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2009-12-27 03:07:19
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Tyradias RP Disscussion

Here is were I will disscuse Ideas, thoughts or anything other about the rp with others. No spamming or random covos. aloud. The only comments are to be about the rp and it's future. So enjoy and talk. All ideas will be taken into consideration. Then if used ideas will be given credit to you in the Tyradiuas newpaper.

Ideas I liked or might use

1. Sword duel or elemental fight that Roan has to kissthe winner.

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2009-12-27 [Eyden13]: Welcome. So right now I'm trying to come up with ideas for the up coming ball

2009-12-27 [Talos Cyrion]: ok so the upcoming ball.....what to do what to do.

2009-12-27 [Eyden13]: Well I like the idea of Roan's first kiss being stolden. I'm think that her pride got in the way and as a result she wagered her fist kiss for ............... something. I have to think of that part.

2009-12-27 [Talos Cyrion]: a sword duel or elemental fight that she thought somone would win but he doesn't so she has to kiss the lucky winner lol

2009-12-27 [Eyden13]: that adds a physical componet I don't want. However it was a good idea. I'll have to keep that in mind for latter. I was thinking that winner gets something like her company alone for a certian amount fo time. or something similar.

2009-12-27 [Talos Cyrion]: ahhh....somthing that Chorus and his buddies could not be allowed to win

2009-12-27 [Eyden13]: Yup.

2009-12-27 [Talos Cyrion]: so how does the fight between Abarhi, Ketsuri and Flick play out? I'm just wondering

2009-12-27 [Eyden13]: Well I'm thinking that they have squabbles while trying to track down Roan( she's hidding), and as for who wins well that is up to who ever gets the kiss, which will be plaied out, and I will determine that during the actual RPing of the scene. I like being spontanious like that. ^-^

2009-12-27 [Eyden13]: Got to go, but thanks so much for the help.

2009-12-27 [Talos Cyrion]: lol i meant at the inn....Flick and Ketsuri have Abarhi backed into a corner with Roan behind him in case you forgot :p

2009-12-27 [Gypsy Mystik]: ^_^

2009-12-27 [Talos Cyrion]: this will be interesting all the characters at the ball...i guess that means Ketsuri and Flick better not get themselves to banged up, as well as Abarhi.

2009-12-27 [Gypsy Mystik]: Yay! That means I get to play the princess more! ^_^

2009-12-27 [Talos Cyrion]: lol yay more characters to rp with!

2009-12-27 [Gypsy Mystik]: Yay!

2009-12-29 [Eyden13]: I'm glad you all like the idea. I even came up with a way to decide who Roan kisses, which none of you will know till it comes.

2009-12-29 [Talos Cyrion]: lol now why does that not surprise me :p

2009-12-29 [Eyden13]: What surprises you. My super genious?

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