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The Ultimate Character Guide Wiki 

Hello all! This is a page for the character guide I made a while ago. I originally made it for myself to help me get a better feel for characters in my stories. When I brought it to school, all my friends asked for copies. I decided that it might possibly help Elftowners too! It is great for making story characters, RPG characters, or just getting to know characters you already have a little better. Who knows, you may surprise yourself. Feel free to adjust parts of it for your own characters, it is only a basic outline. Also, please message me if you see any arrors or have ideas for the Guide. Also, check in occasionally because the Guide will always be under construction!

Your Friend,

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Place of Birth:


Social Status:

Monetary Status:

Body Build: 



Stats- These are based on GURPs, if you know what that is. 10 is average, anything above 20 is beyond human range. Most people would be between 8 and 12. Strength is obviously how strong the person is. Dexterity is grace and nimbleness. Health and IQ are both obvious. If you have a question, message me.





Eye Color:

Hair Color:

Hair Length:


Distinguishing physical marks:

Usual clothing worn:


Favorite Color:

Favorite Food:

Favorite Drink:

Favorite Weather:

Favorite Climate:

Favorite Transportation:

Favorite Weapon:

Least Favorite Food:



What do they think is the greatest thing about themself:

Inside or Outside:

Laugh or Dream:

Serious or Funny:

Fast or Slow:

Alone or in a Relationship:

Simple or Complicated:

Cremated or Buried:

Sex or Alcohol:

Stay up late or Go to bed early:

Light or Dark:

Noise or Silence:

Life or Death:

When they die, what will be their last words:

Do they think “true love” exists:

How many kids do they want to have:

What are they afraid of:

Their goal in life:

What animal would they reincarnate as:

Sexual Preference:



Do they enjoy it:

Living Arrangements:

Do they speak another language:

Can they sing:

Do they play a musical instrument:

Can the write or draw well:

Are they an introvert or extrovert:

Are they a daredevil:

Are they passive or aggressive:

What is their greatest strength:


They have three choices; Love, Beauty or Creativity. Which do they choose:

How do they vent:

Has their life been good so far:

What is the most important thing they've learned from life:

What do they like most about their body:


Have they done drugs:

Have they ever gotten beaten up:

Have they ever slept outdoors:

Have they ever gone a day without food:

Have they ever killed someone:

Have they ever thought they were going crazy:

Have they ever broken the law:

Are they religious:

What is their biggest pet peeve:

Username (or number or email):


2004-06-21 [GraphicEntropy]: Done! Yay for helping each other!

2004-06-21 [Ayeaka]: ^_^ Spread the world of art!

2004-06-21 [Ayeaka]: btw, I love this........I'm going to fill out all of the charecters in a manga I'm working on! ^_^

2004-06-21 [GraphicEntropy]: Sweet! Yeah, if you ever think of anything else to put on it, tell me. Did you see the World Guide too?

2004-06-21 [Ayeaka]: Yes, I did. Both are rather helpful, esp. when you have a complex world like Gaia.....(world in my comic) and alternate times lines colliding...

2004-06-21 [GraphicEntropy]: Yeah, same here. I have trouble keeping everything in line, and having some sort of guide usually helps me. That's why I make these things. I may also do one for different races of people that you create. I'm always making up some new race, so I've made guides to help me catalouge them.

2004-06-21 [Ayeaka]: ^_^ The major races in my stories (humanoid anyeway) would be humans, elves, dwarves, demons, fay, and the Ryuu-jin....

2004-06-21 [GraphicEntropy]: Oooh. I can make a guess at what most of them are, but what are Ryuu-jin?

2004-06-21 [Ayeaka]: Ryuu is the Japanese word for dragon. Ryuu-jin are a humanoid that is born looking like a normal human, except they have wings, claws.......a tail....and fangs. They 'ascend' into adulthood when they first acheive their full Draconic form, after which point their eyes become gold.....

2004-07-06 [Cavallo]: This is awesome! You've thought of so many things! I am SO using this!

2004-07-06 [Ayeaka]: ^_^

2004-07-10 [~Second.String~]: This is really good!! It covers all the bases that I never remember until too late... I'm stealing a copy and since I host a writing wiki, I'm definitely linking!

2004-07-10 [Ayeaka]: Haha, Dragon, It would seem your idea is a hit! ^_^

2004-07-12 [GraphicEntropy]: Yay!

2004-07-16 [Ayeaka]: ^_^

2004-07-17 [~Second.String~]: Whoa... I did this on a character based off myself and I STILL learned stuff about me... o.O' Kudos

2004-07-18 [Ayeaka]: 0.o

2004-07-19 [~Second.String~]: I'm a little clueless sometimes *looks innocent*

2004-07-20 [Ayeaka]: 0.ô

2005-08-05 [~Second.String~]: Hey, if I'm feeling creative in a little, can I make some banners? They won't be anything flashy or fancy, but they'll be something...

2013-10-09 [Mareena500]: This is so good
You should credit and copyright it then put it on google ads

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