early would of killed Xerin if he hadn't moved.

The blond woman sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose, "We have towels on, though I doubt it helps much. You may open your eyes, and feel lucky I'm not gutting you. Not many men get to see me in a towel only. You should feel lucky." She was now smirking at the other woman, a dangerously evil smirk.

Xerin's sharingan activated without him wanting too."Then Thanks for my life and special opportunity." he smiled then turned around and began to walk away."By the way I know where he is." Xerin said to the blond haired woman about Kokkei he then tossed the kunai back to the woman still in the water make sure it wasn't going to hurt her. "Think you might need that if a real perv comes by." and with that Xerin walked out then went to the front desk to ask where he was and for a towel cause after a near death experience its always nice to have a hot bath.

The blond woman froze halfway as she was turning around. Her cold eyes darted to the door he left out of. She knew who he was speaking about, it was obvious. Only so many people knew of her liking for the psychopathic scythe wielder. Somehow this person had found out. Not really caring for the rules of the bath house she followed after him, she wanted that information and she was going to get it. She saw him grabbing his own towel, "Where is he?" she was still in her towel, but no water was dripping from her, she was completely dry save for her hair.

Xerin's towel didn't budge."If you wanted to see me naked you could of just asked." he said jokingly.

The woman raised one of her eyebrows, her hand loosening the hold on her towel. "That is a thought...I could seduce you right here. Tell me, have you ever had sex in a bath house?" Her face was set with a half smile, but indistinguishable was whether she was joking or not.

Xerin laughed."Nope, haven't at all. I'm one of those mushy saps, gotta buy me a drink 1st, but. I will not tell you where he is." he said with a face no longer smiling. "If you mean to harm my nakama. I will kill you." his eyes had changed from the kind, gentle, joking man to a man with Demon's eyes. Even if this woman did not fear Xerin she would defiantly know there was more too him then a carefree lummox.

The woman studied Xerin for a moment, judging him, before she rested easier on her feet. "My name is Rayne...I'm an old friend of his, I mean him no harm. I just have been searching for him for a long time, he might not even remember me." She ran her free hand through her hair, "All I need is his location, then I can leave you to your bath. Or I will take a bath with you till you tell me?"

"I'm Xerin 1st Kuroba no Kage! Thats good you do not want to harm him, but I will not tell you where he is." Xerin said getting into the spring and taking his towel off.

Rayne raised an eyebrow, soon to become her signature remark for surprise. She walked over to the spring, and tested the water with her foot. Nodding to herself she dropped her towel and slowly lowered herself into the water, "Why not...may I ask?"

"Cause after my bath, I'm going to take you there. Considering were days away from even being in my nation yet alone in my Village." said Xerin as he dipped his head under the water and relaxed with his eyes closed. "Also I doubt you'll be able to find it by yourself."

Rayne nodded slowly, running her hands through her hair, cleansing it with the water. She worked slowly, making sure to catch every tangle, knot, and bunch and straighten them out. "I see..where exactly is that? Does it have a name?" Her eyes never left him as she spoke to him, watching his every move.

"Relax I'm not going to kill you, I'm a Kage I have to be respectable. Even Orichimaru did that when it came to his duties. Well were in the land of springs. My home is The Village Hidden Among Clovers. Located in the land of Rivers hidden in a forest of giant clovers. Also if your worried I'm drooling over you, don't I am not a pervert as I said early you are beautiful, but if I don't love you then your body is just that yours." Xerin said now floating on his back."Didn't expect a Kage, especially a man that is labeled a criminal and evil to act the way I do?"

Rayne raised her eyebrow yet again, "I do not know you. So I cannot be surprised or not surprised by who or who you aren't." She watched him float in the water as she ran through her memory of villages. "I've heard of that, a safe haven for missing ninja or rouge's. From what I understand the clovers are very much part of the village not only do they protect the village, they also are part of the village. And if your the Kage, then more power for you. Running a village is a great responsibility. Not many are capable of it." She cupped her hands under the water and lifted it up and opened her hand letting water cascade down her face. She chose to ignore the remark of her beauty, it was something she disliked talking about.

"Its not really, except maintaining balance and order among the other Villages. They don't take us seriously especially since were only a few days old. So we started a War with Konaha. Which is known to be the only village to always get rid of their attackers, but this time they will surrender or at least acknowledge us to not be trifled with. Were former missing nin all of us, and we can't offer a home for others who are lost if we are selves are to be crushed like bugs just cause were small. We will show our strength soon enough and fight any and all villages that try to take or harm my Nakama. Even if my Nakama decided they don't want to fight, even if it comes down to I'm the last one in the village cause the others are hurt, even if I die I will make it known that the Village in the Clover and everyone in it, Is not Evil nor an abomination! That we are people and will be treated as such. I will not let my Nakama and Village fall so long as I live." Xerin at some point during his long speech climbed up on a rock in the middle of the spring and got loud enough for everyone in about a 300 feet radius could hear him.

Rayne hadn't thought the young man would go off on a rant, that would turn into a speech. And she wasn't expecting him to climb out of the water and stand on a rock shaking his fist at the heavens. She wasn't surprised to find herself giving him a once over. She would have made a comment if the moment hadn't been a serious one for the Kage. So she kept her dirty comments to herself and simply just clapped for him. Her cold eyes watched him and she spoke softly, "If Kokkei is part of this village, then it is now my village as well, and I shall defend it till I die."

Xerin blinked at Rayne's clapping and her words then realized where he was."Heh sorry bout that." He scratched the back of his and laughed alittle, abit embarrassed that he ranted and exposed himself so much. "But thats great let me be the 1st to Welcome you to The Village Hidden Among the Clovers. You may wear our symbol how ever you please in whatever color you desire." he smiled and sat down on the rock Indian style.

Rayne raised an eyebrow nodded slowly. "I see...not that I mind the view or anything, would you like a towel? It isn't good to expose yourself like that after a hot bath, your likely to get sick or something might shrink. Not that it looks like it ever will." She gave him a sly wink before tossing him her towel.

Xerin caught the towel and draped it around his neck."I'm used to the cold, especially not getting sick, I've had a long a rough childhood. Which is why I started the village. Cause if people knew what I really am. They'd kill me and rip my eyes out. Thanks for the concern though. Your alot nicer then you come off, also you just as frisky as you come off to be." Xerin said laughing.

Rayne quirked an eyebrow and shrugged, "I am who I am." She slowly stood up, water rivulets running and splashing down her body, and she grabbed a small dipper from beside the spring. She dipped it in the water and raised it above her head, after a moment she poured the water over her head. It ran in rivulets all over her, her hair plastered to her face, down her arms, her legs, her chest and stomach, it was a site to behold.

Xerin had a look of confusion/questioning face, with one of his brows slightly raised he asked."Oi what is your relation to Kokkei? Why do you pursue him? I don't want you to get the wrong idea, about my timing but I'm just curious to know." he would never forget this woman that was for sure, but Xerin was still not sure how he would remember her.

Rayne shook her head sending sparkling drops of water in ever direction. When she finished she set the dipper back on the edge of the spring. She then turned to Xerin one eyebrow raised, "He is an old friend, as I stated before. I knew him a long time ago, and though he most likely has forgotten me, I'll remind him of who I am." Instead of sinking back into the water, she sat herself on the edge of the spring, and ran her fingers through her hair, straightening it.

Xerin had now changed sitting positions to one leg underneath the other whilst the one hung off the rock his arms now laid on his thighs."Hmm I see." Xerin found himself curious bout this woman, but at the same time worried that he had forgotten something. "We haven't met before right? Never mind." he shook his head and smiled.

Rayne continued to straighten hair, but she gave Xerin another once over with her purple eyes. "I would remember meeting someone like you. That is something I would not forget." She finished with her hair before grabbing a long stalk of grass. She focused on it a moment, before she wrapped her hair into a makeshift bun and slid the piece of grass into it to hold it in place. "Do you have the feeling we have met before? I have met many men on my travels, but may of their faces blur together, as they all wanted one thing from me."

Xerin said with a slant to his mouth."Not that I would attentional forget anyone especially someone as intriguing as you, but I'm not sure. Due to how I was ma.. born I have trouble remembering things. For years I haven't known my true name, or if I ever had one. Heh look at me talking like a kid. I guess I still am since I tend to start over from scratch after awhile. Makes my life interesting always a different me a different out come everytime I relapse."he said with a terrible smile one full of pain. he towards at the sky. "Goma is the only person whos been there to remember for me." Xerin laughed. "You'll meet him soon hes quite a perv yet at the same time he really not." Xerin's face went to having no smile and lost in thought. then out of no where. "I'm sorry bout your run ins with men."

Rayne watched Xerin now with her full attention, and after a moment she spoke, "You have something I would beg the gods for. The ability to forget. To you, it may be a curse..but to someone like myself? It would be a godsend. There are things in my mind that I wish I never learned, or saw, or knew, or experienced and would give anything to forget them. My home, clan, family, friends, lovers, enemies, rivals, war, death peace, truth, lies, all these things at one time or another I would love to have them leave my mind never to return. It would be a blessing for me." She stood slowly, and walked carefully over to Xerin, without hesitation she placed her hand on his head before bending down and kissing his forehead, and retrieving the towel from around his neck and wrapping it around her body as she stepped out of the spring, "I will return in a moment, my clothing is in the other area." This was all she said as she left the male spring.

Xerin spoke to himself but loud enough to be heard if someone wanted to hear him."Its one thing to say its better to forget, but if you never knew would you still ask for the same thing." Xerin vanished into a void for a second the appeared again on the edge of the spring fully clothed. "Worst part is the only thing I ever forget is that I try to hold onto. I've never forgotten him or how I came to be." Xerin put on a smile and cheered up before Rayne returned.

Rayne walked back into the spring, fully clothed, or to what she believed was fully clothed. Her outfit was simple, she wore a black halter-top that stopped at her midriff. She wore black short shorts, and a black knee guard, as well as black shoes. A black ribbon was tied around her throat, and two long pieces of it trailed down her back. Two black fingerless gloves graced her delicate looking hands, and a few pouches at her waist. The only sign of any decoration was a small blue tear shaped crystal at her throat hanging from the black ribbon. All in all, she was a striking woman of beauty, but she was also deadly.

Xerin smiled as Rayne walked through the door."Well ready to go Rayne? Oh also ready for me to be actually perverted and drag a random woman back with us for Goma." he laughed at the for Goma but was serious about taking the random woman in the spring.

Rayne raised an eyebrow, "Do you mean the woman from the other spring? May I ask why your going to bring her? I confess to be curious." She placed her hands on her hips and gave Xerin a measuring look wondering what he was up to.

"When I used my sharingan earlier, I just notice she her aura suggested she was alone. Not to mention why would a girl like you and her be in a spring with no relation alone. Ya know. I don't know maybe I think to much, or maybe she needs a Home, and I'm like a kid who found a lost puppy. Can I keep her Rayne Can I?" Xerin chuckled.

"Keep who, you better not be talking about me." The girl who threw the kunai said, coming out fully clothed, and armed. The weapons on this girl was insane looking. She had everything ranging from kunais, rope, shuriken; both large and small; and even a blade on her back. and that was what was only visible. The clothes were simple, baggy black pants that tied around her ankles, sandles, and a white tank top.

Xerin smirked with an evil grin."Yes I do mean you." he laughed evilly at first then it turned into normal laughter."I won't forcibly take you but your welcome to come along, my village is an amazing one too see."

"As long as the others aren't perverted like you, I'm sure it'll be fine." she said, arms crossed. The evil laughter didn't phase her, it annoyed her more than anything. She walked up to him and stared him down. "Any funny business on the way though, and I won't hesitate to slit your throat." she hissed through her teeth.

Xerin sighed."I'm not a pervert, I just don't have control of all my jutsus yet. Here watch I'm a."Xerin walked through a void and came out behind the girl."Space dimensional user, and sometimes." he walked through another void and appeared in front of her again."My powers decide to just throw me out anywhere. Cause I've never been to the Land of Springs. My friend Ziar has though, coarse he'd never come back here after what they did to him. Anyways ready to go?"

The girl sighed. "Sure, It's not like I have anything better to do." she said. "By the way, my name is Ashura. I have a friend tracking me down. She might be interested in your village as well. We're both kind of out on our own." Ashura said, her arms still crossed. She didn't smile, at all.

Xerin smiled."Nice to meet you Ashura, I'm Xerin Zamaki 1st Kuroba no Kage. Your friend is more then welcome to joining us." Xerin put one hand on Ashura's shoulder and the other hand on Rayne's shoulder."By the way first time might make you sick." he smiled as they started to vanish.

As Rayne slowly started to disappear she raised an eyebrow, "I don't get sick...its impossible." She remained silent afterward as her entire body slowly disappeared.

Ashura glared at him defiantly as she disappeared as well. "If I do, I'm getting sick on you." she forewarned.

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2011-04-21 [Xerin Zamaki]: I am shes perfect and it wouldn't matter if she was a dude or not but I'd still be on bottom if she was lol shes very dominate if anything shes the man I'm the woman XP I clean and cook she goes to work and brings home the bacon

2011-04-21 [Araglas]: Lol hehe I know a lot of women like that, and its not such a bad thing ^_^

2011-04-21 [Xerin Zamaki]: not really I don't mind taking care of the kids and cleaning house lol

2011-04-21 [Araglas]: hehe I don't either

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