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The Reality of things

This wiki is made by an annoyed creative person, who has lived in her house in this town of creative people for quite a while. She is annoyed because of the sudden lack of uniqueness that has bursted out in some ElfHouses. She is talking about the Motorcycle story -effect.

You have read them all, they're everywhere. "Post this if you love someone" and "post this if you object to child abuse." Now who could not post this or that story on their ElfHouse, in fear of being branded "a supporter of abortion" or *gasp*: "a person who loves nobody"? I'll tell you who: a person who is not a bloody Lemming. What I want to see in ElfHouses is information about the person, by the person. You love your girlfriend dearly? Then write a poem to/about her (see [Paul Doyle] for example; that is, if his lyrical Valentine's thing is still there). Draw your boyfriend as a guardian angel or a barbarian rescuing you from a dragon (if that's what strikes your fancy). Express what you are and what you believe in, but do it creativily.

Why are those stories annoying, you ask innocently. Are they not quite sweet and also useful information? Nay my friend, any story that has the message "she was raped, she got pregnant, she killed herself" is not useful information. It does not try to give any girl an example of what to do in the case of rape, it doesn't invoke symphaty: it simply turns on rapists and might prompt a closet-rapist to commit his crime, since girls on this site are educated to kill themselves rather than talk of their problems to adults or peers. Not to mention that every single one of those stories is fake.

So, what shall I do about it? Whine my ass off? Nay, I like my ass where it is, so I'm going to take action: I will re-write those stupid stories. Not to replace them, but to get people a-thinking. I do not allow these stories to be pasted into people's houses! These are not going to be the next thing to annoy the hell out of everybody, and I will report for breaching copyright if you copy-paste these to your house. If you appreciate my work, then let me know by giving me a wave (no need to even type out "*waves*" -- just a physical wave of your hand will do). Do link to this wiki if you wish to share it, but what I don't want to see/hear about is someone with a lame-story in their house getting a message with a link to here! No spamming to people who you think should be "educated" on how lame their house is. Everyone is allowed to discover for themselves.

The TRUE Motorcycle-Story

The TRUE Rape-Story

Have I missed a story (probably yes :P)? Link me!

This was all ranted to you by Your Local [iippo].

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2006-04-16 [Kiddalee]: I think you're taking it too far with that. A lot of good poems are first person narratives by characters who actually wouldn't be able to communicate in reality, like a girl who is about to die after being hit by a drunk driver, or Fear, or an element of nature.

2006-04-16 [iippo]: There is also the possibility of "the aunty next door saw my bruises and saved me from my eeebil parents of doom"... My point being, in modern society abusive parents get their children taken away from them (or could be just Finland, but that's a modern society). "And then I was taken to a better place and given a puppy and a banjo. I am now so happy. The end." The thing is, I can't write in rhyme. Meh, I'll think about if Sarah-story is worth reality-fying, It's just that... it's kind of useful as it is, since it makes people aware that there is child abuse in the world. :/

2006-04-16 [SilverFire]: Yes... evidently my humour isn't obvious enough.. so, for the record, I wasn't exactly being serious. -.<

2006-04-16 [iippo]: We should make a club: "We are funny but oh so misunderstood".

2006-04-18 [Kiddalee]: Well, some parents don't get caught...

2006-04-18 [iippo]: *sigh* And some people do get killed in motorcycle accidents. It's just that those cases we can all read in every meffer-feffing Elftown house because those cases "bring tears to our eyes, oh Lord how horrible life is, I think I will suicide-over-kill now." //Sidenote, I'm making another one about the "girl asked boy if she was pretty" -thing. ^_^;

2006-04-18 [SilverFire]: w00t. ^^

2006-04-18 [iippo]: There's just so many ways to reality-fy that... Can't... decide... *grasps in air in a strangling manner*

2006-04-18 [SilverFire]: You could always satirise it, combine them all, have the girl over-dramatically pretend to kill herself for the love of this guy who doesn't 'like' her, to make him realise what a jackass he is, then he kills himself (for real :O) becaus ehe fells so bad about killing her... and then either a) She comes "back to life" watches him die, smiles and walks off or, for true satirical effect: b) watches him die, then kills herself because she loves him and now she knows he loves her too, he's worth dying for. Oh, no... wait, I think someone might already have done that... well... you could add (another!) plot twist in by having her raped... and of course, her over dramatic-reaction to the guy not..

2006-04-18 [SilverFire]: 'liking' her is due to insecurities caused by the negelect and abuse she recieved at the hands of her parents as a child. Or not. You could just go with "Do you like me?" "No, fuck off." and she did. The end.

2006-04-19 [iippo]: I'm actually doing a "there are so many ways to reality-fy this, that I'll just give you a couple". :D And one is "-do you like me? -No. -Fuck you *girl leaves*" And another one "girl left with tears in her eyes, boohoo, the guy turned around and asked his friends 'err, who the hell was that?'" So some girl just went to some random guy and asked those questions... Smart girl... >_>

2006-04-19 [SilverFire]: :p *snerk*

2006-04-22 [NamelessMerc]: Hm, to quote Silvie - *Haunts*

2006-06-27 [Nebka]: Seeing as how this place seems to want us to be diffrent you'll have to forgive me for going against the flow, if simply for the sake of arguing. First off: The moral of the motercyle story is that the power of love is so great that someone is willing to give there life for another. A very good moral, but I think the people who post this would be just as well off if they read a bible. As for the rape stroy, well people have a tendancy to get freaked out after such a tramitizing event, they also have a tendacy to become rash and irrational ("Very american" as R-man would say). Never the less I can understand you being mad at all the pastes of these, but I still feel you're being too hard.

2006-06-27 [Kiddalee]: There are better ways to prove what it's worth to die for someone you love. What about the 9/11 stories? A lot can be done that has the same good moral as this but none of the bad ones.

2006-06-27 [iippo]: It is actually the conditional that annoys me, the same effect that chain mails have: post this or else... If you love someone, prove it by pasting something utterly ridiculous in your house, which is meant for you to describe yourself. It would take less space to write "I love my girlfriend and would die for her" and then have space to write something else. I admit, first time I read the motorcycle story, I though "aww, that's sweet". The next time I though "ok, I read this already". The next time, and the next, and the next and the next made me want to scream. In my opinion Elftown is not the place for this repetition. Elftown is supposed to be the creative place.

2006-06-27 [iippo]: What's this 9/11 story thing?

2006-06-27 [Kiddalee]: It's not a stupid pasted thing. Just the plethora of true stories about people giving their lives to preserve as many others as possible.

2006-07-04 [Nebka]: It basicly goes like this: Terrorist hijack plane. Terrorist plan to dive plane into pentagon. Passangers think "Well we're screwed anyway, might as well do try to stop these bastards." Passangers beat terroists. plane crashes some where in Philli. People died to save complete strangers. Yay compastion! See, very basic but this at least actually happened.

2006-07-06 [Kiddalee]: And is realistic and doesn't teach false lessons.

2006-07-06 [iippo]: That happened, yes? One plane crashed not where it was meant to because of the crew/passengers on board? That's mor of an anecdote, as opposed to "whee I drove 90 miles per hour, crashed and survived" -story X_x

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