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Toru Kagami

User: [Rice]

Name: Toru Kagami. (Meaning 'transparent mirror', somewhat of a pun on his devious and mocking nature)

Race: Shade.

Kingdom: Unknown.

Alliance: Currently Roan, but he is more than willing to betray anyone if the odds tip in their favour. He plays for the winning side.

Rank: Illusionist.

Personality: Toru is a deceptive and sinister being and leaves an unfavourable impression in the minds of most he meets. His smiles constantly and is extremely unnerving to be around, hence his lack of friends or acquaintances, people just can't stand to be in his presence for too long. Despite his forced and creepy nature he is very well spoken, polite, and hard to anger, however as with most people who are well tempered once they get angry they go berserk. He is very emotionally unstable and prone to fits of random emotions, anger if he is extremely insulted and then fear if it become apparent he is in danger. Toru is over all very mysterious and over all not one to trust, he may not be very imposing but his magical abilities certainly make him someone you want to keep an eye on. And by default, as a Shade, he is wicked and rotten to the core without an ounce of guilt or remorse for his actions, people are really of no value to him.

Description: He is of a short an unassuming stature, being a mere 5'6ft and looking to weigh no more than 120 pounds. He is sickly thin, verging on appearing emaciated, but hides it well with baggy clothing. His skin has a very distinct yellowish hue to it and when coupled with his pointy ears, bizarre facial features, and all too Cheshire like grin, makes him stand out as a bit of a 'freak'. Toru dresses in mismatched clothing with bright vivid colours and intense patterns, he is not one to shy away from eccentric clothing and instead relishes in the awkwardness of it. He has lightly colour brown hair which is constantly swept neatly out of his face making him look well mannered and contained. His over all look suggests he is from a distant land since his features are not seen commonly, he has a habit of squinting his eyes due to his blindness, making them appear closed.

Weapon: He is purely magic based and can not even lift some of the heavier weapons let alone wield them. He is far to weak for any physical combat and is more of a lurker in the background, aiding from afar.

Abilities: Toru is a master illusionist making him a completely defensive fighter as opposed to offensive. He uses his magic to disorientate and play with the person head, creating horrific monsters or even mentally trapping someone within their worst nightmare. His power stretches to about a 5 metre radius and once enemies are within that area it is very hard to break out of his mental grasp. A down side to his ability is the sheer concentration it needs to continue running, the illusion would also shatter if he were to fall unconscious or be shocked. In order to control his powers he needs to keep a firm grasp on his objectives. Another down side is the fact that the illusion only works so long as the person isn't making skin on skin contact, a person might be able to break out of the dream if they were to get a hold of him. Though he is blind, he can see things rather clearly when he needs to by using magic, however when his power runs out he is rendered completely blind.

History: How Toru became a Shade is a mystery, most human souls are twisted into such creatures by grief and anger, others forced to become so. He is less than willing to disclose any facts about his past and thus will brush off any questions asked. Toru is not by any means an infamous being, in fact he keeps things pretty low key for the most part and not many people have heard of him, or would recognise him. Unlike most Shade's he does not enjoy conflict and would prefer to just work for the side lines, secretly controlling everything that was going on and pulling the strings of other fighters. He has this way of working things into his favour without even lifting a finger. Being a Shade also means he needs to constantly feed of others to keep his form, he does so be devouring their blood but is more than willing to eat a few pounds of flesh every now and then. If he goes without eating his powers weaken and he become physically sick.


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2010-09-14 [Eyden13]: Okay for rank put :illusionist and for alliance he can go anyway so think about which one you like more I guess.

2010-09-14 [Rice]: Done.

2010-09-14 [Eyden13]: APPROVED!

2010-09-14 [Rice]: <3

2010-09-14 [Eyden13]: Jusr put the link in being approved and I'll move it to it'd right place. Oh and you should cheek out. A Book Of Mis Guided Fairytales It;s nicee to have you back. Hope your feeeling better.

2010-09-14 [Rice]: Will do.

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