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2004-10-02 18:45:11
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Welcome to The Photo Manip Society!

This is a page for everyone who is interested in photo manipulations.

Hopefully once this site is up and running you can get tips on how to improve your photo manips from other members, Chat about PM's, veiw other peoples work and display your own!

Any kind of Photo Manips are welcome here, within reason ^_^. The best pm's will be posted on this opening page every week, so, enjoy!

my favourite PM at the mo

By [Dorian Gray] im sorry cool!!!!

Photo Manip Members Sign up here!
Photo Manip Gallery here you can show off all your fantastic work ^_^!
Photo Manip Tips here you can post your tips on photo manipulation or read everybody's tips to improve your work.


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2004-09-05 [Jewl]: Yo! Lol Just kidding... Hello

2005-01-19 [barutha]: hey kiddos, i just made this photo forum

2007-05-20 [ketsu]: I wonder how long it takes before people notice a gallery of anything exists? .-]

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