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My Favorite Minions

[Chishio] I is fateful kitty!!!! Me loves Toshi-chan!!! *hugs*(MY KITTY!)

My Forced Minions

[Xerin Zamaki] Please no hurtie me T,T I a good slave

[Flisky] *blinks* Where am I? Who are you? Wait...I'm not a slave! I'm not!

My Willing Minions

[XxTsomexX]: Also the part-time body guard. Fuck with my master and I'll kick your ass.

[the mad hatter2] Also a jealous person you hurt my master I KILL you.

[~Crimson Angel~] I love Toshi-chan, mess with her and die!

[twitchboy] *Bazooka strapped to back with grenades battle paint and full kevlar body suite* Reporting master Toshi! All hail Ilpalazzo er Toshi!

[Vampire Princess Twilight] I am the only vampire that I know of that is a willing minion to the mighty Toshi-sama. *shows a hint of fang* If you harm my master, I will bathe in your blood.


(Minions please remember to fan the page, you don't want Mistress Toshi to come after you, do you? )


My Masters

[†Sweets†]- I love Mistress Jessa, she's the best mistress ever!

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2009-10-06 [Chishio]: meow <3

2009-10-06 [XxTsomexX]: back off warren shes mine!! XD

2009-10-06 [the mad hatter2]: shes ours

2009-10-07 [Chishio]: i've known her longer(probably)

2009-10-07 [the mad hatter2]: but shes still awsome^~^

2009-10-07 [XxTsomexX]: I've known her since I joined elftown :) lol I absolutely adore BB!!!

2009-10-07 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: *blush* wow never thought i was so loved. and i think i met both Chi and Tsome at around the same time. and ironically both of you were the reasons i got into anime. odd.

2009-10-07 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: oh and please everyone fan the page....pwese?

2009-10-07 [the mad hatter2]: i will fan the page^~^

2009-10-07 [Chishio]: sighs, old times at the shore

2009-10-07 [XxTsomexX]: I already fanned it XD lol

2009-10-07 [the mad hatter2]: so what i did too

2009-10-07 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: can we please not compete please? there is no competition for me.....(.*cough*..Warren..*cough*.) lmao so anyyyyyways...yea chi, very old times.

2009-10-07 [the mad hatter2]: sorry<img:stuff/mood7-gif.gif>

2009-10-11 [†Sweets†]: wow, I'm already up there... huh...

2009-10-11 [Chishio]: is i a fav minion? nya?

2009-10-12 [the mad hatter2]: ^~^

2009-10-13 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: haha yes Chi-chan.

and yes Dreamer you are my master so you must be up there...unless you wish to be a minion too. and then...i shall own you. MUHAHAHAH! ^.^ sorry....quite hyper today....

2009-10-15 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: O.O Wow.....nice Twitch....lmao

2009-10-15 [twitchboy]: you get that reference? lol

2009-10-15 [the mad hatter2]: WOW

2009-10-19 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: haha no i didnt get the's just amusing. lmao

2009-10-19 [the mad hatter2]: lol

2009-10-20 [†Sweets†]: you people don't talk much on here

2009-10-20 [Chishio]: i'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!

2009-10-21 [the mad hatter2]: sorry

2009-10-21 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: *blinks* lmao

2009-10-21 [the mad hatter2]: lol

2009-10-22 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: I look forward to being owned for once. Since no one has willingly owned me, please treat me properly or you will own me no longer.

2009-10-23 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: *giggles* my very own vampire *huggles tight* YAY!

2009-10-23 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: ^_^ Luckily I don't need to breathe so you may hug as tightly as you wish.

2009-10-23 [the mad hatter2]: well im a demon if that count for anything^^'

2009-10-23 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: ah that's cool.

2009-10-23 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: *huggles as tightly as possible* my vampire princess

2009-10-23 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: *purr* Yes. Your vampire princess. Although Kanone might contend with you on that one. He doesn't like to share much.

2009-10-23 [the mad hatter2]: *hugs master[Blood Sucking Beauty]* i love you master^^

2009-10-23 [Chishio]: Nya!!!!! =3

2009-10-23 [the mad hatter2]: what?

2009-10-23 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: ???What'd I miss while I was at the store?

2009-10-23 [the mad hatter2]: nothing really

2009-10-23 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: oh ok. I like your username. It's funny.

2009-10-23 [the mad hatter2]: i know^~^

2009-10-23 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: I've always wanted to meet an emo taco.

2009-10-24 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: Does an emo taco cut itself or eat itself? O.o
o.0 0.o o.0 0.o o.0 0.o
teehee that looks cool

2009-10-24 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: lol. I myself have always wondered about the answer to that one.

2009-10-24 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: lmao its a logical question. cuz emo grass obviously cuts itself so would that mean an emo taco would eat itself? O.o would that make it a cannabilistic taco?

2009-10-24 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2009-10-25 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: *laughs hysterically* You made a funny master.

2009-10-25 [Chishio]: XD

2009-10-25 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: ^_^ Hello.

2009-10-25 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: heehee i didnt think it was supposed to be funny. But like seriously its one of those things. emo grass cuts so an emo taco would eat therefore its cannabalistic. *shrugs* The mind of Toshi is quite Chi-chan? *huggles all*

2009-10-25 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: ^_^ How cute!!! *nuzzled Toshi-chan cheerfully*

2009-10-26 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: *giggles*

2009-10-27 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: ^_^

2009-10-27 [Chishio]: *huggles toshi* we gots to hang out soon!!! (after my champs in november though)and i wanna meet James, officially ^^

2009-10-27 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: hahaha yea we deff do need to chill.

2009-10-27 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: lol.

2009-11-09 [~Crimson Angel~]: Cool

2009-11-10 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: i needz more minions. :(

2009-11-10 [the mad hatter2]: well id say id be your minion but i already am

2009-11-10 [~Crimson Angel~]: Try inviting more people to the page

2009-11-11 [the mad hatter2]: i dont know anyone besides the minions here that know her

2009-11-11 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: :( i already invited all my friends....:( oh and please everyone look at my diary. its a new RP idea and i need help on it...MAJORLY!

2009-11-11 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: LMAO [Flisky]....lmmffao

2009-11-11 [Flisky]: I was going for innocent and corruptible....Not sure how well that worked. ^_^

2009-11-11 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol it's funny.

2009-11-12 [Chishio]: *huggles rachi*

2009-11-12 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: *huggles bobyn*

2009-11-30 [~Crimson Angel~]: *huggles both Chishi, and Toshi-chan*

2009-11-30 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: *glomps Amebara*

2009-12-01 [Chishio]: i feel loved, *huggles Amebara*

2009-12-09 [~Crimson Angel~]: Good, I'm glad you feel loved.

2010-02-27 [Izeiza]: B'awww, this is so cute~. <3

2010-02-28 [~Crimson Angel~]: I know.

2010-03-03 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: Teehee! ^.^ thanks

2010-04-07 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: wow....I've been gone for a long time.

2010-04-23 [~Crimson Angel~]: yep

2014-02-01 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: hello all!

2014-02-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: hi

2014-02-02 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: :)

2014-10-09 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: :(

2015-02-15 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: ?

2016-05-11 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: *huggles* hi minions!

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