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Tyradias Character Locator

Hey eveyone. So this RP has a lot of rooms so to keep track of were everyone is put a loction next to your name.


Corus's Rebellion
Corus--- Phoenix Courtyard 1
Ketsuri--- Dark seriph inn and Tavern
Prince Even Dunmire--- Phoenix Courtyard 1
Madaline(Maddy) Cornell--- Willow Inn and Tavern
Vance Flicker (Flick)--- Dark Seriph Inn and Tavern
Nathan Crane --- Dark Seriph Inn and Tavern
Conrad Isador--deidad island

Roan's Knights
Roan---deidad island
Turan Ecthelion--- deidad island
Lady Lyenisa--- her chambers
Kari Hermosa---
Abarhi Seriphim--- deidad island

Gael Nightshade---
Nadya Nyx--- the dark seriph inn and tavern
Tavern Keeper - Raven---
Julius--- Dark seriph in and Tavern
Sage--- Lady Lyenisa's Chamber


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2009-11-29 [Talos Cyrion]: oi, i already forgot where i put Turan....yadda i'll have his local up in a bit

2009-11-29 [Eyden13]: haha. okay. ^-^

2009-11-29 [Talos Cyrion]: oh so is Abarhi in? and who finds Roan? lol i was thinking a fight between Ketsuri an Abarhi...with ketsuri being driven off

2009-11-29 [Eyden13]: opps, I thought I moved Abrahi, but yes hes in. Go a hean and add him here, and I'll move him from applications. As for who finds Roan, I'm going to have her awake, then scream when she sees the dead bodies around her, which alerts all of the people in Crystal Academy.

2009-11-29 [Talos Cyrion]: an gives poor Turan and our friend Ketsuri a heart attack O.o

2009-11-29 [Eyden13]: Yup!

2009-12-04 [Gypsy Mystik]: LOL My characters are all by themselves.... *shrugs*

2009-12-04 [Talos Cyrion]: i'm waiting for Eyden to post, if any of them are with chorus then move them to Willin inn an tavern if you want to rp...though poor ketsuri is a might cranky atm (as im sure anyone would be if they had nasty plate size stars stuck in them)

2009-12-04 [Gypsy Mystik]: I play the sick princess of the Phoenix Kingdom.... I only have one that I can move lol

2009-12-04 [Eyden13]: I'm doing it now. And corus is at Phoenix main hall.

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