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Estantia's Stories

The Walker.

I was asked to try and write something to describe how I see fate. It kind of shows a representation of your life... or mine anyway.

Estantia's stories


Tell me wither wander thou?
I go where the wind pushes me.

Tell me where you are now?
I am on the path in the hills of life.

Yes, my path, my life’s path, or journey.

That’s how I see it, and I am the one that has to walk it. Time is a distance, events are
physical here.

Then what is the wind?
The wind is fate, it drives me onwards.

You can see ahead? The future?
No. There is a white mist ahead, and a blue behind. I can see vague shapes of events,
those stepping stones are university, the river between training and mid-life.

You said Fate?
Here, fate is a direction. A general one, what ever path or journey I take, I will end up
going where the wind drives me.

Can you change?
Divert? Yes. At some points I can take a sheep trail to the side of the path. Then the wind
may change direction, may. And only if I spot the trail and can get to it in time.

So you’re in charge?
Yes and no. The end point is usually the same, no matter which steps I take.

Now excuse me, I must keep walking.
Wait! Are you a person?
One representation of a person, the easiest one to see. If you’re good you may see the

The figure trudged away, step after step after step.


Estantia's Stories
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2005-04-24 [Moorn]: This isn't really a short story, dear... but since I'm not getting any entries here, please fix the link to the wing at the bottom.

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