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Welcome to the Trigun
and Trigun Maximum wikis!

<img:>Owner: [~Vash~]

<img:>Co-Owner: [~Legato~]


....We are all like raindrops falling from the sky,
eventually landing on this sandy star and drying up from the heat of the sun.
Even if protected by a huge umbrella,
we never know what tomorrow will bring.
Someday we will be blown by the wind
and absorbed into the sandy earth...


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We've been awarded as a Featured Wiki!

^^ Thank you, [~Legato~]!

New and Improved!!

   Happy New Years' everyone! It's a brand new year; time for improving and renovating. ;)
Firstoff, we have a brand new wikibadge. =P Also, there soon will be added a Trigun Maximum sub-wiki, as most of you haven't the vaguest idea of what is really actually happening in the Trigun world right now. There will be extensive character bios for all important characters in both Trigun and Trigun Maximum. ^^ And I might just have a little Trigun adoption centre up and going soon.
Here's to welcoming in a brand new year, and successful New Years' resolutions! x3
Please refrain from using the banner or any of the animated images on this page in your houses. They break the Uploading Art Rules and will be removed. Consistant use in houses could lead to them being removed from here as well. Guards
((Listen to the guards! x3 Use the badges created by members! -[~Vash~]))

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2007-10-26 [Eloura]: Hola!

2007-11-19 [~Legato~]: Hello. Just doing a random check up on the page. How is everyone?

2007-11-19 [Eloura]: Hello, i ish ok, everyone else i do not know.

2007-11-19 [~Legato~]: Well, thats good.

2007-11-20 [Eloura]: Yep! How about yourself?

2007-11-20 [~Legato~]: I am fine. Have just a bit of a sore throat though.

2007-11-21 [Eloura]: Awww well i hope you feel better!

2007-11-23 [TheKingdomLight]: ugh....

2007-11-27 [Eloura]: That's no fun

2007-11-27 [TheKingdomLight]: i knows right

2007-11-28 [Eloura]: Right.

2007-11-29 [TheKingdomLight]: lol

2007-11-29 [Eloura]: Cha *watches ninja's springing past the window* O.o

2007-11-30 [TheKingdomLight]: lol

2007-12-01 [Eloura]: *giggles* Well seems like time to start congegrating!

2007-12-01 [TheKingdomLight]: lol

2007-12-03 [Eloura]: Cha!

2007-12-04 [TheKingdomLight]: XD

2007-12-04 [Eloura]: :::^_^:::

2007-12-05 [TheKingdomLight]: :: ^.^ ::

2007-12-06 [Eloura]: CHI!

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