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2004-06-19 18:10:04
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Welcome to the Ultimate Fantasy World Guide! This is my new Guide for creating a fantasy world. This should really help anyone trying to make a world for a story or rpg. It is the sister site to The Ultimate Character Guide. If you see anything wrong, or have an idea for an addition, please message me. I hope my Guide helps you!

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Geological Features

Cultural Ideas

Magic Types

Kinds of Gods

What to Ask Yourself About the World

What to Ask Yourself About a Country

Things that Affect a Country

What to Ask Yourself About a Culture

What to Ask Yourself About Magic

Remember, if you think of anything to add, tell me! This Guide can only be the Ultimate Guide with your help!

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2004-06-20 [Tyrana]: This is pretty sweet... I'll probably use it at some point... Thank you!! ^_^

2004-06-20 [Lioness123]: ooOOooo...note to self-- bookmark this page

2004-06-20 [GraphicEntropy]: *is so happy* Thank you so much! It took a long time to parents kept on asking why I was online so much.

2004-11-22 [thoughtfox]: This is perfect, especially just as I'm about to write a novel that delves deep into magic.

2005-04-01 [Wolf Spirit]: I'm Wiccan so if anyone has any questions about magic and stuff.........message moi :)

2009-09-09 [Yume Youki]: Hey, thanks for this - it really helps me a lot. You totally rocked my small little world with this here guide. Thankee very much!

2013-10-09 [Mareena500]: Yay now I can write that book series about fantasy and sci-fi (6books - 10charactors) all welcome to read it check out this site on jan 1st 2014 join and comment this to me and I'll get u it for 1/2 price. ..I 1 I.. .

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