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The Nebulian Realms

Anyone can join! Just pick the team you want, after signing up on Task Force Delta.


Go see the list of monsters and creatures from the Nebulian Realms right here: Nebulian_Creatures


The Story:

The Rebels are in a fight against The Oppression. (Cliche. I know) Slowly losing, they are in dire need of supplies and soldiers. The Oppression, fighting to take over the Nebulian Realms, using any measure necessary, including mass slaughters.


<img:>Task Force Delta. (Decided to change it. Well, wikipedia it.)

<img:>Task Force Nebula. From the United States Military, are trained to perform once impossible missions, specializing in close combat fighting.

<img:>Task Force Nebula Members (You may not enter Task Force Nebula):
Fred Masterson. Sergeant. - [Dreamseller] - Administrator.
Sam.(Unknown) Sergeant First Class - [Dreamseller] - Administrator.
Charlie. (Unknown) Captain. - [Dreamseller] - Administrator.
Theodore. (Unknown) Lieutenant. - [Dreamseller] - Administrator.
Ran Solo. Lieutenant First Class. - [Dreamseller] - Administrator.

<img:>The Rebels:

<img:>The Oppression:

<img:>Task Force Delta:

<img:>101st Airbourne (reformed)
Marek. 1st Lieutenant - [Synsae]

<img:>German Troops:

<img:>Russian Troops:

<img:>Anti Air Task Force (Real name was never given. Highly secret military Task Force specializing in futuristic weaponry.):

<img:>Air Support:

-Terror of the Skies (Flies F-22 Raptors):
Kevin Bradley (Demon) - [Synsae] - Captain
Hank Robinson (Puck) - [Synsae] - 1st Lt
Chad Kruger(Bullseye) - [Synsae] - 1st Lt

-Knights of the Air (Flies mostly WW2 aircraft)
Dave Lodger (Reaper) - [Synsae] - Captain
Adam Popescu (Falcon) - [Synsae] - 1st Lt

-The Gift Givers (Flies Bombers)
Nathan Kent [Synsae] - Ball Turret Gunner to B-17

-The Night Crawlers (Flies Black Hawks)
Christ Nedson (Lightning) - [Dreamseller] Pilot
Nelson Gernd (Fly) - [Dreamseller] Co-Pilot

-Air Base:
General Yemi - [Dreamseller]

-Task Force Nebula (Elite):
Unknown (Killer) - [Dreamseller]


Have fun. Don't insult others, except if done so in the Rp. Don't be an asshole, or you will lose the right to play.


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