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Theoretical Biology: Vampire

Vampires are nocturnal and considered undead. Their bodies are cold, they drink blood, they die in the sunlight, they do not like garlic, and are allergic to silver, they are regenerative, they can turn other people into vampires by having them ingest some of their (the vampires) blood. Vampires also have superhuman strength and senses, they can also fly.

Firstly it is obvious that vampirism is caused by a complex virus.
To explain their super strength I propose that they have increased protein density in their muscles and increased bone density. Apes have 5x the protein density in their muscles than we do, and because of it they enjoy greater strength with less weight.
The virus increases the effeciency of the hosts metabolism. This causes their body temperature to drop as less energy is needed to perform the chemical reactions. This also enables them to survive on blood alone as they would not need to eat much.
To explain their regenerative ability I propose that there are genes that are normally only expressed in the liver (the only human organ that is capable of regeneration) that the virus turns on in every cell of the body.
To explain their dislike for garlic is simple, their superhuman senses make garlic even more pungant to them, thusly they dislike it simply because it smells so strong. This also explains their aversion to the sun, their sight is also very sensitive.
They are simply allergic to silver.
Their ability to fly is a myth, their increased stength allows them to jump much higher/further than a normal human.

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2004-08-30 [A R I]: Interesting theory, but in reality Vampirism was mostly performed throughout history by Draconian shapeshifters who needed human hormones and blood to maintain human form, as well as by Zeta Reticuli I grey aliens who require human blood and hormones because they lack a digestive tract.

2004-08-30 [A R I]: The idea of Vampires flying has to do with the Winged Draco who throughout history have been identified as 'gods' or 'demons' by the primitve peoples of Earth.

2004-09-03 [Lady Alexiel]: hm... i didnt realize here.

2005-04-09 [Draconas Lyrr]: Since when are vampires allergic to silver? as far as i've heard, werewolves are the only ones who have natural problems with silver

2005-04-16 [Lady Alexiel]: Hm.. Well lets see.. it really depends on what legend you read fomr.. and what you yourself belives

2005-04-16 [Draconas Lyrr]: I've just never heard of vempires having a problem with silver. It's always just been garlic, besides the crosses and other things like that.

2005-04-16 [Lady Alexiel]: hm.. well lets see.. in Anita blake and Bloddy Bones the vampires have a thign for the silver

2005-04-16 [Draconas Lyrr]: I've never heard of either one...

2007-09-23 [HiddenFire]: It's commonly known (as far as mythology goes) that members of the undead are not damaged as easily by normal weapons. However, weapons made of silver seem to negate that resistance.

2007-09-24 [Shadow Reaper]: As I remember it, I believe that over time people simply confused the weaknesses of lycans and vampires and ended up thinking that silver was a vampire weakness. How it would affect either one though in biological terms is a bit beyond me though. I think anything would have a hard time surviving if they were pumped full of silver in any form.

2007-09-30 [Draconas Lyrr]: lol I'd have to wholly agree with you there Shadow..until you factor in the regenerative capabilities..

2007-09-30 [Shadow Reaper]: hmm true... but i'm still curious why silver was chosen as the weapon of choice for either species

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