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All your questions about Muses are answered here.

What is a Muse?

A Muse is the spirit that inspires people to create.

What does a Muse look like?

No one is quite sure what a Muse looks like. It being a spirit it cannot so much be seen as perceived. From artist's experiences with them it seems they come in a variety of forms from the generic to the fantastic. It may even appear in a familiar form such as a character. The more powerful the Muse the larger it will manifest.
Muses are not generally visable to people other than those they inspire, and often not even to them. As an artist becomes accustomed to the pressence of their Muse it is more likely to become visable.

How do I get a Muse?

The best way of getting a Muse is to attract its attention. Most Muses will simply ignore you until they deem you of interest. You do not get a Muse simply because you want (or need) it, it has to want you. Muses are individual so what each one wants may vary drastically, but this means when one finally chooses you to inspire it will be a perfect match. However it also means they are attracted to different qualities so it is very difficult to predict what will bring one to you. A lot of Muses turn up for no reason which is apparent or comprehensible, the reason may be nothing better than you wore odd socks today.

How might I get a Muse's attention (other than wearing odd socks)?

A Muse is easily attracted to people with real creative talent, however this is usually inate and these types of people could have been born with a co-joined Muse.
Most people have to work at their creative ability. Improving your skills is a step closer to your Muse. If you do not have the ability to transcribe their inspirations most Muses won't consider you worth their while. Originality is also important. It is no use having great skills if you only use them to copy someone elses work. Muses do not consider copying true creation because it brings nothing new into the world. Wanting to create is a must, and the greater the drive the better. It makes a Muses job much easier if it knows you will be co-operative and want to do what it inspires.
If you think you have done all this and you still have not been inspired then you may need to tell the Muse that you are there. It could have been looking for you all along and has simply been unable to find you. Say: "I am an Artist (yes, you are one) and I am here." If this does not work do something big, a creation bigger and better than anything you have ever done before. This sends out a creative flare which may attract your Muse.
Try everything and keep creating. Your Muse may come without you even realising it since they are often invisable. You may only come to realise you have one when someone asks the question "How did you get the idea?" and you find yourself replying "I was inspired."

Can I have more than one Muse?

Yes. Different Muses inspire different things so if you are creative in a variety of ways you may find yourself with more than one Muse. As each will favour its own subject they will usually argue.

What does a Muse inspire?

Name anything creative and there will be a Muse to inspire it, however it is unusual for a Muse to work in more than one field, which is why multiple Muses are sometimes necessary.

Why does a Muse inspire?

Muses inspire because that is their role and their only skill. They also enjoy it. They love creation but are unable to do it themselves so they inspire people to do it for them.

How does a Muse inspire?

A Muse wills inspiration to you and it is so. The act may be accompanied by a look or an action but it is essentially a thought. Vicinity seems to make a difference. If a Muse is far from you it will not be able to inspire.

What is a Loyal Muse?

A Loyal Muse is one which will only inspire one person and bind themselves to them. Most Muses are loyal and they often shun interaction with anyone other than their chosen subject; in fact doing so seems to be taboo.

What is a Disloyal Muse?

A Disloyal Muse does not stay with one person and is unlikely to be around for long. If you have been inspired once or very rarely it is likely you have been subject to a Disloyal Muse. This type of Muse is frowned upon by others and considered ill.

What is a Wandering Muse?

A Wandering Muse is one which inspires one person but has disappeared for long a long period of time. It is unknown why or to where Muses wander but it is certain that they do. Artists often worry when their Muses go wandering for fear that they might not return.

What is a Free Muse?

A Free Muse is one who has not found someone to inspire.

Do Muses have a society?

It would seem so because they have rules about their conduct which others will try to inforce. This society greatly favours Loyal Muses.

Do Muses have names?

Some do, some don't. If you give your Muse a name it will accept it. If you have more than one Muse giving them names is very sensible.

Do Muses have personalities?


Do Muses talk to one another?

Not usually. If two artists each have Muses and they pass each other on the street their Muses will ignore each other. If the artists stop and chat they will probably still ignore each other. Normally Muses only speak to one another if they inspire the same artist. If they are Free it is unknown whether they converse as no one has ever seen a Muse far from its artist, even a Disloyal one.

What is am Image/Wordweaver?

These are names used by Muses when they refer to the artists they inspire. Artists who work with images are called Imageweavers and those who work with words Wordweavers. This may also distinguish between how they receive their inspiration i.e. in image or word form.

Can my Muse talk to me?

Yes it can. Although it may not use speach there are other ways it can communicate.

Can my Muse touch me?

A Muse is a non-corporial spirit but it may touch you. It would not be a physical contact, its spirit would touch you and you might or might not feel anything. However, Muses rarely make this kind of contact and if they do it will only be with their chosen artist. Even a Disloyal Muse will not break this rule.

Why has my Muse left?

Your Muse could be wandering and may return. However if you have treated it badly or become uncreative it may never return.

How do I get rid of my Muse?

For most artists this question would be unthought of, however for some the pressures of constant inspiration and drive to create can be unbearable or simply impractical. If you want your Muse to leave the best and nicest way is to ask it to, as most will respect your wishes. Stopping creative activity and becoming uncreative is another way, your Muse will loose interest and leave of its own accord. In an extreme case you could try being anti-creative which means destroying things. Muses despise destruction and it will repell them in an instant.

If my Muse has left may it inspire someone else?

Assuming it is a Loyal Muse and it has genuinely left and is not simply wandering, yes, it can inspire someone else. It will become Loyal to the new person and will never return to you. However, a Loyal Muse will never leave without good cause.

If my Muse has left can I get it back?

If it is merely wandering it will return. However if it has left in truth then it will be reluctant to go back to you and if it has chosen someone new to inspire it will never return because it will be bound to them. However, if it is free you might try attracting it in the same way you did originally. Of course, there is no way of knowing if it is free or not. You could get your Muse back or you could get a new Muse. If it left because you were cruel it is unlikely you will ever get one again.

I don't believe in Muses, does this mean I won't get inspired?

No, if a Muse chooses you it will inspire you reguardless of your beliefs. It is not interested in your beliefs, only your creativity.

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