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Name: Turan Ecthelion

Race: Elf

Age: 700

Siding: Roan's Knights
Personality: Loyal, but appears aloof and withdrawn. Rarely shows any sort of emotion. Turan is remorseless in combat, however he will only fight an enemy who has either a drawn weapon or is clearly an elemental. He never attacks first.

Discription: Tall (6’7), long white hair that comes down past his shoulders. Sea blue eyes, and fair skin. His attire varies. Usual attire consists of black robes (think bleach captain with a black instead of white vest over robes), an when traveling this is accompanied by a cowled black cloak. He is agile, quick, deadly and to the point in his duties. He holds a sense of honor and respect that has inturn earned him a noble reputation.

Weapon: A long katana like blade, who’s cutting edge is a deep blue, with the rest of the weapon being black.

Abilities: Fire, and can also teleport over short distances. This makes him extremely deadly in combat. Also he is aware of peoples thoughts, much like one would read a book.

History: Turan knows little or nothing about his past. He remembers awaking many years ago, but cannot remember how he got there or what happened.

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2009-10-07 [Eyden13]: This is great, all that is needed is that when I add the alliances you can choice from and the kingdom you have a pick from, add them. ^-^ Over all Awesome.

2009-10-08 [Talos Cyrion]: cool :) I'll have him side with Roan's knights. Maybe he is like her teacher or somthing? He wouldn't fit in with the rebellion....seing as he is an elf. hmm (i know lots of musings) how about him also being a fire dragon if the spot is open

2009-10-08 [Eyden13]: hmmmmmmmmmmmm, Well I'm all for a go on being her teacher and, but I don't really like the idea of being half dragon. Also, could you add the kingdom and add Roan's Rebellion to your bio. 

2009-10-09 [Talos Cyrion]: sure no problem

2009-10-11 [Eyden13]: hmmmmmmmmmm. How would your character like to play a love intrest?

2009-10-12 [Talos Cyrion]: sounds good to me (So teacher/love interest....hmmm that sounds like it could be interesting)

2009-10-12 [Eyden13]: That's what I thought ^-^Yay, ok now I have approved you chara. Congrats!

2009-10-12 [Talos Cyrion]: :)

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