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2009-12-29 04:18:33
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Tyradias Fact Sheet

Welcome, below is a list of facts for Tyradias that is a MUST to read.

Kingdom of the Griffin- Eura
2 Eura = 1 Fira
1 Euro = 5 Ruro

Kingdom of the Phoenix- Fira
1 Fira = 2 Euro, 10 Ruro

Kingdom of the Roc- Ruro
5 Ruro = 1 Eura
10 Ruro = 1 Fira

Kingdom Relations

Griffin & Phoenix
Roc & Griffin
Phoenix & Roc


Kingdom of the Griffin

Kingdom of the Phoenix
- Midwinter Ball with feast to honor Elder Dragons

Kingdom of the Roc

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2009-11-04 [Yume Youki]: Hmmmm....

I'm liking this - I might have to do the same thing with the two RPGs I made.

Speaking of my RPGs, this might be a little bit of a spam comment, but hasn't ANYONE noticed my RP ::Rokugan::?

I'm planning on revising the plot a bit, but still, I've only had ONE person say ANYTHING on it! T^T

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