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The Village hidden among the Clovers 


The Clover Village is a site to behold. No wheres else in the world do clovers grow as big as they do here. The clovers get as tall as trees most people when entering the forest of clovers think they just walked into a forest of tainted trees, but if you over look the village it looks like nothing more then a field of clovers. This is the greatest advantage of the clover. The Forest is dense like a cluster of bamboo. Additionally the clovers that grow here have many uses. From medicinal uses, too building materials and even the leaves can be used for food. The clovers are also amazingly flexible for their size just like bamboo, but if properly dried out they can be almost as resilient as steel. The Clovers are sacred to the villagers for these clovers make their home and it took a village of supposed villains to see how amazing these woods really are.


This is the Village hidden among the Clovers, it is the village for the evil/bad guys of Raindrops on Roses.

At the moment I'm still gathering people for the village.
So for now Goma and I are trying to convince, defeat, or talk you into joining. You don't have to join the village. ^,^ thank you and have fun either becoming our allies or you could even try to thwart our plans to make a village. If you can.



[Xerin Zamaki]-owner/kage

[Goma]-sub owner/sub kage






[~Crimson Angel~]

[Koho Ai]


Current Rp Page. V.H.A.C rp3

V.H.A.C characters

V.H.A.C rp1

V.H.A.C rp2

Clover Village Symbols Pick one up ^,^ free art.

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2011-02-22 [Araglas]: uhh confused...

2011-02-23 [Xerin Zamaki]: why confused?

2011-02-24 [Goma]: Sweetness..

2011-02-24 [Xerin Zamaki]: ?

2011-02-24 [Goma]: nuffin just proud of you 8D

2011-02-24 [Xerin Zamaki]: lol whys that?

2011-02-25 [Araglas]: lol okies I got it now, I wondered why I had an invite hehe, ^_^

2011-03-31 [*Leric*]: Is this having to do with naruto? 0_o

2011-03-31 [Xerin Zamaki]: yeap ^,^ any other questions I can answer?

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