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The Slave Hold


The World has changed. The year? 6020. People have long since lost sight of their values as a result the world fell to corruption, quality became overrated as the rich produced things out of cheaper material and realized too late that they had made a grave mistake.
The world failed to learn from their history and as a result was thrust into a time where people have turned to the use of the sword, machinery is now but a faint memory, no longer used.
Races thought once to only have existed in fairy tales and legends stepped from the shadows and now outnumber humans. Only the rich seem to be able to live prosperously, the rich being the ones who claimed ruler-ship over various areas.
A man stepped forward 20 years ago claiming ruler-ship over people, enslaving people that do not agree with him.
Will you be a slave master? Or will you be a slave? Or will you be one of the few freeholders?
Warning! Adult content People under 18 not allowed

<center>Slave Hold Slaves

Slave Hold Slave Masters

Slave Hold Slave Freeholders

Slave Hold NPC List

Slave Hold Races

Rules of Slave Hold

Slave Hold Rpg


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2010-03-25 [Gypsy Mystik]: I love IT!

2010-03-25 [Silver Moon]: ^-^ It's so fitting

2012-11-23 [yamisango]: this is really good!
will there be more?

2013-03-30 [Silver Moon]: that is the plan but I need players

2013-03-30 [Silver Moon]: Anyone who is still willing to play please say so. The plan is to restart so we can try to unlock characters that are stuck with non-active ones

2013-03-30 [Ravendust]: I am :)

2013-03-30 [Silver Moon]: yay!

2013-04-05 [yamisango]: id play but im not that with this kind of thing

2013-11-21 [Angelis Nightfall]: Hello I love the idea of this RP, but may I make a suggestion. When a woman owns a slave, she isn't a Master, but she is a Mistress. I know a good bit of information on slavery/ BDSM & if you want to get the RP running again. Then I would love to give any advice I could to amp or spice up the RP. ^_^

2013-11-21 [yamisango]: interesting

2013-11-21 [Angelis Nightfall]: Interesting how lol?

2013-11-21 [Lirerial]: I'd love to get this running as well but I think Silver Moon has permanently quit Elftown

2013-11-22 [yamisango]: nvm

2013-11-26 [Angelis Nightfall]: Yea that would be fun [Lirerial]

2013-11-26 [Lirerial]: Can we take it over??

2013-11-26 [Angelis Nightfall]: If only we could, I could try to make a new wiki page & just make a new RP all together. If you want me to try that & make things more interesting then just private message me ok.

2013-11-28 [yamisango]: good luck

2014-02-26 [Silver Moon]: Yes I think I will let you guys do that. I hate to abandon my rps, I just don't have allot of free time. My only stipulation would be if I can play as an on and off character

2014-02-26 [Silver Moon]: Hey, there are some dead characters on here, meaning the players are no longer active on Elftown. I am thinking of removing them or passing them to other players. Especially Gypsy Mystik's characters. I know she will not be on.

2014-02-27 [Ravendust]: Its up to you, I'm here though :)

2014-02-27 [Lirerial]: Either way works

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