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Skin of black, hair white like a spider's web illumed in the night. They are the dark elves. And their stories are told here.

Do you dream? Can you fathom a world of unsounded depths, of hundreds of miles of encasing stone? Do you know of beauty in the darkness? Do you know the darkelves? Perhaps your tale can be told here... In the City of Darkness.

House Obladora
House Do'Urden
House of Ragnell

The Character of The UnderDark

Rule 1
I [Kisama] Hold the sole right to remove people from this wiki. If you beleive that someone has treated you unfairly in any way. let me know.
DO NOT start arguments in the comments.
DO NOT send mean or rude messages to the person you are having problems with.
DO Contact me, I will deal with it if you cant.

This is your one and only warning, I will not tolereate any GodModding or powerplaying. You are not a God, dont act like one. And for some reason if you are playing a god-like character, use common sense.

Rule X2
I dont care how you perform...Sexual Acts between two Characters. But dont clutter up the Main Page with it. If two characters are making love, Put them inside of one of the Houses, I dont want to see everything that goes on between two people and I'm sure the others dont want to either.

The City of Darkness-This is the City

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2004-04-25 [Kisama]: Okay, First Shot at a Wiki, It is Modeled after the Drow Culture, Slightly, Males in this City are allowed to Rule Houses, only If they Prove Themselves worthy of Loths Favor.

2004-04-26 [Tormenta]: I WANT TO BE A DARK ELF!

2004-04-26 [Kisama]: Lol, u want to Creaate your own house or Join Obladora(My house)

2004-04-26 [Tormenta]: um.....I dont know

2004-04-26 [Kisama]: Here is a site on drow culture, it might explain the difference, again note that in my wiki, males are still inferior, but they can command theyre own houses

2004-04-26 [Tormenta]: I want to be a matron mother!

2004-04-26 [Kisama]: Alright Create a House and Put it in the List, your House is Ranked 2 so far, seeing as how we only have 2 houses...the password is Drow

2004-04-26 [Tormenta]: well I dont know tho...I mean Im Vivien already...I'd rather play a SUBMISSIVE woman for a change

2004-04-26 [Kisama]: then join my House, It's a house of Rogues, we really don't BELONG to the city, were like Mercenaries(sp?), and I am the Leader of the Band

2004-04-26 [Tormenta]: ohh could I be like slave? Oh! Like you guys captured me and I was from one of the noble

2004-04-26 [Tormenta]: ohh could I be like slave? Oh! Like you guys captured me and I was from one of the noble families?

2004-04-26 [Kisama]: Sure, if you want, I've never had a slave before...U wanna belong to the whole Band or Just one of them???

2004-04-26 [Tormenta]: um...what if they had a boy her age so they give her to him?

2004-04-26 [Kisama]: How old is Your Charcter going to Be, Most everyone in the Band is around the same age...

2004-04-26 [Tormenta]: how old are they? I was thinking teen years, whatever those are for Drow

2004-04-26 [Kisama]: Most Drow Live to Be about, 800, so Teen years would probably be about 100-200

2004-04-26 [Tormenta]: so make a boy about that age

2004-04-26 [Kisama]: My Character is 134, if you wanna be my slave

2004-04-26 [Tormenta]: ok

2004-04-26 [Kisama]: Okay to to The Character of The UnderDark and Make up Your Character, Password is Schueler

2004-04-26 [Tormenta]: why are you bothering to password protect if you're telling them on the main page?

2004-04-26 [Kisama]: i am deleting the comments, i am a lil outof it tonight, i just realized i was doing it

2004-04-26 [Tormenta]: o

2004-04-26 [Tormenta]: loL I lost the password

2004-04-26 [Kisama]: Shueler lol

2004-04-26 [Kisama]: Got Rid of it

2004-04-26 [Kisama]: I'll Be back in about an hour, hour and a half

2004-04-26 [Tormenta]: ohhh I messaged you a char

2004-04-26 [Kisama]: I am Pretty Sure i am making this wiki alot more complicated than it has to be, Neways The City is Up, Fell Free to Post, I already have

2004-04-26 [Tormenta]: ooo

2004-04-27 [Hypnotised]: ooooooooooooooh ME DROW ME CRUSH!!! >XD

2004-04-29 [Rizzen]: by the by, we need a link to House of Ragnell on our front page

2004-04-29 [Ashes of Ael]: aye we do... it's password protected...

2004-04-30 [Drizzt_Do'Urden]: hey guys

2004-04-30 [Tormenta]: hoyt!

2004-05-12 [--Movie Freak--]: hello

2004-05-13 [Tormenta]: woot Im tired

2004-05-19 [_meowmeow_]: mmm..yall been to Lavender Eyes website? THere's an RPG there called the Underdark, as well as great art

2004-05-19 [Tormenta]: hm

2004-05-19 [GOREgouseXhex]: getting in to the rpg

2004-05-19 [Kisama]: No, do ya know the site?

2004-05-19 [Tormenta]: what do you need, demented?

2004-05-19 [GOREgouseXhex]: i want to join this rpg but i don't know how

2004-05-19 [Tormenta]: I'll talk to Kisama about you..and he'll tell you what to do

2004-05-19 [GOREgouseXhex]: kk....

2004-05-19 [Kisama]: What kind of Character would you Play?

2004-05-20 [Vampiress Keiko]: ^_^ Awesome!

2004-05-21 [..:TwIStEd* *EsCApE:..]: Hmm, can't wait until the rp starts for House Do'Urden...

2004-05-21 [Kisama]: there is the City, one of them is in a convo with Phearun

2004-05-21 [..:TwIStEd* *EsCApE:..]: ok...?

2004-05-21 [..:TwIStEd* *EsCApE:..]: There is a password

2004-05-21 [..:TwIStEd* *EsCApE:..]: I'm gonna be gone until monday(it's friday today) so try not to get to far ahead without me...I'm going to a camp! Yeah! *Grin*

2004-05-21 [Kisama]: lol, have fun

2004-05-24 [Lissa]: ooh..this looks fun! *will have to see if she can't find a way to join* ^.^

2004-05-24 [Tormenta]: ask Kisama

2004-05-24 [Lissa]: *nods* I'll send him (*cough* I didn't make a mistake...XD) a message later <3...thanks ^_^

2004-05-24 [Tormenta]: him honey him...just read the other chars before you create one

2004-05-24 [Lissa]: *nods* I always do that before trying to jump into something....XD...seriously, thanks again for the helpful advice *has to go for now* but I'll be back...oh yes..I'll be baaaaaack..XD

2004-05-25 [..:TwIStEd* *EsCApE:..]: back.

2004-06-09 [Heartless_Angel]: Hi wanted some ideas for a character

2004-06-09 [Kisama]: The main Professions for Drow, are a Preistess in the service of Lolth, a warrior, wizard, commoner/merchant, slave to a higher ranking house....Mercenary....just pick one and elaborate on their past, do not forget to mention whether they are "FreeLance" or if they belong to a certain house.

2004-06-09 [Heartless_Angel]: fun ever read the Forgotten realmes? Of Drizzit Do'Urden?

2004-06-10 [Rizzen]: only multiple times

2004-06-10 [Kisama]: hell yea, The greatest Fantasy Character of all time...Drizzt

2004-06-10 [Tormenta]: I have to buy those books once I get my paycheck

2004-06-10 [Heartless_Angel]: They are quite good like them a lot

2004-06-10 [Tormenta]: Hmmm so I've heard

2004-06-10 [Heartless_Angel]: Oh uh do you have to be a dark elf?

2004-06-10 [Kisama]: Yep...It is in the UnderDark, Or a minor Dermon

2004-06-10 [luthor huss]: dermon? or demon?

2004-06-10 [Kisama]: demon sorry lol

2004-06-22 [Dark_Superman]: can i join this wiki it seems really cool

2004-06-23 [Tormenta]: talk to Kisama

2004-06-23 [Kisama]: lol, i am back now, My computer like wuit recognizing elftown as a website

2004-06-24 [Tormenta]: Elftown was down all yesterday no one could get on

2004-06-24 [Kisama]: oh ok, that makes sense

2004-06-24 [Tormenta]: indeed biotch

2004-06-24 [Kisama]: Chelsea did you watch angel?

2004-06-24 [Tormenta]: when?

2004-06-24 [Kisama]: Like the last Season....~Grumbles cus he is still pissed that they canceled it~

2004-06-25 [Tormenta]: I watched it occasionally

2004-06-25 [Kisama]: oh, i am doing a drawing of Illyria

2004-06-26 [Tormenta]: who is Illyria? Ah! I'm almost done with the kids but one looks really really evil so I think one of the sons will have to be totally diabolical

2004-06-27 [..:TwIStEd* *EsCApE:..]: lol how are you guys?

2004-06-28 [Kisama]: Illyria was the Demoness who took over Fred's body in the last part of the season

2004-06-28 [Tormenta]: Oh yes the blue one

2004-06-28 [Kisama]: yep

2004-06-28 [Tormenta]: ok Mike I have a question for you...well its more like a story without an answer I need guy opinion!

2004-06-28 [Kisama]: shoot

2004-06-28 [Tormenta]: this guy that I knew from my tech school but only have talked to in passing works in the same mall as me, and we had been saying Hi the and stuff the few times we saw each other. Then last week he came to my job and brought me a pretzel (he works at the pretzel place) and asked me to 'hang out' so I said yes (enthusiastically, I might add) so I saw him the next day and he got my number and said "I'll call you Thursday and we'll do something Thursday afternoon." so at 10 am on Thursday he calls and we talked about him and his friend coming to get me and he said "I will definately call you at 12." and he never did and I havent heard from him or seen him since...what do you think?

2004-06-28 [Tormenta]: cuz he was the one pursuing ME entirely I mean I was agreeing to everything, but he was definately the pursuer

2004-06-28 [Kisama]: i think he is an asshole......i may be being just a bit mean or overreacting, but if he sed he was gonna call you, and he didn't.....i mean if he had called you later that day and said sorry for not calling earlier....that would be exactly what are you asking me?

2004-06-28 [Tormenta]: I was just asking what your take on the situation was

2004-06-28 [Kisama]: oh ok, there it is

2004-06-28 [Tormenta]: yup

2004-06-30 [Ravynn Moonshine]: *pokes Kisama*

2004-06-30 [Kisama]: Hello Mindy

2004-08-16 [The Imp]: Is anyone else having problems accessing The City of Darkness page? I keep getting this "page cannot be found" message and I'm wondering if my computer's just being crappy or what. I'm not having trouble accessing any other wiki pages.

2004-08-16 [..:TwIStEd* *EsCApE:..]: just go back and click really hard. That usually works for me. But no, it's working fine for me.

2004-08-17 [The Imp]: Meh, it's working fine now.

2004-08-17 [..:TwIStEd* *EsCApE:..]: ok great

2004-08-18 [The Imp]: And I didn't even have to hit it.

2004-08-18 [..:TwIStEd* *EsCApE:..]: That's a good thing!

2004-08-19 [The Imp]: Yeah. ^.^

2004-08-19 [Kisama]: HEY EVRYONE!! Check out my New WIKI CrossBalls

2004-08-19 [..:TwIStEd* *EsCApE:..]: ...ok...

2004-10-31 [Elf Lady]: I love the drow even though I know little about them. But still they're awesome.

2004-10-31 [The Imp]: Eh, when I joined this game I knew that drow were elves, and that's pretty much it.

2004-11-01 [Kisama]: if you wanna join, drft up a character, if you wanna know anything just ask me

2004-11-02 [Rizzen]: so, when are we up and running again?

2004-11-02 [Elf Lady]: well....I guess I need to learn a lot though....I said I only know a little. Like...well I believe my brother said the female were kind of more dominant, they live underground, they're skilled fighters, and they're some sort of elf. And they have lagre families and long names ^^ thats it.

2004-11-02 [Kisama]: Yea, the Females are MOST of the time Dominant over the Males, Males are considered Inferior, unless they are Mercenaries (SP?), but then they are only given respect not any official title. NO males whatsoever can become Preists of Lolth, Lolth will not allow it.  The two main schools are Melee- Magthere, and Sorcere, the names speak for themselves...and then the finishing school for females is the Preistess academy.  Incest and any of that stuff plays no role in Drow society, the Female can chose WHOMEVER she wants to sleep with, brother, father, slave, it doesnt matter as long as the male is ot patroned by another

2004-11-02 [Rizzen]: actually, there are three schools. Melee-Magthere: the school of fighters, Sorcere: the school of sorcerers, and Arach-Tinilith: the school for priestessess of Lolth. The finishing school you speak of is Arach-Tinilith

2004-11-02 [Kisama]: Thanks I couldnt think of the names, and now that i think of it more, That is only the Surname (Can't think of the right word again) that they use in MenzoBarrenzen, different citys calls them different names

2004-11-02 [Rizzen]: indeed they do, but Menzoberranzen is definitelly the main drow city

2004-11-02 [Kisama]: If you mean the Main city as in the most talked about, then yes, But Ched Nasad is bigger in size

2004-11-02 [Rizzen]: right then. Anyway, are we back up and running yet, or is it going to be a little longer?

2004-11-02 [Kisama]: Little Longer Sorry, I am working on Clearing out all the Pages completely, You can help by going through and deleting all your comments if you want, I wanna start Fresh

2004-11-02 [Rizzen]: I would, but siblings need the comp for homework. I'll do it as soon as I can though

2004-11-02 [Kisama]: ok, later then

2004-11-30 [Like A Rolling Stone.]: another name for dark elves is Drows! :D

2004-11-30 [luthor huss]: yes, we know.

2004-11-30 [something_green]: Hello! ...Um, just passing through. ...Goodbye!

2004-12-28 [Axe of Light]: I posted my character, I just need to get him appoved

2005-02-06 [domer]: nice fucking drawing it fucking bad

2006-02-16 [Darkening Dream]: I am rather learned as far as Drow lore and societal structure is concerned.

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