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Tutors are members who create Tutorials and lessons for the general Elftown members. The tutors are organised by the Professors.


Elftown Tutors

By donating 1–4 tutorials you become one of the Tutors.

Tutor [stuffAEAmade] 3
Tutor [Akayume] 1
Tutor [akhirah] 1
Tutor [Artemis Riddle] 3
Tutor [Asrun] 4
Tutor [Atayemi] 2
Tutor [Calico Tiger] 1
Tutor [CelticDragon] 1
Tutor [Chimes] 1
Tutor [Elisha Kelly] 1
Tutor [Erestor] 4
Tutor [Falx] 1
Tutor [Farewell] 1
Tutor [Hedda] 1
Tutor [iippo] 1
Tutor [irulan] 2
Tutor [Karithina] 1
Tutor [LadyMoon] 3
Tutor [Lord Josmar] 2
Tutor [Mordigen] 1
Tutor [nathie] 1
Tutor [Rook] 1
Tutor [SilverFire] 2
Tutor [smakeupfx] 2
Tutor [the Indigo] 3
Tutor [Trefle] 1
Tutor [Vampire Akis] 1
Tutor [wulfman] 1
Tutor [Yncke] 2
Tutor [Ghost the Hybrid] 1
Tutor [*Phoenix*] 1
By donating 5–9 tutorials you become one of the Tutors.

Tutor [Cassave] 5
Tutor [liiga] 8
Tutor [Ocean Soul] 9
Tutor [Paz] 7
Tutor [Stephen] 6
Tutor [Triola] 7
Tutor [Zardra] 9
By donating 10–14 tutorials you become one of the Master Tutors.

Master Tutor [Jitter] 12
By donating 15+ tutorials you become one of the Master Tutors.

Master Tutor [Zab] 16


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2005-11-25 [Elisha Kelly]: omg! I have somehow been kidnapped and made a tutor... oh golly gosh! XD

2005-11-25 [LadyMoon]: Kidnapping is what we do best xP

2005-12-02 [the Indigo]: you know it!

2005-12-13 [stuffAEAmade]: DarKlawStudios Tutorials now has one complete tut, and one in progress. :D

2005-12-13 [Elisha Kelly]: ummm... I have rearranged mine as well... two tutorials, and a hell of a lot more to come in the new year :P

2005-12-13 [Sunrose]: Whoot ^___^

2005-12-13 [Elisha Kelly]: woot woot *dances for no particular reason*

2005-12-16 [Paz]: er... I have some tutorials posted here --> Paz's Tutorials and er... on somewhere on the tutorials wiki. It's still in progress but there are a few up there XP

2005-12-17 [Zab]: I just changed my tutorial here: I've made two new ones and gathered all those (three XD) I've done on one page. :) Hope it was ok.

2005-12-17 [Sunrose]: Yes :p

2005-12-17 [Zab]: ^______^ Yay!

2006-01-01 [Paz]: could I be a tutor? ummm... if it's okay

2006-01-01 [Zab]: Probably, if you have a tutorial ;)

2006-01-01 [Sunrose]: We have viewed your tutorials before, we were waiting for you to add a bit more in depth tutorials.. :)

2006-01-01 [Paz]: ah, okay

2006-03-15 [Elegy - gone]: Hello, I have a question. Is making a tutorial and getting it added to Elftown Tutorials enough to earn a badge, or do I have to do more?

2006-03-15 [Sunrose]: Having an acknowledged tutorial would make you one of the tutors :)

2006-03-15 [Elegy - gone]: But I do have one *frowns* How to draw a mouth... it's been added to Elftown Tutorials and everything

2006-03-15 [Sunrose]: You should spank [LadyMoon] :P

2006-03-15 [Elegy - gone]: *runs off to LadyMoon's house* ...>.>... =P

2006-03-15 [LadyMoon]: Omgosh! Revolution behind my back! O_O I do apologize though..just give me 2 minutes X)

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