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The Nebulian Realms

Anyone can join! Just pick the team you want, after signing up on Task Force Delta.


Go see the list of monsters and creatures from the Nebulian Realms right here: Nebulian_Creatures


The Story:

The Rebels are in a fight against The Oppression. (Cliche. I know) Slowly losing, they are in dire need of supplies and soldiers. The Oppression, fighting to take over the Nebulian Realms, using any measure necessary, including mass slaughters.


<img:>Task Force Delta. (Decided to change it. Well, wikipedia it.)

<img:>Task Force Nebula. From the United States Military, are trained to perform once impossible missions, specializing in close combat fighting.

<img:>Task Force Nebula Members (You may not enter Task Force Nebula):
Fred Masterson. Sergeant. - [Dreamseller] - Administrator.
Sam.(Unknown) Sergeant First Class - [Dreamseller] - Administrator.
Charlie. (Unknown) Captain. - [Dreamseller] - Administrator.
Theodore. (Unknown) Lieutenant. - [Dreamseller] - Administrator.
Ran Solo. Lieutenant First Class. - [Dreamseller] - Administrator.

<img:>The Rebels:

<img:>The Oppression:

<img:>Task Force Delta:

<img:>101st Airbourne (reformed)
Marek. 1st Lieutenant - [Synsae]

<img:>German Troops:

<img:>Russian Troops:

<img:>Anti Air Task Force (Real name was never given. Highly secret military Task Force specializing in futuristic weaponry.):

<img:>Air Support:

-Terror of the Skies (Flies F-22 Raptors):
Kevin Bradley (Demon) - [Synsae] - Captain
Hank Robinson (Puck) - [Synsae] - 1st Lt
Chad Kruger(Bullseye) - [Synsae] - 1st Lt

-Knights of the Air (Flies mostly WW2 aircraft)
Dave Lodger (Reaper) - [Synsae] - Captain
Adam Popescu (Falcon) - [Synsae] - 1st Lt

-The Gift Givers (Flies Bombers)
Nathan Kent [Synsae] - Ball Turret Gunner to B-17

-The Night Crawlers (Flies Black Hawks)
Christ Nedson (Lightning) - [Dreamseller] Pilot
Nelson Gernd (Fly) - [Dreamseller] Co-Pilot

-Air Base:
General Yemi - [Dreamseller]

-Task Force Nebula (Elite):
Unknown (Killer) - [Dreamseller]


Have fun. Don't insult others, except if done so in the Rp. Don't be an asshole, or you will lose the right to play.


Username (or number or email):


2007-01-28 [Dreamseller]: "Follow where it is "right now" only. It's moving unless you didn't notice. Then you'll find me. Tell you men that are trying to find me... I don't know their frequentcy," Killer said.

2007-06-27 [Dreamseller]: Haha. This place died.

2007-06-27 [Synsae]: (I know, what are we doing? I can not think of where to continue... though I suppose its hard when there are only 2 people doing this wiki RP)

2007-06-28 [Dreamseller]: (We need shit like banners to make ourselves look official. xD! And a front page ad wouldn`t hurt.)

2007-06-28 [Synsae]: (that would help... it might also help to not talk out of RP in here)

2007-06-28 [Synsae]: Marek drove like a madman to Killer's location where he told the rest of his men to form a circle and set up a perimeter for extraction

2007-07-05 [Dreamseller]: (Eh... I don`t even know where the fuck we are.)

Killer entered Marek`s humvee like nothing bad was happening. ``Finally. Thought you guys would never get here.``

2007-07-05 [Synsae]: Once the perimeter was set, the Blackhawk landed for extraction... "No time to settle down", Marek said as everyone stepped out of the humvee and ran towards the Blackhawk...

2007-07-05 [Dreamseller]: -Killer blinked- ``Hmm...`` He sat in a Blackhawk and taps a hand on the floor, signalling to Marek to come sit beside him. ``Is everyone from the Airport extracted?`` He asked.

2007-07-05 [Synsae]: Puck got on the radio to killer, "All but Demon... and you guys..."

Marek knelt down on the floor after the last man got into the Blackhawk

2007-07-05 [Dreamseller]: ``Puck, i want you to get Yemi out of there. Get him on a carrier and take as many men as you can,`` Killer answered. He then looked to the pilot. ``We got enough fuel to get to a safe place near or into enemy lines?``
The pilot frowned, looking into Killer`s eyes. He gave command of the aircraft to the co-pilot. ``What are you proposing?``
``The enemy won`t be expecting us now. Take us to a hill or a mountain where we can set up a camp and wire in information about enemy movement to base. We don`t want the carriers to be attacked anytime soon. Now turn this baby around.`` Killer looked back at Marek. ``Do your men have enough food to last us a week?``

Yemi felt the ground begin to shake. The floor of runway 6 began to crack. There was a loud noise of twisting metal, as the ground began to give away.

2007-07-20 [Synsae]: "We packed for a month" Marek replied

Demon was near over the cliffs to the sea when he looked down at the ground below him, and being on the same frequency as the blackhawk Killer and Marek was in, he got on the radio, "Killer, Demon here, find a really high mountain if your going to observe the location, water is breaking through the cliffs."

"Yemi is already on the carriers, as I said, only Demon and Your crew is left to get on them" Puck answered back to Killer

2007-07-20 [Dreamseller]: "A month?" Killer asked, surprised. "That's good... That's great. What about ammo?"

"Roger that Demon. If we find one, we'll set our HQ there and give you our location.

(I thought Yemi stayed at the Runway...)

2007-07-20 [Synsae]: "Killer think a bit there, when I said we packed enough for a month... that included the ammunition as well" Marek said

(Yemi probably was... but given time between Yemi's last broadcast on the runway... and all the movement... he could have easily found time to get a ride to the carrier)

2007-07-21 [Dreamseller]: "I asked if you had enough food. I didn't talk about ammunition. And you can't pack ammunition for a month. You don't know how much you're gonna need, and unless your soldiers could barely walk." Killer frowned.

(Eh. I was thinking of him dying with his Airbase...)

2007-07-21 [Synsae]: "We had it all loaded in the humvees, we which stuck in the blackhawks" Marek responded, "Remember we are paratroopers, we are used to being surrounded with no backup and minimal supplies"

2007-07-22 [Dreamseller]: Killer looked at a couple of Germans in the Blackhawk they were in. ``They`re not paratroopers. Naming them paratroopers doesn`t make them paratroopers... Anyways. If you think you have enough supplies, then i guess we do.``

2007-09-05 [Synsae]: Marek smirked, "Yeah, they are not paratroopers, but they are former SS..." he said pointing to the collar of one of the Germans showing where the SS ensignia would have been... "Apparently these Germans must have tried to betray Hitler before they got stuck here, but that is only a theory... in either case, they have special training, so they should be able to handle whatever is thrown at them."

Puck, Bullseye, Reaper, and Falcon were viewing the horizon from one of the sides of the carrier when 100 small dots came into viewing. 

Quickly Reaper ran to the ships Captain, "Tell me we have planes and helicopters still out there and coming in, because if not, we have heavy incoming..."

2007-09-06 [Dreamseller]: "Even if they were former SS, they, or none of us can cope with all of hell being thrown at us." Killer said, winking, seemingly enjoying the little conversation.

The Captain frowned. "Not that i know of," he answered, cooly. He turned to his window, looking for any sign of an attack. "We're not gonna take any chances," he told Reaper. "Take your planes and land. Re-fuel and get back up there to give us some cover fire. Some of my.. will take... airspace..." The radio suddenly died. "Shit..." The Captain said. The turned to his navigator. "Turn this ship around. Forget about Reaper and his men. 4 dead is better then 700 dead." The ship turned, faster then everyone had anticipated, toppling most the the people in the ship over.

2007-09-06 [Synsae]: (psst.... Reaper, Bullseye, Puck, and Falcon are already on the carrier)

2007-09-07 [Dreamseller]: (I thought they one of them was flying over the volcano... o.o Eh. Fine. XD! Forget what i said about forgetting them.)

The chopper started flew over a small hill. That was when the tip of the enemy fortress in the horizon could be seen.

Fred was actually scraping the cement from around a humid black brick in his cell, hoping that if he could get that one out of the way, he might be able to exit his cell.

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