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Bow to thy master, Lord God Tristania Satanica!

*bows* We pledge our allegience to [Asator Stormbringer].
And to the dominian, for which he stands,
one undead army, under Tristania Satanica,
totaly disposable,
with blessings for his favorites,
and coffee for all.

Praise Tris from whom all blessings flow!
Praise him all creatures here below!
Praise him above ye heavenly hosts!
Praise Tristania....(still working on it... >>)

His Mighty Lord's Titles

Almighty Lord god Tristiana Satanica God of hangman God of tic tac to God of coffee

He is everywhere...
and he's a recruiter + big brother! in I Believe In Elftown

SEND COMMANDMENTS TO or just to ][Asator Stormbringer]
Tristania's Followers

Lady Alexis Taylor Childs, righthand of Tristania Satanica, Member of the First Order of Demons, Also Known As: "Alexia Diabolica, Queen of The Damned"

2)[Sir Riddle]
Sir Adriaan Smilda, Lefthand of Tristania Satanica, member of the First Order of Demons, Also Known As: "Ayreon Enigma, Warlord of Demons and underruler of Chaos and Death"

Sir Peter Von castenhov, King of the Damned. Member of the Second Order of Demons, leader of the Lords.


13 Commandments

First Commandment: Thou shatl have no other gods before me.

Second commandment: Thou shalt make golden idols of me.

Thirth commandment: Thou shalt listen to Chuck.

Fourth commandment: the voice in your head and your master is allknowing.

Fifth commandment: Thou shalt make thy master coffee.

Sixth commandment: Thou shalt recruit followers for thy master.

Seventh commandmend: Thou shalt spell properly being dislexic is the Master's job ALONE!

Eight commandment: Thou shalt never tamper with thy masters coffee (at risk of thy hands being removed)

Nineth commandment: thou shalt sacrifice little gnomes to thy master.

Tenth commandment: Thou shalt be friendly to thy fellow blessed ones.

Eleventh commandment: Thou shalt not covet thy master’s property.

Twelfth commandment: Thou shalt know, Raymond E. Feist is the greatest of writers.

Thirtheenth commandment: Thou shalt know that commandments are rather worthless unless thy master says otherwise.

Over To thy Master: [Asator Stormbringer]

Announcements of thy Lord

right folks.., since I am your god you must obey me.., no no nothing filthy >.> trust me, cuz you must! for I am your god!
anyway.., I will give you people some titles.., yes yes..,good ones ^_^
just remember.., I'll be watching you because!.. I am everywhere..,well maybe not everywhere *thinks and gets weird thoughts* oke than.., almost everywhere.

SEND COMMANDMENTS TO or just to ][Asator Stormbringer]

My Dear followers, hereby I declare the boredness GONE.., yes yes, if you happend to find yourself in an utterly bored mood, take a look at everything here!
I hereby share my own sollution to the daily boreness!
made possible by: years of boredness!

09.) [hail to pessimism!!]
12.) [get copletely MENTAL! XD]
15.) [for those with to much time, to much money and to much patience!]

Thy Lord's wikis

Username (or number or email):


2009-04-24 [Asator Stormbringer]: 0o

2009-04-24 [Rook.]: * ^.^

2009-04-24 [Asator Stormbringer]: makes sence ^^

2009-04-24 [Rook.]: :P NOW it does *hearts you*

2009-04-24 [Asator Stormbringer]: you're still going on about that? *glares* I gave up remember

2009-04-24 [Rook.]: *has them emory span of a goldfish*

2009-04-24 [Asator Stormbringer]: XD!!!

2009-04-24 [Rook.]: well..their memory span is only 3 seconds long :P

2009-04-24 [Asator Stormbringer]: *has the memory span of a brick* I win! ^^

2009-04-24 [Rook.]: *has thememory span of a.... a...* -.- I cant win against objects that have no living molecules

2009-04-24 [Asator Stormbringer]: XD

2009-04-24 [Rook.]: :P

2009-04-24 [Asator Stormbringer]: so what has changed? @_@

2009-04-24 [Rook.]: I'mnot done yet :P

2009-04-24 [Asator Stormbringer]: well then hurry up you woman goldfishhamster >.>

2009-04-24 [Rook.]: hmmm... tahts would be a mazzlefitof..., right?

2009-04-24 [Asator Stormbringer]: fine >.>

2009-04-24 [Rook.]: okay...

2009-04-24 [Asator Stormbringer]: oke.., but still, hurry up, god's impatient >.>

2009-04-24 [Rook.]: *sticks tongue out* demigod doesnt care.

2009-04-24 [Asator Stormbringer]: hmpf >.>

2009-04-24 [Rook.]: ^.^ aaaannnnd... as soon as I'm done with my interesting business with Riddle.... I'll be off, leaving you teh entire weekend to wonder at my diabolical plans.

2009-04-24 [Astrid.]: with riddle huh...

2009-04-24 [Rook.]: yes. don't worry baby... you can read it all in Riddle's quotes:
Sir Riddle's reality, then go to the quotes...

2009-04-24 [Asator Stormbringer]: wtf.. @_@ *is going insane*

2009-04-24 [Rook.]: *blinks* what?

2009-04-24 [Asator Stormbringer]: *went insane*

2009-04-24 [Rook.]: *is still confused over it*

2009-04-24 [Astrid.]: I'm not worried, you can talk to whomever you want to

2009-04-26 [Reason]: Raymond E Feist is a fair sort of author... But more importantly, are you <really> God?? o-o

2009-04-26 [Asator Stormbringer]: a fair sort of autor 0o..
*in therapy*
well yeah, course I am.., why wouldnn't I be? 0o

2009-04-26 [Reason]: Welllll, I like various authors better... But, I hold a special love for Raymond E Feist too, so he gets his own spot on my book shelves.

But, but, if you're God... .......O-m-g, God just <replied> to me. If God's talking to me, doesn't that make me either a psychopath or a prophet?

2009-04-27 [Rook.]: Or, it makes you special if you give him lots of attention and coffee *heavy hinting* Take it from me :P

2009-04-28 [Asator Stormbringer]: no.., you're only insane when chuck talks to you..,
you'd be special if you'd be praying and I talked straight through your head.., now you're just a visitor..
but yes, a coffee would be good ^^

2009-04-28 [Rook.]: You dont want chuck in your head when Tris is talking... he gets confusing.... trust me, I now...
its even more confusing when he leads you through the gates himself... your controled by him... > > its not fun :P

2009-04-28 [Asator Stormbringer]: it is actually ^^
terribly entertaining ^^

2009-04-28 [Rook.]: >.> and bloody annoying. You try to turn left, adn he wants you to go straight.... >>

2009-04-28 [Asator Stormbringer]: ^^"

2009-04-28 [Rook.]: *sulks in a corner*

2009-04-28 [Reason]: o-o; I find God to be oddly talkative. Wait till the Christians hear about this. What KIND of coffee? And does it have to be coffee, or can it be a mocha javalanche? (Still coffee but +ice cream+frozen+is delicious+tastes sort of like a milkshake.)

2009-04-28 [Rook.]: Well, I'm a Christian if that tells you anything >.>
and it has to be coffee, but for me it can be anythign coffee tasting ^.^

2009-05-04 [Sir Riddle]: the Left Hand has come, shiver in fear as the rest of the body has yet to arrive!^^^


2009-05-04 [Asator Stormbringer]: ey?. my left hand was here all the.. aahhh.., well, morning chap ^^

2009-05-05 [Sir Riddle]: good evenin' to you too^^^

2009-05-05 [Asator Stormbringer]: how're you this afternoon? ^^

2009-05-05 [Sir Riddle]: I'm great, enjoying a wonderful night as always^^^

2009-05-05 [Asator Stormbringer]: good! ^^..., I must admit..,it's a beautiful evening ^^

2009-05-06 [Sir Riddle]: yes..., the way the sun rises is exquisite^^^

2009-05-06 [Asator Stormbringer]: So, I take it you had a good morning? ^^

2009-05-06 [Sir Riddle]: I will tomorrow^^^ I'm going to get some lunch now though..., i didn't ave diner, so I at least need to take a brunch..., or have some late night snacks^^^

2009-05-06 [Asator Stormbringer]: late night snacks hm?..,god I'm hungry indeed.., gonna get some afternoon coffee I guess ^^
and why will you tomorrow?.., you're not telling my you have a day off cuz I'd die ¬_¬

2009-05-06 [Rook.]: Don't die :P
thats MY job.

2009-05-06 [Asator Stormbringer]: *dies*

2009-05-06 [Rook.]: *smacks you* stop that... you
ll make me cry v.v

2009-05-06 [Asator Stormbringer]: ^^" chuck made me do it

2009-05-06 [Rook.]: *growls* tell chuck I'm gettin' sick of him already.

2009-05-06 [Asator Stormbringer]: ^^"

2009-05-06 [Rook.]: :P

2009-05-06 [Sir Riddle]: as far as me having a day off, that's almost correct^^^" I did have a day off, but I didn't know about it^^^ friggin' teachers...

2009-05-07 [Rook.]: Well,thats about 50/50... good that Tris didn't die, bad that you hightailed it to school :P

2009-05-07 [Sir Riddle]: hey, I had fun^^^

2009-05-07 [Rook.]: *snorts* 'course you did.

2009-05-07 [Frost-:-Wing]: Hiya ^^

2009-05-07 [Rook.]: *pounces* hey there ^.^

2009-05-07 [Sir Riddle]: greetings, unknown one^^^

2009-05-07 [Rook.]: Ahhh, Riddle ^.^ Pete, this is Riddle, Tris's other dysfunctional insane hand, and Riddle, this is my school mate and one of my closest friends, Peter Nation.

2009-05-07 [Sir Riddle]: the corrupted pleasure is all mine^^^

2009-05-07 [Sir Riddle]: I won't share... *growls*

2009-05-07 [Rook.]: Neither will I. Pete's MY chewtoy

2009-05-07 [Sir Riddle]: I don't want him...>.>"

2009-05-07 [Rook.]: good. because I'm not giving him.

2009-05-07 [Sir Riddle]: like I care!@_@

I have better things to do than toy around with strangers..., I toy around with friends^^^

2009-05-07 [Rook.]: *winces*

2009-05-07 [Sir Riddle]: the despair they feel when I cast my webs, it's delicious^^^

2009-05-07 [Rook.]: I honestly don't know how to react at this point save sticking you in a bonfire to see if you're flammable...

2009-05-07 [Sir Riddle]: you're taking me too seriously^^^

2009-05-07 [Rook.]: Hey *shrugs* I probably am... but it's part of my personality and psyche... I can't find fault in a lot of people, and I take things way to seriously...

2009-05-07 [Sir Riddle]: *bows* I'll be more clear from now on^^^

2009-05-07 [Rook.]: *eye roll* si lipet.

2009-05-07 [Sir Riddle]: back at ya^^^

2009-05-07 [Rook.]:

2009-05-07 [Sir Riddle]: *grins*

2009-05-07 [Rook.]: *smacks you with a giant flyswatter*

2009-05-07 [Sir Riddle]: *steps aside, allowing it to swing past*

2009-05-08 [Rook.]: can't step past this one in time for it to not get a part of you.... its just to big.

2009-05-08 [Frost-:-Wing]: *hides behind Lexi*.....

2009-05-08 [Rook.]: *pats Pete* Uhm, Pete... he meant me for that friend comment... Just for your Information... so you're safe... I hope...

2009-05-08 [Sir Riddle]: *chuckles and ogles Taz like a piece of meat* I wouldn't be too sure about that^^^ *licks lips*

2009-05-08 [Rook.]: *steals your lips* hey!!! Stay aaway from my pete! *growls*

2009-05-09 [Sir Riddle]: you're not stopping me^^^

2009-05-11 [Rook.]: When it comes to Pete and Astrid, I can, am, and will.

2009-05-11 [Sir Riddle]: I'm sure you will^^^

2009-05-11 [Rook.]: *is confused now*

2009-05-12 [Frost-:-Wing]: *is confused, scared...and grossed out*

2009-05-12 [Sir Riddle]: *sighs happily* my job here is done^^^ see ya^^^

2009-05-13 [Rook.]: *pats pete's head* He's a mass confuser. Totaly harmless.
His claws and teeth were taken out long, long ago.

2009-05-13 [Frost-:-Wing]: Your doing??

2009-05-13 [Sir Riddle]: she's not the only one who has something against me...>.> there are others who helped..., the bloody bastards...

as a matter of fact, she's the least of my worries^^^

2009-05-14 [Rook.]: *whispers to Pete* See what I had to deal with? He always underestimates me... I personaly think that I'm pretty awesome... he's just got a strange imagination...

2009-05-15 [Asator Stormbringer]: bow to thy master, he's back..
now give him coffee cuz the one I have now is so strong it gives me stomachaches >.>

2009-05-15 [Rook.]: *tackles you and steals your coffee, using you as my seat* GIVE ME DA COFFEEE!!!!!! @.@ WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!?!?!?!

First, you came on when I wasn't even awake, adn I got on EXPECTING TO SEE YOU ONLINE, and All I got was, 'and here i was expecting fireworks'....

not even hardly a hey, how are you, yeah i know i was gone a whole fucking week, but now I'm back


*sips coffe carefully*

2009-05-15 [Asator Stormbringer]: I'm home ^_^

2009-05-15 [Rook.]: *hugs* I noticed.

2009-05-15 [Frost-:-Wing]: *removed* XD

2009-05-15 [Rook.]: Jer...? O.o

2009-05-15 [Frost-:-Wing]: GAH wrong person....<img:44166_1164145209.gif>

2009-05-15 [Rook.]: Oh... Uhm, this is TRIS... not Dawn...

2009-05-15 [Rook.]: omg!

its makeup abotu how to put TMNT on your eyes!!

2009-05-15 [Rook.]: woot! BATMAN!!!!! *runs around humming the Batman Themesong*


2009-05-15 [Rook.]: *looks through the closet and finds a super hero outfit* hmmm... nah.... *sigh*I need a superhero outfit >.> I already claim batman's cape...

2009-05-15 [Asator Stormbringer]: badman hm?.., disgusting fella >.> ^^

2009-05-15 [Rook.]: BATMAN YOU IDIOT! *ductapes you to a chair with pink ductape* hopefully this doesn't make you smoke like it did NAza -.-

2009-05-15 [Frost-:-Wing]: *starts to smoke* AHHHHHGGGHHHH

2009-05-15 [Frost-:-Wing]: TAKE IT AWAY <img:img/mood/61513_1224163314.gif>

2009-05-15 [Rook.]: *glares* I wasn't ductaping you pete >>

2009-05-15 [Frost-:-Wing]: *sniffs* I know..but pink duct tape...O_o eww

2009-05-15 [Rook.]: Well, I saw shiny silver ductape at JoAnn Fabrics the other day....
I almost got it...

imagine that... A shiny ductape wallet... *daydreams*

2009-05-18 [Frost-:-Wing]: Jesus fricking christ on a pogo stick...>_>

2009-05-18 [Rook.]: WHAT?!?!

2009-05-18 [Frost-:-Wing]: shutup >_< lol

I had a duct tape wallet before

2009-05-18 [Rook.]: *is stunned and shuts up* ._.

I did too...

2009-05-18 [Frost-:-Wing]: ^^ boloney

2009-05-18 [Rook.]: nooooo!!!! and its spelled bologna...
it was yellow and green

2009-05-18 [Frost-:-Wing]: MIne was silver :P

2009-05-18 [Rook.]: I wanted silver!

2009-05-18 [Asator Stormbringer]: wtf is this about?

2009-05-18 [Rook.]: ductape ^.^ what else?

2009-05-18 [Frost-:-Wing]: duh. lol who in their right mind won't talk about ducttape

2009-05-18 [Rook.]: STOP THAT! *pounces*

2009-05-18 [Frost-:-Wing]: .-.

2009-05-18 [Rook.]: *grins* yay ^^ I got my stuffed etddybear back ^.^

2009-05-18 [Asator Stormbringer]: *pictures jesus on a pogo stick*

2009-05-18 [Rook.]: *pops your picture bubble* hey... no imaginaing while I'm pouncing.... it distracts me :P

2009-05-18 [Frost-:-Wing]: *gets splattered with picture bubble blood* O_o

2009-05-18 [Rook.]: Ewwww.....

2009-05-18 [Asator Stormbringer]: xD that would be wine

2009-05-19 [Rook.]: *grins* you don't want to get me near wine ^^ I can drink it like water ^^

2009-05-19 [Frost-:-Wing]: *pokes you* really? o_O

2009-05-19 [Rook.]: *nods*yeah... it happens when you have alocoholic grandparents... you leanr to have high tolerance levels form an early age

I'm not proud of it most of the time though.

2009-05-19 [Frost-:-Wing]: prolly not too good for you :/ You heard mrs.Maddix's lecturelol :P

2009-05-19 [Rook.]: actualy, I missed it.
I haven't been othomeroom in a while before yesterday.
and yes, I know it is.

2009-05-19 [Frost-:-Wing]: well i'm trying to make a new dragon rp but ET keeps kicking me off so I have to keep starting over<img:44166_1164145272.gif><img:44166_1164145272.gif><img:44166_1164145272.gif><img:44166_1164145272.gif><img:44166_1164145272.gif>

2009-05-19 [Rook.]: I nkow. I got the email

2009-05-19 [Rook.]: i create mine on word first.

2009-05-19 [Frost-:-Wing]: kk :D

2009-05-19 [Rook.]: XD

2009-05-19 [Asator Stormbringer]: wtf

2009-05-19 [Rook.]: *sigh* not that again *takes the 'f' out of it and inserts 'cheesecake'*

2009-05-19 [Frost-:-Wing]: XD WTCHEESECAKE

2009-05-19 [Frost-:-Wing]: she inserted cheesecake <img:stuff/mood16-gif.gif>

2009-05-19 [Asator Stormbringer]: *glares* NEVER insult cheesecake, he's harmless >.<

2009-05-19 [Rook.]: *smacks pete* Hey Tris,you really should join ^ ^ my character needs a sarcastic friend who enjoys killing people >>
and I wasnt insulting cheesecake

2009-05-19 [Asator Stormbringer]: what the hell are you talking about? 0o

2009-05-19 [Frost-:-Wing]: *rubs cheek* It's still funny even though it's a little perverted...xD

2009-05-19 [Frost-:-Wing]: Does Tris rp?

2009-05-19 [Rook.]: I think he does... even if he doesnt, he's good at it...

2009-05-19 [Asator Stormbringer]: No, I rip but I don't rp

2009-05-19 [Rook.]: *thinks*

2009-05-19 [Frost-:-Wing]: rip? lol

2009-05-19 [Asator Stormbringer]: RIP... RP.. *sighs* why does no one ever understand me? -_-

2009-05-19 [Rook.]: *pats your head* I understand you Tristan :P

2009-05-19 [Asator Stormbringer]: if so, than only cuz I've infected you.. >.>

2009-05-19 [Frost-:-Wing]: well...whether you rp or rip join :P

2009-05-19 [Rook.]: yeah...about that.... it's time for medicine... Chuck's starting to get annoying XD

2009-05-19 [Asator Stormbringer]: sorry >.> and no thanks :P

2009-05-19 [Rook.]: *sigh*

2009-09-04 [Rook.]: ... it's been... 4 months since anyone has posted in here

2009-09-04 [Asator Stormbringer]: actually, it's been two hours ago ^^

2009-09-04 [Frost-:-Wing]: MMMMMMM rootbeer!!

2009-09-04 [Rook.]: this is the second time in four days I've wanted to slap you Tristan.... but you'd probably send me to eternal deskwork, instead of worshipping your high and mighty self :P

2009-09-04 [Asator Stormbringer]: got that rght

2009-09-04 [Rook.]: lol XD

2009-09-04 [Frost-:-Wing]: im hungry be back ina few minutes

2009-09-04 [Rook.]: kk

2009-09-04 [Frost-:-Wing]: back

2009-09-04 [Rook.]: yay...?

2009-09-04 [Frost-:-Wing]: of course! :P

2009-09-04 [Rook.]: :P

2009-09-04 [Asator Stormbringer]: fut the wuck?

2009-09-05 [Rook.]: Classic Pete/Lex conversation. *nods*

2009-09-06 [Asator Stormbringer]: kinda like an arjen/tristan convo.. but that would be completely random... this still has the basics of a storyline XD

2009-09-07 [Rook.]: that, and the comfortable-ness of long-time school mates poking fun and calling names.

2009-09-08 [Asator Stormbringer]: hehehe

2009-09-08 [Rook.]: ^.^

2009-09-08 [Frost-:-Wing]: one year is long time now? :P

2009-09-08 [Rook.]: Well, Tris and I have known each other for what..... *thinks* 3 or 4 years now...?

2009-09-08 [Frost-:-Wing]: wow ok..

2009-09-08 [Frost-:-Wing]: mmm poptarts :D

2009-09-08 [Rook.]: Yeah... I want some... I'm hungry... *shivers*

2009-09-08 [Frost-:-Wing]: It's s'more

2009-09-08 [Rook.]: *curls into a ball and hides under teh throne*

2009-09-08 [Frost-:-Wing]: What wrong with s'mores?

2009-09-08 [Rook.]: Nothing. I'm just not feeling good.

2009-09-08 [Frost-:-Wing]: aww ok. I was sick yestereday after swinging on the tire swing at the park for like 20minutes lol

2009-09-08 [Rook.]: Those always make me sick XD I can't spin in circles because I have motion sickness. >>

2009-09-09 [Frost-:-Wing]: lol me too, but they are so much fun!

2009-09-09 [Rook.]: *pounces and sits on you* shuxup

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