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If you knew Jessica Hetz, whether it was in real life or just on Elftown, thank you for visiting this wiki dedicated to her, and please, sign your name below and if you want to you can even put something next to your name.

1.[~Crimson Angel~] - Even though I never got to meet her in real life I'm still blessed to have met her at all even if it was only over the internet, I loved her like a sister and she was a great, funny, kind, and caring friend. When I heard the news my heart sank and my stomach felt like it was full of lead, I just started sobbing and I could barely see anything from all of the tears. I know that I along with all of her other friends and family members will miss her terribly.
2.[~★~ gone~★~] - We may have had fights but we made up after a few days..I'll always wonder if we never fought the last time if things would be differnet...I love and miss her....
3. [*dragonstar*] - I was glad to have met her on here. She was one of the first friends I made. She was there for me and I was there for her. I will miss her dearly.
4.[Mrs Vicious.] - Elly was my love.. I never took the neclace she gave me off. I never got to meet her before she passed and I will never forget her. I will love her forever beccause she wasnt jsut my grilfriend she was my soalmate. she still is becasue i doubt i will ever find another woman who could measure up to her. I love her so much still.
5.[American Revolutionary] - She was all my heart had left to this bitter world...
6.[cortexius] - hey Jessica...I remember when I first started talking to you on the vampires guilds were a great roll player and amazing person....I'm so glad I met you....I hope your in a better place and hope to see you around always
7. [Rat Hacker] She was a nice person, and easy to get along with. I will miss her.
8. [Ryu-tenshi] I loved this girl. She was the most amazing person in the world and the best sister ever!! She will always be remembered as the best...
9.[Angelis Nightfall] She was a good friend & was like a sister to me, i will miss her & she was very much loved. She still is loved & forever will be in ym heart.
10.[simple soul] She was always there to listen and help with problems, and vise versa. She will be forever missed. One of the greatest ppl to know
11. [Ravendust] You'll always be missed... I'm so sorry that I didn't say goodbye properly either at the viewing or the funeral... I couldn't get myself to come close enough without breaking down.
12. [no one123456] Elly was the best. Although I had only known her for a short time, I felt like I've known her for life. Like as if she was the lost sibbling I had been searching for. May the lord and lady protect her in the spirit world. So as we wish it, so mote it be. Blessed be, Jess.
13. [Evolution X] I don't know what to say, how much I miss you Elly? How much I wish this had never happened? How scared this makes me now you're not here as well... Goodbye Elly... Nothing can replace you.
14. [Desi the Red Rose] - I spent the last six months with Jess, sitting in class and going to the mall. I met Jess in Step. life is too short. I love Jess like a sister, and best friend. My time with Jess was far too short, but every second that goes by, she is always on my mind and in my heart. Jess is happy while in heaven. She loved you all, and she never stopped talking about you. Six month...Jess girl, We love you. I will have a shot of whiskey on every Feb. 24 and July 11. I was planning a surprise 19th b-day party for you. You will be miss my beautiful and wonderful sister. I was planning on contacting you all but i been too depressed to even go to my college classes.
15. [Alexi Ice] - I did not know her in person but here she was very kind and sweet. She will be missed, by a number of people including myself. Jessica; please rest in peace.
16. [drakkar] A great individual who was taken from us to soon, enough said.
17. [Bookwyrm] I can't believe she's gone, she was always such a kind friend to me and ever so helpful. You will be greatly missed, lovely lady.
18. [~*Lonely Wanderer*~]- If I would have known that this was here, I would have been like 5 on the list, I'm sorry Jessie, I miss you so much
19.[Angy]: I Loveded You Jessie I Loveded you! You were an amazing friend and sister...I think of you every moment of every day..You are very much very missed!

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2009-07-12 [American Revolutionary]: thanks..*hugs misty*

2009-07-13 [~Crimson Angel~]: *hugs Jasper*

2009-07-19 [American Revolutionary]: it really hurt saturday....

2009-07-19 [Mrs Vicious.]: it hurts every day..

2009-07-19 [American Revolutionary]: i know...*holds his hand out to mrs.vicious*

2009-07-19 [~Crimson Angel~]: *hugs both of you*

2009-07-19 [American Revolutionary]: im here if you need to a set of ears

2009-07-19 [Mrs Vicious.]: meh, talking wont do much, just set me off crying like and idiot again. *shruggs* im good. anyideas when the ache will stop?

2009-07-19 [~Crimson Angel~]: It may take a year or so.

2009-07-19 [Mrs Vicious.]: damn. *sighs* how the heck am i.. are we.. to put up with this? *rubbs through my hair* some times its not there.. just absent compleatly.. then just something feels like ive been smacked in the chest with an hammer and broken right through. a huge whole*

2009-07-19 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yeah, that happens.

2009-07-19 [Mrs Vicious.]: indeeds it does. at the worst moments too.. but oh well.. life.. is worth living. and she would of wanted that.

2009-07-19 [American Revolutionary]: yes,she would have..i agree,the pain comes,at the oddest of times,and it comes hard

2009-07-19 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yes, yes it does.

2009-07-19 [Mrs Vicious.]: indeeds it does. *laughs* but we will be strong.. and we will live on. but were here for each other right? its what this things about. remembering jess for who she was.. and the good times.. and how we loved her.. but its to help us move on from it and support each other. im babbling.

2009-07-19 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yes, that's what I made it for.

2009-07-19 [Mrs Vicious.]: indeeds.. and i thank you for that.

2009-07-19 [~Crimson Angel~]: Your Welcome. *hugs*

2009-07-19 [American Revolutionary]: aye..true

2009-07-23 [~Crimson Angel~]: *hugs*

2010-07-11 [American Revolutionary]: well, thought id stop in and say happy birthday, and that i miss her...but slowly im gining the stregnth to walk on my own two feet wthout breakin down im glad to hve known her, to have shared love with her sh brought a smile to my he darkest times  love you,jess

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