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2008-10-08 19:33:57
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The Town Herald


The netpaper about Elftowners, by Elftowners, for Elftowners.



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Credits: Thanks to all of our current Heralders, contributing retired Heralders, all our guest submissions and of course our featured Artists and Writers.

Cover Art by: Elftown Artists [Mordigen] & [Chimes]

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2008-10-09 [islandgurl*]: ?????????????

2008-10-09 [Mordigen]: What's your question? :)

2008-10-09 [islandgurl*]: What is this?! it's really cool looking

2008-10-09 [Mordigen]: This is Issue 18 of The Town Herald - Elftown's Community E-Zine

2008-10-09 [islandgurl*]: OH? soooo um...what do you all do?! O_O

2008-10-09 [Mordigen]: We write articles and reviews and other such things related to the theme, Elftown or other art related communities/events etc :)

2008-10-09 [islandgurl*]: i love seeing people's writing....i can't i suck...^_^

2008-10-10 [little_Akri]: awsume

2008-10-18 [munch21]: oooooooooook

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