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Okay, This wiki will be brought back to life, but its not a part of the original Seven Seas. So lets get it started.

The Hunter Ship's Crew
Captain Sarah's Quarters
G.T.'s Kitchen and dinning hall

If you want to have your own room on the ship, just put the link under the ones above

Sarah sat on the railing of her ship. She looked over the port, being able to see her crew running around, getting drunk, and getting ready for another crazy trip on her ship.

A squeaking noise that was rather familiar to G.T. flowed through his ears and he rubbed his armor till it shined. He smiled and said to himself"Today will be a good day..." He stepped out of his quarters and out on to the deck and let out a yawn.

A man with beautiful green hair and amazingly deep and rich green eyes smiled as he gandered at the ship. Damion walked on the ship and walked over to Sarah. "Ready for another round out at sea?" He asked in a straight tone of voice. For the first time...he wasn't drunk. It was always a special day, when they left port. It was the only days he swore to stay sober.

Sarah looked over at him and smiled softly. "Ah. Damion, its good to see you sober."

"Oi!" A rather soft voice chimed out from the dock. Sapphire orbs found there way to the pair, the man's emerald tinted hair making him stand out quite obviously. "Is this the hunter?" A medical bag hung loosely from his grasp, another, smaller pouch strapped to his waist with a dagger hanging from it's belt. Coming up the ramp, you could immediately tell he wasn't like others, soft blue stare was offset by a rather...not so charming scowl.

"You know me...I'm sober on these special days." Damion added before the man interrupted. He growled lowly. "I'll handle this Sarah." He walked up to the man. "Yes, it is....You are?" He kept his face hard. His scars made it appear even more vicious than it was meant to be.

"Your new doctor." He looked up to the older male, tossing his chocolate colored bangs from his face. Already in a foul mood, too bad. "So if ya don't mind, get outta my damn way so I can get set up..." He barked rather acidly, before brushing passed, continuing up the ramp and onto the ship.

Sarah laughed. "Well then, welcome to my crew Mr...?"

Dahila walked past the doc and up to where Sarah was on the rail. "Weapons are all restocked." she said calmly.

Damion growled at the new crew member totally ignoring him. He would have to teach the kid some lessons. He smirked at his own little ideas before he wandered back over to Sarah.

"Lawren-" He he cut off, quieting as the other woman spoke. "Lawrence." He stated again, an annoyed sigh coming from him. "So, the captain's a woman eh? Of all the rotten...bah, they're prolly better at it anyway, least I won't have as much to do." He shrugged off the thought, continuing past the small group that was forming, and down into the depths of the ship to set up his equipment. He'd already had it shipped earlier that day, and coming into the room, he looked around, it was positively packed with crates, this was going to be a hell of a day...

Damion stood at Sarah's side, proud of his rightful place. "Looks as though that man is going to have a few lessons to learn."

Sarah nodded in complete agreement. "He almost dared to say something about a woman captain... it'll just make his life a little easier because I keep most of my crew in line... unless one of them is drunk." she shot Damion a look.

"Son of a!" Lawrence flew from the depths of the ship, out onto the dock in a fiery rage. "Captain, what blubbering idiot loaded my gear? Half the vials are broken, the leg is snapped off my examination table, and medicine is sprawled out across the entire freaking room! I'll kill the bastard!" He spat out angrily.

Sarah looked at Damion, "Did you...?"

Dahila shook her head. "I did." she said. "And I can assure that none of them were broken when I put them there." she glared at Lawrence.

"You raving lunatic! Do you realize what kinds of chemicals were in those crates!?" He spouted off, turning his attention to the captain, face blood red. "C-could you please...please keep these muscle heads away from my I'm going to have to completely restock our next time at port...if the supplies even make it that long." He growled, turning a furious glare to Dahila, before turning away form the lot of em.

"Do it yourself next time boy instead of showing up late." Dahila growled viciously.

Sarah sighed. "Now now Dahila... we should have extra supplies down in the hull." she said. "Damion, go help Lawrence find the extras." she smiled sweetly.

Damion glared at Lawrence. He heard Sarah say his name and straightened up. "Yes, Captain." He walked past Lawrence with a glare. He went to the door to the lower deck. "It's down here."

Positively fuming now, Lawrence was practically nose to nose with Dahila. "Late? I wasn't late. Late would have been standing on the damn dock while this boat of looneys was half a mile out! If anything I was early you gypsy curr!" He snapped like a vicious animal, nostrils flared, pupils dialated, yep...he was some kinda pissed...

Sarah shook her head, asking herself what she had gotten herself into.

Dahila smirked. "Late enough not to get your shit yourself. If you don't like the way its put away, do it yourself instead of bitching about it. Now, go get your panties unknotted and go get the extra stuff before it gets broken as well."

"You'd better hope nothing happens to you...or I swear you'll be coming out of the infirmary in peices..." His tone was that of a harsh whisper, teeth bared in a vicious snarl before he turned away finally.

"LAWRENCE!" Damion immediately bursted out. He was fuming and did not want to tolerate petty arguments. He pondered where he left his alcohol at. This was an occasion that he did not want to be sober for.

"What!?" The furious male shouted back, head flying around to face the other. "Look you power hungry egotistical asshole, stop kissin ass long enough for me to finish a conversation, k?" He turned his attention back to Dahila briefly, just long enough to glare once more. "This might be fun afterall...butchering everyone that comes into my office..."

Damion knew he wasn't one to fight without alcohol presence and he knew Sarah knew that as well. He couldn't hold back at this point. He tossed off his trench coat revealing his bare body. He lunged after Lawrence getting in a blow to the ribs.

Tumbling to the ground with Damion, Lawrence freed up one arm long enough to get a good grip on the bastards shoulder, but that was all he needed. With a simple pinch, intense burning was sent flying through the limb, and it fell limp against him. Quickly, he did the same to the opposite arm, before shoving the now effectively useless male of of him, and sitting up to catch his breath. "You fucking idiot..." he panted, glaring daggers at the male. "Didn't your captain warn you about me?"

Sarah pinched the bridge of her nose and groaned. "Good lord..." she muttered.

Dahila rolled her eyes and went to make sure the cannons were all tied down.

Damion growled. He tried to move his arms and found it a useless effort. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME?!" He hollared before turning to the captain. "Sarah, get my rum......"

"The numbness will pass in just a few minutes...but the pain will linger for day unless you don't use them at all..." A devious grin took its place at Lawrence's lips, before the young male stood, lifting up the shirt to reveal a decent sized bruise across the width of his chest. "Huh...that kinda hurt..." he grumbled, running his fingers along it, wincing with each touch until he came to the right spot. With a gentle massaging motion, the pain quickly dissipated, the dark coloration of the bruise already beginning to fade as well. "By the way...I don't suggest doing that again...or the damage will be permanent."

Mei walked up the ramp and looked at the men on the deck. She cocked her head to the left slightly as if asking a question. Her eyebrow raised she looked to Sarah. After a moment passed, she walked around them, and up to the captain, handing her a paper, it stated her name and that she was here for the first mate position. Mei's gaze lingered over Damion for a moment and then looked out at the horizon.

Damion grumbled and managed to stand. He looked over at Mei curiously.

Starlite a stoweaway was hiding below deck. She looked around noticing the coast was cleared and got out form her hiding place to look around.

Panda was perched on top of a barrel and saw Starlite comeout of her hiding spot. HE closed his eyes again, "Coast is clear girly girl." He smirked.

Kayden Kage was hiding in a barrel below deck. He peeked out and looked around.

Starlite looked at Panda. "thank you capn' obivous"

Panda laughed, "Trust me I'm no captain, or I'd be on the deck girly." He opened his eyes and looked right at her.

Kayden climbed out from the barrel quietly.

"You wouldnt be fit to be a captain." Starlite rolled her eyes at the man and saw Kayden. "Hi there.."

Kayden jumped and straighten. "Hi." He said in a high manner.

Starlite lauhed a little. "SOrry didnt mean to scare you"

Panda chuckled and hopped down from his perch, "The ship will eave soon, so I'd get ready if I were wither or you." Panda made his way back to his man-made Hamaock, "But you're more than welcome to join me girly." He winked in her direction before laying down and crossed his arms behind his head acting as a pillow.

Kayden kept his chin high as he looked at Starlite. "Why are you both stowaways?" he asked. He was a child but talked as though he was a mature adult.

Starlite walked over to Panda and tip his hamaock over with him in it. "Why are you one?"

Panda chuckled and flipped it back over and sit down. "No one wants to hire an ex-convict, that's why...What about you?"

Starlite pushed him off and this time layed on it. "Its none of your buisiness..." She looked over at Kayden "Why are you one...your so young what about your family?"

Kayden lowered his head looking at the floor. "My father's ship sunk. I was the only survivor. I found this ship and climbed aboard."

Starlite looked away feeling bad. "I...Im sorry I shouldnt have asked..."

Kayden looked up and shook his head. "I'm very proud of my heritage." He kept his body straight and mature.

Mei wandered around down under the deck, she accidentally hit a barrel, sending it toppling toward the stowaways. She chased after it slowly, and picked it back up. She looked up and saw the three of them. She waved slightly, wondering what they were doing below the deck.

Panda was looking at Kayden, and looked at him, wondering how a child went through so much. He was shocked back by the barrel falling and looke dup and saw Mei.

Dahila walked down under the deck and gave Mei a questioning look. "What'cha wavin' at?"

Kayden jumped inside another barrel before he was noticed by anyone other than Mei.

Panda grabbed Starlite and ducked under a barrel. He stood back up and smirked, walking toward Mei. "She's waving at my love." He smiled at Dahila.

Mei smiled up at Panda, happy to see her old friend, "Panda."

Panda smiled down at his old friend Mei, "First amte again I see."

Kayden stayed hidden in his barrel peeking out of a small hole in the side.

Starlite stayed ducking under the barrel looking around for Kayden.

Dahila heard Sarah's command. "Come on, we're goin!"

Mei felt someone's gaze and looked over. She saw Damion looking at her. She glanced the scars onhis face and smiled at him softly. Her strange stlye of dress swayed in the wind, and the gold in her hair sparkled in her hair, providing a sharp contrast to her dark black hair.

Damion glared at Mei for a moment before turning to walk to below deck. He knew he should have been guiding Lawrence but he didn't care. He needed his rum. "I apologize, Sarah." He spoke aloud apologizing for his behavior.

Mei titled her head again and shrugged and then reached in her pack, pulling out a flask. She smiled and drank the sweet rum that was inside. Then She headed under the deck.

Sarah chuckled and gave him a new bottle of rum. "No problem, but now you know better." she shrugged slightly. "So, you think everyone's on board finally?"

"I think so." Damion said before taking a large swig of the rum.

Heading towards the shallow stair well that lead to underneath the deck, Lawrence glanced around, eyes darting from one person to the other, before continuing past towards the deeper sections of the hull. "I'll find it myself..." he murmured, taking the staircase that led to the subdeck, disappearing into the darkness within.

Sarah watched Lawrence leave and chuckled. "Well... this trip should be quite interesting..." she said more to herself. "Alright you maggots! We're setting sail! And heading North!"

Damion took a swig of the rum and stumbled over to his postion readying to set sail.

Hearing the announcement, Lawrence stopped at the foot of the stairwell, waiting patiently for the ship to start moving. It was just stupid to be down with the supplies when leaving port, so many things untied, it was a deathtrap until things smoothed out, and he knew better.

G.T. took a step down towards the supplies with a barrel under each arm. He placed them down and took a sigh,"that's the last of my supplies I believe..." He smiled and lifted a hand towards Lawrence as a form of greetings as he made his way back up to the deck.

"Hnn." Was the only response the young doctor gave, well that and turning away. From what he'd seen of the crew thus far, he honestly wasn't too interested in making friends at the moment, all he was thinking about right now...was hopping off at there next port stop...

"figures" he said with a sigh,This was going to be a long trip "I've got a feeling that everyone is going to LOOOOOVE me" he said to himself with a huge lump of sarcasm.

Mei grabbed Panda'a hand, and rushed them up the stairs to the deck. She smiled down at him, laughing a little at his expression of surpise.

Kayden poked his head out of the barrel and looked around trying to find Starlite.

Sarah chuckled at G.T. "Now now, its all good." she smiled. "Sails high boys and lasses!"

G.T. put on a huge smile and raised his head high "From the mother land into Poseidon's grace!Let our journey at sea begin!" his tone was full of wonder,he felt like starting this trip off with oomph.

Starlite looked over at Kayden and smiled softly at him and then moved her hand, telling him to go back into the barrel

Sarah looked at Mei. "You take the wheel, I have some business in the hull." she said, taking notice of Panda. "Well well, who may this be...?"

"GRAAA...." G.T. Clutched his head and grit his teeth then dropped to his knees "that...that was my best rum...." He clenched his fist "such misfortune"

Panda smirked and looked at Sarah, "I'm Panda, Mei's voice, if you get what I mean.."

Mei nodded to her captain, and headed up to the wheel, taking it and steered the ship out of port.

Sarah smiled. "Well then, welcome aboard." she said. She walked over to where the bottle of rum came from and opened Kayden's barrel. "Oh wow, what do we have here, hmm?" she opened Starlite's as well. "Two of them this time." she smiled softly. "Come on out you two, its alright."

"We're off port already," Panda laughed, "Mei steered us out of port, we'll breech the sea in but a moment's time."

Mei smiled down at the crew from the wheel.

"whats that?" He said looking out to see picking at his ear as though he couldn't hear"I was too absorbed in angst to notice..." he said with a laugh.

Panda shrugged, shaking off the strange man's behavior and walked up to Mei to take the wheel. "Go find your room and put away your pack while there's still time."

Mei smiled gratefully to her young friend and walked back down the stairs, waved hello to G.T. and headed below deck to put away her belongings.

"Capt'n." Lawrence called, coming up from the stair well, a few varied supplies in his grasp. "Most of this I'm not familiar with, the medicines...I can't even read the tongue the labels are written in...where the hell did you get this stuff?" He held out one of the glass vials, the name scribbled in gibberish as far as he was concerned. "I'll just have to mix up my own I suppose, or steal em from a ship we come across." He smirked devilishly, glancing around, so many new faces. "Gah, there's more of em? How many people are on this damn boat?!" He groaned.

Sarah chuckled. "Well, these two here are stowaways... I'm just waiting for them to talk." she smiled softly. "And they're in Latin, its not that hard to read." she said.

G.T. stretched out and sighed"should I feed the stowaways?" he asked with a curious tone,wondering what the good ol'captain would say

Starlite looked at Sarah and then got out of the barrel. She went over to kayden and pulled him out gently pulling him behind her.

Sighing, Lawrence shook his head, looking over the girl first, then the child she pulled out. "Seems they're both in pretty bad shape right now...s'pose I'll look 'em over if ya want."

Starlite backed up a little gently pushing Kayden back too.

Mei walked back up to the deck, and saw Starlite and Kayden. She waved for a lower, random crew member to take the wheel.

Panda handed over the wheel and hurried down to Mei's side. "What's going on?" He paused and looked at Starlite, "Hello again girly..." He smirked in her direction.

Mei glanced at him as if saying Friends of yours?, and crossed her arms, waiting for an answer.

Panda rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, "They are stowaways too. Think they can stay?"

Mei shrugged and pointed to Sarah, gesturing that she was capitain and that it was her desicion to make, not Mei's.

Panda shrugged and walked over to Starlite, standing in front of ehr and Kayden protectivly. "Don't worry girly," he looked over his shoulder, smiling this time, and it actually was a real, kind smile.

Starlite looked at panda then back at Kayden to make sure he was alright.

Kayden stood sterdy yet scared. He had never been caught before as a stow away and so many eyes frightened him.

G.T. got up close to Kayden and smiled real wide "ya hungry?"

"Kid, don't be so nervous." Lawrence Muttered past G.T., sending a sharp glance his way. Yet, it wasn't so much of a threat, as an odd way of reassuring him. "Just watch out for that bitch, Dahila."

Kayden watched the two men addressing him. "I'd rather die than lower myself to eating pirate food." He told G.T. and than turned to Lawrence. "And do not lower my standing by calling me Kid. Just because I am young does not mean I am higher than the like of you." He addressed. He took a high stance and closed his eyes expecting them to kneel before him.

"good luck finding....non "pirate" food" He said with sarcasm. "I'm just a man like you,Life on the seas is just another way to express yourself,but I guess you don't understand that." He growled to himself,the brat was lucky G.T. chose not to lay one on him.

"Hnn." Lawrence took a few steps closer to Kayden, kneeling down, going eye to eye with him. "Kid, you got no idea what you've gotten yourself into, do you?" A hint of anger shot through his face, corners of his lips turning down ever so slightly. "Pirates or not, you're still here by they're good will, I could care less if they tossed you into the ocean or not, but speak to me like that again, and I'll throw you overboard myself..." He warned, standing, and reaching out, taking him tightly by the shoulder. "Now come with me, you need an're malnourished, and obviously fatigued."

Kayden pushed Lawrence's arm off. "Do not touch I, a highly admired English Sailor's son, in such a manner!" He growled.

"Capt'n, I'm gonna kill 'em." Lawrence snatched Kayden up once more, pulling him behind him as he made his way up to the stairs. "Even a sailor's son wouldn't look a gifthorse in the mouth. So shut up, and take the help that's offered."

G.T. followed Lawrence up the steps and sighed "Don't take it too far bra.." he said calmly as he followed.

Starlite Kicked in the back of Lawrence's knees and grabbed Kayden. She got him on her back and ran up deck. She looked to see how far off the land they were and noticed they would never make it. She want to a corner of the boat putting kayden down behind her. "You ok?"

Kayden was shaken up by the fast movements. "I'm fine. I can handle on my own you know." He looked at Starlite and noticed she must have been crushed by his words. "I'm sorry. I've been alone for a few years now."

G.T. helped Lawrence back up and made his way towards Kayden and Starlite."If you've been alone for all that time then why not accept the help we offer..if it makes you feel any better I payed for all the food I cook without any form of theft involved."

"Girl, I really will kill you if you ever do something like that again. If I had wanted to hurt him, or you for that matter, you could ask the muscle head on deck, I could have, and would have already. Now, both of you come with me so I can examine I was trying to do for the boy before you attacked me..." Lawrence followed G.T. towards the two stowaways, the faint frown he once held turning into a much more serious one.

Kayden looked up and saw a tall man approaching. He cowered when he saw the vicious scars.

Damion walked up and glared at the stow-aways. "I see we shall have fun this time. Wasn't as many last trip." He looked to Lawrence and than at G.T. "Please. Give these two some room. They are obviously frightened. Let them come to you, before throwing yourselves and what you want onto them." He spoke intelligently even though he was stumbling as he moved.

"Shut up you damned brute." Lawrence bit out viciously when he was adressed by Damion. Turning to him only briefly as he spoke, before jerking away, he focused his attention on the child once more. "Kid, you look like you're about to faint..."

G.T. shrugged and walked off to a different area of the deck. He sighed and put his hands behind his head. "not like I wanted to poison the kid..." He said to himself.

"Enough!" Sarah yelled at everyone."All of you." she growled. She walked up to Starlite and Kayden. "Now. Don't listen to what anyone else says. On this ship, the only threats and orders that matter are mine." she said. She sat down perfectly calm, a warm friendly smile on her face. "Now, wha' be your names?"

"Eugh...women. Everyone can jump overboard for all I care..." Lawrence spat out, reaching into the pouch tied to his side, and pulling out a small satchel of tobacco and some papers. "Just send 'em up when you're done, if they're sick, don't need the entire crew becoming ill as well." He added, somewhat distracted as he rolled a cigarette lighting it off one of the torches that lit up the stair well on his way up.

Dahila watched him go up and rolled her eyes.

Starlite kepy Kayden close to her and growled softly. She put a hand behind her back and grabbed something but when Lawrence left she gently let go of it. "....We arent frightened....I just dont need a rat like him touching us...we are fine..." She looked back at Kayden to see how he was doing.

Kayden ignored the commotion and stared off at Lawrence as he walked away. Quickly his head jerked back and looked at Sarah. "My name is Kayden Kage, of the Kage Voyager." He said proudly.

Sarah smiled and nodded. "So you're Kayden... and you are?" she asked, looking Starlite straight in the eyes.

Starlite just stared at Sarah. She gently grabbed kaydens hand "....lets go get panda..."

Kayden retracked his arm back. "Why are you not telling the captain your name?" He pressed.

Sarah smiled. "Its alright." she said. "If she doesn't tell me, I'll just call her Shorty."

Kayden straightened up. "You drag me around like a lost puppy and I don't even know your name." He confronted Starlite.

A pleasant smell drifted onto the deck as G.T. began to cook below.

"...IM only trying to keep you safe..." Starlite looked away. "....I dont trust that woman...I dont trust anyone but you...and believe it or not...Panda..."

Panda grinned at her word, "Nice to know I'm trust by you girly!" He placed an arm around her shoulders, in a protective manner. His face became slightly serious, "But this crew is fine, I don't trust them, farther than I could throw anyone of them, but I trust MEi with my life and I know she'll make sure we're fine and fed." He looked over at Mei, who was directing some of the crew to the lookout and to making sure the sails were knotted right.

Mei saw Panda and the stowaways, she nodded to a crew memember and walked over to them, "Are you alright?" She asked them, conern painting her voice and spead over her face.

Sarah chuckled."Hence why I chose Mei as my first mate. I trust her more than anyone else on this ship... besides Damion of course... but thats because hes always drunk."

Starlite looiked up at Panda. "......ummm...."

Bell sat on a railing looking out at the open sea. "...god....dumb people on this ship....."

Matt walked past Sarah with a slight wave and a loaf of bread in his mouth. He waved at Starlite, Kayden, Panda, Mei, and finally Bell as he went to climb up to the tallest place on the ship: the crow's nest.

Elizabeth was helping with tying down the sails, and was doing a pretty good job of it.

Bell smiled and climbed uo the crows nest and snatched his bread from his mouth. "Ill be taking this thank you...." She smiled at him. They have known each other for years and just started going out two months ago.

"Every time I turn around, more people! Does this ship just spawn you to torture me!?" Lawrence groaned, coming up onto the deck. Glancing around, everyone seemed so...young. No more than teenagers...the whole lot of 'em. With an aggravated sigh, and a long drag from his cigarette, he started off towards the other crew members, glancing from one to the other, almost as if he were sizing them up.

Mei looked over at Sarah, and smiled, gratefull for her words. She patted Panda and Kayden on the head as if to reassure them. She walked off and headed toward the front of the ship in order to get a better view.

"So you're Captain Sarah,heh?" Panda smirked at her after scowling playfully at Mei. "I've heard a lot about you from Mei." He turned his attention to Starlite, "So are you two hungry?"

Dave was under the deck, asleep against a barrell. His hair covered his face, as the ship rocked gently from the waves.

Damion sighed taking another swig and stumbled his way through the ship. He walked up to Sarah and smiled. "Hello, love. Any word from the stow-aways, yet?"

"Actually, I am." Kayden announced to Panda. He felt proud that total strangers trusted him but he was high and nobel so he knew he should be trusted. "Where did that cook go?"

Starlite looked away from panda. " fine..."

Sarah smiled sweetly at the stowaways and Panda, then turned to Damion. "They'll be staying as long as they wish, just as everyone does." Sarah said.

Matt meeped. "Hey... thats my bread." He chuckled. "So, you joining me up here for this trip?" he asked, pouting out his lip.

"I dont walked bye me with out saying hello or hugging me or kissing i dont know...." Bell smiled softly

G.T. returned to the deck"The food will be ready soon"

The ship swayed and Damion lost grip of his bottle and the rum slipped smashing to the ground spilling the last of its contents. "Awwwww. DAMNIT!" He cursed and growled.

G.T. Felt for the guy,Rum was good damnit"How long will the rum have to pay for our mistakes....." he said quietly with a bit of a sigh.

"Well, you're gonna eat anyway!" Panda laughed, lifting up Starlite over his shoulder so she hung upside down. He took Kayden's hand and walke dover to the cook. "Where is the Kitchen?"

Dave walked up the stairs behind G.T., and smirked, "It's below the deck little brother. Thought someone who spent more than half of his likfe stowing away on ships would know that."

Panda scowled lightly, knowing that Dave was kidding around with him, "Where have you been?"

"Sleeping below deck, though I heard the captain, so we can come out during the daylight on this ship then. Good, I was getting tired of chasing after you on that other ship," Dave smiled, tying his shoulder-length black hair with a strip of cloth and brished off his midnight blue shirt.

"Well, Mei's here if you wish to say hello," Panda smirked, knowing his brother loved having Mei around. Dave was always to get Mei to talk.

Dave's eyes lit up and he walked off in search of Mei who was over by the front of the ship.

Mei yelped as Dave picked her up much in the fashion that Starlite was in and Dave brought her back over by the Captain. She smiled at Sarah, as if saying Sorry for this captain. Didn't mean for all these stowaways. "Captain, this is Dave, Panda's brother and my friend."

Sarah looked over and smiled. "Nice to meet ya. Mei, you realise these boys... and girl.. will have to do some work... this isn't a free ride to wherever y'know." Sarah said. "Nothin too bad, just normal deckhand stuff."

Mei nodded as Sarah spoke and kicked Dave to put her down. Once her feet touched the deck again, she spoke, "The girl can help me. And the boy can help in the kitchen or help the doctor, Dave and Panda have several years of deckhand experience, so that won't be a problem." Mei nodded, looking at them once more.

Dave and Panda stood in shock as Mei spoke, as that was the most they had ever heard her speak at one time. But nodded never the less.

Dave, being who he was, intorducted himself, "A female captain? How interesting! My name is Dave and you are?"

G.T. smiled "Don't let her appearance fool you...she could prolly still leave a dent in the side of your head like any other ships captain..."

Sarah chuckled. "Please G.T., no need for flattery." she smiled. "I'm Sarah, obviously Captain." she smiled softly.

Ellizabeth blinked when she saw Laurence. She never noticed him on the ship before. She tired off a sail and walked over to him. "And you are...?"

Dahila walked over to Sarah. "Weapons are all ready to go." she looked at Dave and blinked. "More stowaways...? Fuck..." she growled, walking off again.

Sarah shook her head. "Don't mind her. Dahila has a bit of a chip on her shoulder."

Matt pouted. "I'm sorry... but I didn't want Sarah biting off my head again..."

The cook spun around and headed down stairs "Best not let it burn.."

Bell blinked "Fo...for what? Why would my sister....ill be right back!" She got down and walked over to Sarah. "What did you yell at Matt for?!"

Starlite grumbled "...No i wont put me down...please!!!"

Dave just laughed, "A firecracker, I see! Trust me, I won't. And I beleive women make the best captains." He smiled charmingly, the smile actually quite suiting him.

Sarah blinked. "I yelled at him...?" she looked at Dave. "Hnn..."

Bell growled "For what?! Sarah why did you yell at him!?"

Kayden let go of Panda and approached the captain. "Captain. If I may, could I possibly assist the doctor? I'm quite good with medical."

"Lawrence, I'm the new physician on this ship..." He spoke quite blandly of his title, taking a drag from the tightly rolled cigarette in his mouth, and tilting his head, blowing the smoke strait up. "Who're you?"

"I'm Ellizabeth, just a deckhand..." she chuckled lightly. "I'll have to make sure I can find you... I'm the only one that usually gets injured really..." she blushed slightly. "Hehe, just a natural born klutz."

Sarah looked up to Lawrence and Ellizabeth and looked back down to Kayden. "If he allows you, I don't see why not." She looked at Bell. "Love, I never yelled at him... hes probably just worried that I will...."

Matt looked down from the crow's nest. "Bells! What'r ya doin?!"

Dahila shook her head. "This is getting irritating..."

"I don't know how much good it would do you until we re-stock, that nut Dahila pretty much trashed all of my equipment somehow. And what extra supplies the captain had brought in, I'm unfamiliar with." He sighed, balling up the spent cigarette, and flicking it over the railing into the sea.

"Just because you are my older sister doesnt mean you have the right to boss me around sarah!" Bell looked up at matt and walked away from sarah heading up the crows nest again. When she got up there she grabbed matts back of his head and kissed him deeply.

Kayden nodded to Sarah. "Thanks captain." He said and walked over to Lawrence and Ellizabeth. "Can I be your apprentice? I've learned some medical on the voyager and I wish to help you in whatever way possible." Kayden tried to sound as noble as possible.

"I'm not sure, wouldn't want you to taint your noble hands with the blood of pirates..." Lawrence cut the child a glance, a soft sigh before he knelt down to him. "Kid, do you honestly think I'd be a doctor from a practically servant family line like a pirate? I'm here because it's what I want to do, pirate, soldier, servant, they're all people, and when you realize you're no better, or worse than they are, then I'll let you become my apprentice..."

Kayden smiled. "I've been traveling with pirates for three years." He stated as if it explained everything.

"Yet even knowing I'm of noble liniage myself, you still look down on me." Lawrence replied somewhat sharply, standing up, and pulling out the small tobacco pouch once more, starting on another smoke.

Kayden though about Lawrence's words for a brief moment. He knew he still was a kid afterall. His father had always taught him to respect anyone older than he is. "My apologies." He bowed his head in defeat.

"Ki-Kayden, I don't give a damn. I'm not the one you should apologize too. I'd say that would be for the captain, insulting her crew, and her name because she's a pirate. If I were her, you'd be swimming back to the docks." Lawrence replied, quite bluntly at that, but it was true to his thinking on the matter. Putting away the paper he was fumbling with after rolling it, He glanced back up to the deckhand he was speaking with momentarily. "Well, seems I gotta go, he's got alot to learn about the way I run an infirmary afterall." He sighed, waving her off, before turning back to the kid. "C'mon kid, let's go get everything set up..."

Kayden parked himself up with a huge excited smile and followed the doctor obediently.

Sarah chuckled and shook her head.

Ellizabeth smiled and waved slightly. "Have fun."

Matt meeped and blushed brightly, but kissed her back.

Dahila stretched slightly and looked over at where Bell went. "Such a loser..."

"Hold on one moment...ill be back..." Bell came down and got into Dahil's face. "what was that low class rat?"

Matt meeped and started climbing down like a monkey.

Sarah looked up. "Oh shit..."

Dahila smirked. "I called you a loser, got a problem with it?"

Dave frowned, he had moved over to the railing and looked at the two women. "You ladies are part of a crew, you shouldn't fight...."

"Ya i do you little peice of scum at the bottom of my shoe. You should watch who your talking to before you get your ass kicked and you go home crying to your mommah!" Bell said smiling at her

Damion watched the commotion from a far and grew angrier as the arguement pursued. Instead of staggering around, with his temper made him sober which made him even angrier. He approached the pair. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! GET TO WORK OR GET OFF THE SHIP!" He looked at Bell. "If I ever hear either one of you..." He looked from one to another as he spoke now. "threaten another crew member again, i will personally throw you off the ship and leave you for the sharks."

Mei walked over, "It's a small ship and ocassionally tempers will rise. In which, you should tone yours down. If anything like this happens again, it will be dealt with by the captain, not by you!" She rounded on Dahila and Bell, "And if I so much as catch you threatening someone again, I will make good on Damion's promise!! Understand?!" She bellowed at them. Her height may have only been a mere 5'6" but her temper and peircing stare was aimed at them. She turned to Dave, "Shouldn't you be doing something?!?"

Dave nodded, and squeezed by Mei, arms raised in a surrendering position. "Yes, sir!"

Mei growled at his comment, turning to leave, but no before giving Dahila and Bell one last warning glare.

Bell Glared at the three of them placing a hand on something behind her back. She looked back at Matt who was coming down from the crows nest, then at sarah

Damion glared at them and than left back to his favorite spot along the rail of the ship. He stared out at the water waiting for his temper to lower before hunting for more rum.

Bell pulled out her gun from her back not caring. "watch what you say little girl." She kept the gun by her side.

Dahila took out her own gun and pointed it at Bell's head.

In a flash, Sarah was between them, a gun to Dahila's head, and a sword to Bell's neck. "Now, you're going to listen to what my first and second mate said, do you understand?"

Panda looked over his other shoulder at Starlite, "I don't remember asking." He smirked. "So to the kitchen then!" He headed to the kitchen with Starlite over his shoulder.

Starlite grumbled "...and your point being?"

Coming into his office, everything was still in utter disarray. And, it aggravated the already hot tempered doctor even more. "Damn that bitch...ruining my equipment..." He glowered at nothing in particular. Several other boxes had been placed in there since, the back up supplies from the hull down below. "Alright kid, well, first things first, let's get this crap set up and put away..."

Kayden nodded. He figured that doing medical work would suit him better than deckhand work. "Where do you want this?" Kayden asked picking up a box of sterilized needles.

"Just stack stuff like that on those shelves over there." Lawrence replied, gesturing across the room to the barren built in shelves, rods of some sort built in as well to keep things from toppling over every time the ship passed over a wave

Kayden nodded and got to work trying his best not to drop or spill anything.

"Kid...wait here..." Lawrence looked up from his work, grasping to the dagger at his side. In a few short strides, he was back out on deck, stopping short when when he realized just what exactly was going on. A vicious cackle erupted from him at the site, him sheathing his small blade. "Girls, girls, can't you just get along? Women." He choked out amongst the unrelenting laughter.

Sarah looked up from her postition between the two. "If they don't behave, you'll have to pry the bullet out of Dahila's head and you'll have to try and find Bell's head." she said with no emotion in her voice, but clear anger written into her face.

Dahila automatically put her weapon away when Sarah got in the middle. She knew better than to mess with it more.

Bell pointed her gun at Dahila and cocked it. She looked at Sarah thinking about shooting.

Sarah pressed the sword against her throat. "Put down your gun now child, before I throw you overboard off the crows nest, with your feet and hands tied." she growled, her eyes as hard and cold as ice.

Bell shot the gun past Dahila's head and put her gun away backing away from the sword.

"Now now, what good would that do you capt'n?" Lawrence called out, walking towards the small group, an odd swagger to his step. Reaching into the small medical bag tied against his side, he pulled out a uniquely shaped container, twisting the cap off and rubbing a bit of the salve within along his forefinger. With a gentle swipe, he wiped the medicine along the faint cut on Bell's throat from their captain's blade, before turning to Dahila. "All this drama...can't you girls find a better outlet?" His words rang out with there usual tone, cockiness.

Dahila smirked. "Not my fault she can't take a joke."

Sarah sighed.

"It's not her fault you're a bitch either." Lawrence shrugged, turning away from the group, and pulling the cigarette he'd rolled earlier from his pocket. "This is gonna be a fun trip Capt'n, Seems like I'm gonna have all kinds of work with her on this ship."

Bell looked at Lawrence. "..i didnt need would have been fine"

Sarah chuckled as Dahila simply shrugged and walked up to the helm. Sarah looked over at Lawrence. "They don't call her a firecracker for nothing..."

Matt ran over to Bell. "Are you okay?? And did you have to put the sword that hard against her neck Captain??"

Bell glared at sarah then walked away ignoring matt, way to heated to do anything.

Damion rolled his eyes when he saw the group again after he had grabbed a bottle of rum. He poped it open and took a huge swig. "Fucking crew." He muttered.

Kayden walked onto the deck and walked to stand at Lawrence's side. "The boxs are stacked."

Mei growled and walked over, "Captain, from here on out, I need to know what your punishment is for mutainy or any of the sort. I doubt that you're like my last captain but I would like to know, so I can handle this next time without having to drag you into it."

Sarah smiled. "Simple, first offenders get a warning. Seconds get their feet tied together and they're held off the side. After they start screaming, or cut themselves loose, ya drag them back up and give them a choice, jump or dont do anything stupid. Thirds, well, they get their hands and feet tied and weighted, then they get thrown overboard."

"No need to waste the rope. Just let me have alittle fun with them. a Little more of what I did to Damion earlier, and tying them won't be needed." Lawrence cracked a devious smile, before he was distracted by the child's voice. "Good job, now tell me..." He'd already moved off the subject before, focusing on Kayden once more. "What training in medicine do you have? Any knowledge of herbs and tonics? Or anything for that matter, gotta start you somewhere and no use going over crap you already know."

"Good to know, but I agree with Lawrence, no need for rope. I have something similar that we can use." Mei smiled, "Oh, and Captain I have knowledge of a merchant ship that will be docking about two days sailing from here. It will be weighed wth a lot of gold and spices."

Bell went below ship and grabbed a big bag of flour and bagan to punch it like a punching bag stupid girl

Sarah nodded. "Then thats where we should set our heading."

Mei nodded, and looked to Dave, who had just finished helping swab the deck, "Head to the dock northeast from here, you know the one."

Dave nodded, "You brother's trading post right?"

Mei just smiled, "That's the one."

"Oh, would this happen to be your brother's ship...?" Sarah asked.

Mei shook her head, "No he just owns the trading post, and he lets me know what the ships have."

Kayden smiled at Lawrence. "Actually I have basic knowledge on herbs. And my fathers doctor taught me the basics of healing. What with the size of a wound and how to treat it."

"That's a start atleast, you're not a completely blank canvass then." Lawrence replied, the talks of a raid distracting him. "So soon capt'n? Will we have enough time to prepare with everyone fighting eachother?"

Damion, after drinking down an entire bottle of rum, stumbled along the ship and walked over to Sarah, hanging his arm around her shoulders. "Well hello dear, Captain Sarah." The boat swayed and Damion fell backwards right at Kayden's feet.

Sarah nodded to Lawrence, then sighed as Damion fell over. She walked over and picked him up by the back of his shirt. "Damion, we're gettin' ready to plunder a ship, and you're shitfaced. Really? Get a grip." she said.

"I can sober 'em up pretty quick." Lawrence muttered, glancing back to Kayden. "Go look in my medical bag, there's a small pouch in there, with a few unlabeled vials. Bring it to me will ya?" He asked, before turning his attention to the captain once more. "The old goat that ran the last ship I was on, a supply convoy. He was always too stumblin' drunk to function, ended up having to made a few concoctions to get him back on his feet."

Kayden nodded and walked back to Lawrence's office and dug through the medical bag for the vials. He hustled back steadily so he didn't jostle the vials and ruin them in any way. He handed them over.

Damion smiled and Sarah. "Come on, Cap'n. You know I can do this JUUUUSSSST fine!" He laughed. He was usually drunk anyways when he went aboard another ship. He always thought he was better at it drunk.

"Thank ya." Lawrence muttered, taking the vials, holding them up one at a time into the light, tilting them each a bit so he could tell exactly just what they were. "Capt'n?" He asked when he'd finished with the last one, opening it, and glancing down towards Damion.

Damion glared at Lawrence. "What the hell is that for?"

Sarah chuckled. "Lets try it."

Mei looked down curiously at Damion, "He seems better drunk than sober.....but then again I never really met him sober..." She looked at Lawrence, wondering what was in the vial.

Panda walked up behind Mei, wrapping an arm lazily over her shoulder and when she glanced at him questioningly, he just shook his head and looked to Lawrence and Damion.

Damion tried stumbling away, but Sarah had him by the back of the shirt stopping him from going anywhere. He looked at the Captain. "Come'on Cap'n. How can ya do thistame." He started slurring his words.

Starlite looked at Panda and Mei and looked away. She took the two of them standing there, the wrong way and walked back down under deck.

Kayden saw Starlite walk under the deck and followed her. "What's wrong?"

Starlite smiled. "oh...uh nothing...i feel safer down here. So your the doctors helper i hear. Good job!"

Kayden nodded. "Are you going to tell me your name?" He asked shrugging off her congrats.

Sarah chuckled. "Easy, I wanna see if it works." she smiled.

"My name is starlite." Starlite stated.

Kayden's smile grew spreading over his cheeks. "Starlite. Very cute." He took her hand and bowed slightly before her. "Now Starlite, please, cheer up. There is no reason to be sad."

Starlite laughed a little and smiled. "...ya i guess not..."

Panda patted Mei on the shoulder before standing upright and crossing his arms, smirking he said, "I agree with the captain, I think it'll be hilarious."

Sarah nodded and grinned.

"Alright then..." Popping the cork from the vials opening, its horrid stench immediately wafted out over the deck. "It usually made the capt'n sick afterwards from the smell, but it always brought him back to his senses." THe doctor grinned, dabbing a few drops of the fowl liquid onto a tattered peice of cloth. IIn one fluid movement, he'd made it to Damion, holding the cloth to his nose briefly, and swiping a bit of excess liquid onto his bottom lip so he couldn't just get away from it.

Damion wiffed the liquid and immediately threw up the contents of his stomach onto the deck. He fell to his knees and threw up again from the smell residing on his bottom lip.

Sarah tried not to laugh. The smell didn't bother her at all. "Smells like that one island I was stuck on the the Caribbean last year..." she muttered.

"It's a medley of herbs in a camphor and menthol base. Strikes both smell and taste with it's horrific odor. It a serious jolt, doesn't do any lasting harm, but it gets the job done quite well..." Lawrence laughed as well, corking the vial once more, and tossing the putrid cloth over the ships railing.

Damion finally stumbled back to his feet. "Damnit!" He groaned. He laughed when he looked at Lawrence. "Ya no i have to drink more just to get this taste out." He mumbled.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you...see another wonderful effect of this crap, Alcohol makes you violently ill if you drink over the next...oh...I'd say atleast a week considering how you reacted to it..." Lawrence smiled, placing the vial into his pocket and turning away from the group. "It absorbs into your skin through the nasal cavity, and where I swiped it on your lip...hence the menthol to open up the pores so it can be more easily absorbed."

Damion glared at Lawrence with wide eyes and than turned to Sarah. "Cap'n! HOW CAN YOU LET THIS HAPPEN? Sober....for a WEEK?!"

Sarah patted his shoulder. "Aww, you'll live."

"Hardly." Damion grumbled and walked away to another spot on the deck.

Sarah sighed.

"Hrm, it works better than I remembered, Think i'll keep it handy." Lawrence laughed as the angered Damion stormed off. He didn't really care he pissed him off, but hell it was funny to watch if nothing else. "Maybe he'll quit drinking after the affects wear off, who knows, might be fun to slip him a bit of this every now and then just to watch this crap again." He laughed once more, hands sliding into pockets as he turned, heading back towards the med bay.

Kayden smiled at Starlite and looked up when he saw Lawrence. "Is there anything I can do?" He asked Lawrence.

Starlite looked at Lawrence and backed away a little.

Sarah walked over to Damion. "Look, I'm sorry."

Matt walked down under the deck and walked over to Bell. "Hey..."

Bell walked away from matt "I should have killed her!"

matt smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Beeeeellllssss...."

"I should have..." Bell's breathing picked up as she tried harder and harder not to cry.

Matt turned her around and held her close. "Bells..."

Bell tried to pull away then grabbed matts shirt tightly shaking still trying not to break down and cry from the frustration.

Matt held her close and nuzzled her head.

Bell broked down crying "I should have killed her!!!"

Matt comforted her. "If you did, I'm sure Sarah would've thrown you overboard... then I would've gone over after you."

"Sarah?! Ha who needs her anyways....she just a stupid sister....its her fault i have a cut on my neck that will probly leave a scar matt!" Bell sighed "I shouldnt be angry at her huh?"

Matt shook his head. "You really shouldn't speak of your captain that way love."

Bell shot him a look. "She is not MY captain. she is MY sister matt!" She said hating being like this infront of him. "Can we go back to the crows nest? I just want to be up there with you please?!"

Matt sighed. "Sure sure." he smiled.

Bell walked up stairs. She looked at Sarah then climbed the crows nest waiting for matt. "The faster we get up there the less i have to look at her face."

Matt sighed and followed her.

Bell got into the crows nest and sat up there waiting for matt.

Matt climbed up and smiled.

Bell smiled and greated him again with a kiss. "Soooo what we lookin for?!"

Matt smiled. "Well... land."

Bell looked at Matt as if he was crazy. "We just left land babe. You ok?"

Matt nodded. "Its more of the dock we were looking for." he smiled.

Bell smiled "lets go swimming?!"

Matt blinked. "Uh, no?"

"Why not??" Bell took off her dress so she was just in her bra and underwear.

Matt blushed brightly. "B-b-but thats dangerous!!"

Bell sighed "Then i will jump in by myself and you can stay up here and watch." She began to take off her jewlery, and she took off the ring matt gave her, that she never takes off, just so she doesnt loose it.

Matt jumped up and grabbed her by the waist, his eyes closed. "No no no!"

"Yes. Yes. Yes. Matt let me go please. I want to go for a swim." Bell stated looking at him blinking. "Why are your eyes closed?"

"C-cause you're indecent..." he blushed brightly.

"What do you mean?" Bell stated blinking

"You're h-half naked..." he muttered.

"Fine ill go all naked Matt.." Bell stated softly, starting to unclip her bra,

Matt stopped her. He looked over the edge of the crow's nest. "... someones causing the captain problems..." he said and started climbing down. "Come on!"

Bell shook her head "I could care less. My sister wanted to kill me down there..its pay back matt..." She sat down and started to tan.

Matt was already half way down.

G.T. stepped onto the deck and placed his hands behind his head slipping himself down to deck level he closed his eyes and leaned up against a wall. He began to whistle a pleasant melody,relaxing as the sea air brushed up against him.

Dahila was sitting on the railing, letting the breeze flow through her curly locks.

G.T. yawned and then continued to whistle he seemed to be entranced slightly, He sniffed the air,and opened one eye"nope no smoke...can't be my cooking" the smell was pungent

Dahila looked back and blinked. "What are you muttering about now?"

"I came on deck to enjoy the sea air..." He closed his eyes again "That's about it.."

Dahila nodded and smiled slightly. "Same here."

G.T. yawned and let his head sink low.

Dahila stood up on the rail, balancing like a cat.

"don't fall" he said as he slipped his eyes shut once more.

Dahila rolled her eyes. "Who said anything about falling...?" she asked.

G.T. smiled "I did"

"Don't worry." Dahila said. "I'm balanced."

"darn,There goes my chance to save a beautiful woman" G.T. smirked and yawned again "aww well"

Dahila blushed. "You need your eyes checked.

"Beauty is in the eye of the just need to look harder....." G.T. pulled his knees up to his chest and rested his head on them.

"Beauty is really just a shell." Dahila smirked. "You're looking on the outside."

"not many people let me in...gotta start somewhere right?" he said adjusting himself he closed his eyes.

Dahila stood up straight and saw the commotion with the Captain and jumped down off the railing. "... new guy is picking a fight with the captain..." she walked... well more like ran to see what was going on.

G.T. Shrugged a bit and sniffed the air the aroma of his cooking wafting by

After some time G.T. stood up and yawned,and began to hum "~Hmm..mmm hmm mmmm hmmmmmmmmmm.......~"

"Capt'n, you faun over your crew too much it seems, he's a grown man, let him live with the consequences of his actions. Doing it this way, just means we don't all have to share those with him should he do something in a drunken stupor and get us all killed..." Nothing but harsh words flew from the doctor's mouth, Lawrence continuing on towards his office once again. "Yeah, we need to finish setting everything up, so let's get to it kid."

Sarah growled. "You'll watch your mouth with me." she said, her eyes as hard and cold as stone.

"Harsh it may be, but the truth none the less." Lawrence tossed right back, turning to face the woman, gaze just as cold as the one opposite to his. "You're putting his feelings above his life, a mistake that could cost you yours..."

"Drunk or not, I trust him. Hes never failed me before, and he's been longer here than you." Sarah said.

"I never said anything against that, but this is why a woman has no place in command. You don't see the important things, you see the individual's needs over that of the entire crew...the tree instead of the forest, understand?"

"This is why my crew has lasted." Sarah growled. "I look at both. And don't you dare tell me I am not looking at the big picture. You haven't been here long enough to know how my ship is run."

Mei had enough of standing on the side. She went straight up to Lawrence and looked him dead in the eye, despite their height difference, and stated bodly, "So a woman couldn't run a ship then? Then why has every crew that I have mangaged have been weathly enough to retired with enough gold for six lifteimes for every man?! I joined this crew because I do not like the ones that run amack and in chaos, and when I saw Sarah running her ship with her grip but also with fairness and kindness, now that's not something you see always, it's hard to find, and the fact that she can even do so is amazing in itself, and you would do good to keep your mouth shut before I hang you over the side of the ship for the sharks!"

"Like you could doll." Lawrence sneered, brushing of the first mate, and turning his attention back to the captain once more. "If that was true, you would have better control over them, the constant fights Dahila start, Damion's idiocy, it's not something any captain should, or would tolerate, nomatter how close they were to them. You're just too soft to control them. 'S as simple as that."

Sarah's whole demeanor changed. She leaned against the railing. "Don't like it? Land is only about 30 miles away... you can swim... OR.... if you think you can do better go right ahead and try. But I highly doubt this crew will be here when you need them most." she said with a smirk on her face. "Go right ahead. Lets see how the doctor does as a captain of a bunch of rejects. Lets all see!" she was speaking to the whole crew now. "If I'm such a bad captain and someone thinks they can do better. Step up. Do it." she looked to Lawrence. "Lets see it now. Lets see you put these dogs all into shape... and when it gets rough I bet you they won't listen to you... because you wouldn't listen to them. Lets see it tough guy. Lets see what you got since you're oh so good and know how a ship should be run. Step up honey. Lets see it."

Dahila walked over to see all the commotion. "Is there a problem here Sarah...?"

Ellizabeth stopped working and sighed. "Uh oh..."

Mei growled, her fists clenching, but calmed down enough to listen to Sarah, she smirked now, her arms crossing across ehr chest. There was no way that she was going to listen to him as Captain and she was sure the crew wasn't about to.

Matt jumpe down the rest of the way and landed next to Ellizabeth. Both of them watched with curious intent.

Bell came down still in her bra and underwear. She stood next to matt and stared at sarah. "...this is so stupid..."

Damion growled. He was furious the whole thing was started over him and even more furious that this new doctor would believe he would do a better job than his favorite person, Sarah.

Matt yelped and covered Bell with his jacket quickly.

Bell blinked and looked at matt. "Uh...thank you?" She was so dumb, not relizing that she didnt put her clothes back on. "but why did you give me your jacket. iM not cold darling."

"This is exactly what I'm talking about, you see the one, not the crew. See what that one person needs, not what the entire group does." Lawrence spat back, a devious grin in place. But he had a point, she was right about the crew not listening if he took over, but what good would it do them? It could only hurt, and that's what the young doctor was trying to get across. "You're so blinded by your own crutch, you can't stand the criticism, and when it gets to hard, you put it above everyone else by challenging it. If I were to even try and lead this crew, we'd all be wading in Davey Jones locker, is that what being a good captain is about Sarah? Putting your own feelings or the feelings of the others above what's best for them all?"

Damion started breathing quick and heavy. He lunged himself at Lawrence and they both fell down the stairs. Damion's hands were around Lawrence's neck cutting off the air circulation.

This time, the good doctor wasn't playing. With a swift blow to Damion's midsection, he struck the Vegas nerve cluster, the second mates diaphragm freezing completely, making it impossible for him to breath. With several more quick blows, he was able to fling the pirate off of him, reaching into the pouch tied to his side, and pulling out a scalpel. But not a normal scalpel, it's blade was made of what looked like a beautiful black glass. "Obsidian... shards of it make the sharpest blades period, able to cleave through bone just as easily as flesh it's self..." He walked towards the suffocating male, kneeling down over him, the sinister blade held firmly in his grasp. "You're dying now, is that what you truly intended by attacking me? Never able to see your captain again, never able to do anything, but rot forever more, stupid boy..."

Bella ran down the stairs and got infront of Damion glaring at Lawrence "Stop this now. Or i will be the one to kill you! Fix Damion and get off this ship. I may not be captain but i sure and hell aint afraid of you and i know she isnt. You better fix him or i will kill you with your own bloody blade!"

Pulling back from his pouch a second time, Lawrence pulled out a small bottle, gaze shifting from it to the girl dangerously. "You'd die before you could touch it." He whispered, and in a flash, his leg had whipped around, knocking the girl out of his way and he was kneeling down just beside Damion once again. "Back off." (damn, let bb post for herself!)

During the fight, Mei had moved over to Damion's side as he was knocked down. She tried to help prop him up, the last she needed was no help on the ship and as annoying as he was, Damion was her partener. She growled as Lawrence came closer, she issued her last warning, "Next time you try something as dangerous as this, you can forget the water, you'll be receiving the Kiss of the Dragon, I garuntee you." (learned that in med class, weird pressure point though)Something about the doctor rubbed her the wrong way, and to think that she thought they could have gotten along at first, seems her judging was a tad rusty. "We need avery memeber of this crew to function as they are suppossed to if we want to pull off this raid."

Damion tried gasping. He clenched at the ground trying to pull himself together. He had managed to kick Lawrence down by kicking out his knees. He wanted to yell and fight on his own but he could hardly breath let alone move. He felt himself slipping into darkness and was ready to let himself go with one last small gesture to the doctor. He raised his hand and put every finger down like a fist and slowly raised his middle finger.

Sarah watched the commotion and sighed, shaking her head. "Seriously though Doc... I suggest you just stop causing problems with my crew and myself. If you really think I'm such a bad captain, jump ship. Otherwise, I'll throw you over myself if you keep all this up." she looked at Damion and shook her head again. "And you need to learn to stop attacking people if they piss you off."

Bell sat up slowly and looked at the doctor. She slowly got up, getting ready to attack him again.

Sarah gave Bell a stern look. "Don't even."

Bell looked at her sister then at Lawrence then back at her sister. SHe placed a hand on the back of her head and felt something wet and sticky. She gently pulled her hand away from her head and notice blood all on it. She looked at Lawrence and growled taking a step forward.

Mei stood up, lying Damion down, "One more step and you get hung overboard, I promise you."

"Shut up, and get out of my way." Lawrence pulled himself to his feet after they'd been kicked out from under him, an aggravated sigh on his face. "I did heavy damage to his Vegas nerve, the only way to fix it right now is surgery...I warned him before, if he attacked me again, there would be consequences." Moving towards Damion once more, he knelt down beside the dying man, scalpel in his grasp. "No time for anesthetic, you'll have to bear through it...someone bring me my bag." He called, just before making a lightning fast incision just between the second mates last two ribs. Though it appeared to be quite rough with it's speed, the amazingly sharp blade slid through the thin layer of flesh so fast it severed the nerves there cleanly, killing them before they could send a pain response. Sliding two fingers into the gash, he pried it apart just enough to get the blade in, using its ultra fine tip to move connective tissue and other obstacles away, before finally getting to the nerve cluster he'd struck. With a precise cut to the muscle encasing the nerve cluster, he drained out a bit of blood, the crimson liquid pooling on the floor below, and reducing dramatically the inflammation binding the nerve from the strike.

Kayden nodded and ran getting the doctor's bag. He came back and shivered at the sight of all the blood. He nearly gagged and moved back enough that the he couldn't smell the blood.

Damion cringed at the pain shooting through his body. He heard the voices and felt the pain but he see nothing. He gasped for air but it did nothing. His body was limp. His eyes were still wide open but dull from lack of breaths.

After the swelling had drained away, Lawrence quickly went to work on the nerve cluster it's self, a snip here and a stitch here now that he had the rest of his materials. HE quickly repaired the damage that was done, with a chest compression every now and then to force air in and out of the man's lungs for him. Finishing up, now the bottle came to use, pouring the fowl smelling liquid onto the tip of his finger, he gently rubbed at the cut tissue, the herb mixture being somewhat of a local anesthetic as he started stitching the wound shut. Finishing with the invasive aspects, he used several pressure points in the area to block off the pain receptors, so as it was finished, he couldn't feel any of it at all. "Capt'n, help me get him to my table, he'll have to rest there before I can finish properly, but atleast he can breathe again..."

Bell glared at Lawrence. "Your asking her for help after you caused this all. After you challenged her. Youll be lucky if you stay on this ship!" She looked at Kayden and touched the back of her head again noticing it was still bleeding.

"Shut up you nagging shrew, my thoughts and opinion haven't changed a bit, but it's just stupid to try to move him by my self. He needs to be as close to level as possible so the stitches don't tear." The doctor bit out acidicly.

Sarah tried not to laugh at the 'nagging shrew' part and helped him get Damion onto a table. "Relax Bell. Its only his opinion. If he doesn't like the way I run my ship he can either jump now or just wait until we get to the nearest port. OR he can stay and just learn to keep his mouth shut before he makes the whole ship his enemy."

Bell rolled her eyes "What ever." She walked away still holding her head, and went over to matt.

Damion was taking breaths but was completely unconscious now.

Kayden looked at Bella when she had looked at him. He ran to her. "Your injured." He noted.

Bell looked at Kayden "Its just a slight cut." She smiled knowing it really wasnt, but she didnt want to worry the kid.

Kayden shook his head. "No it is not. Come on. I can help you."

Bell looked at Kayden "What are you gonna do?"

"Well first we need to stop the bleeding." Kayden smiled up at her. He hated seeing people hurt, especially a woman. "I'm decent enough with herbs to know how to use them to stop bleeding long enough to figure out how to heal it."

Matt smiled softly. "Go with him Bell, get your head fixed up, okay?"

Kayden nodded at Matt. "Thank you."

Bell looked at Kayden, then at Matt, then back down at Kayden. "I...I..." She bit her bottom lip and looked at Matt again. She looked down "....fine...i guess..."

Kayden smiled and grabbed her hand dragging her along to a room he had found earlier. "When I was cleaning up for Lawrence, I took a few of the herbs that I knew how to mix." He explained as he scronged through finding exactly what he needed.

Bell smiled a little as she still applied pressure to the wound trying to stop it from bleeding, but also trying not to hurt herself.

Kayden pulled out his mixer and placed a few herbs in it and mashed them together. He spun and mashed until it looked just right. "Let me see it." Kayden asked in a near demand but was obviously a guestion.

Bell looked at Kayden, then, hesitantly and slowly, removed her hand from the back of her head. She held her bloody hand out and away from her so she wouldnt get it on matts jacket. "Im telling you its only a scratch. There is no need for this."

Kayden sighed when he saw it. "This is more than a scratch." He grabbed a cloth and cleaned away the debris and blood. He put the ointment on an application stick and slowly and gently applied it to the wound.

Bell flinched a little and closed her eyes as he applied the herbs. "So this is all i need right?"

Panda looked at Mei in shock but spotted Starlite, his anger forgotten for the moment, he walked over and wrapped his arm around her shoulder as he noticed her distance from the crew. He rubbed her arm in an attempt to sooth her.

Stalite looked up at panda. "um....what are you doing?"

Panda stopped, removing his arm, he frowned, the anger coming back, "Sorry, thought you were frightened and was being friendly, but I forgot, I'm "evil" to you." He turned and walkedto the railing not far away.

Starlite looked at him and walked over to him, standing infront of him. "Your not evil....I just didnt understand..." She hesitently wrapped her arms around his waist. " i understand what you were sorry..."

Panda grinned, "You're forgiven girly girl." He chuckled, and picked her up bridal style, "Let's go see what's happening around the ship."

Starlite blushed and shook her head "No i like it over here. Far away from everyone."

"You need to get used to people, or at least being near them," on the word "you" Panda tapped her nose lightly with his own, but sighed dramatically, hugging her tighter, "but for now alright girly girl."

Starlite laughed a little. "Do i really have too?"

Panda grinned at hearing her laugha nd spun her around in his arms in a wide circle, grinning.

Starlite laughed a little more. She leaned up and gently kissed him.

Panda stopped, shocked, but his grin got as wide as it could before he swooped down for a stolen kiss.

Starlite blushed a little and smiled up at him

G.T. made his way to the foremost part of the ship sitting only a few feet away from the front. Near where the figurehead would be.

Dahila walked over and sighed, leaning against the railing. "It seems the drama has stopped for the moment..." she said.

G.T. sighed "I suppose so..the crew doesn't seem to get along anymore..."

Dahila nodded and sighed. "That damn doctor keeps causing problems amongst the crew..."

"he's stubborn alright..." G.T. glanced over at Dahila "but its not a bright idea to pick a fight with the guy who holds the the bandages"

Sarah tried not to laugh at the 'nagging shrew' part and helped him get Damion onto a table. "Relax Bell. Its only his opinion. If he doesn't like the way I run my ship he can either jump now or just wait until we get to the nearest port. OR he can stay and just learn to keep his mouth shut before he makes the whole ship his enemy." she shook her head as Bell walked off.

Damion was taking breaths but was completely unconscious now.

"Sorry Capt'n, but I'm gonna say what I feel, whether they like it or not." Lawrence replied with a shrug, sifting wildly through his pouch, pulling out several differnt vials, dumping some of each one into a small odd-shaped bowl.

Sarah sighed. "Yeah, I know... you're like how I was." she said calmly.

Mei looked around the ship, wondering where Dave had gone. She frowned slightly as a familiar fear rised up in her throat at the fear that he had disappeared or worse, had fallen over board and drowned. She rushed to the railing, jumping over Dmaion gracefully and her hands flew to the wood and her eyes panicly rushed over the water's edge to find a glimpse of her loyal friend. She nearly screamed as she could not find the male and she nearly dove into the water, but she knew it would do not the good for her to do so and she gripped the poor railing till her knuckles turned white when she realized that Dave, the lovable stowaway, was gone.

Ellizabeth noticed Mei running around frantically and walked over. "Hey... are you okay?" she asked.

Mei's grip suddenly loosened on the wood and she turned, her face let go of its worry. "I'm fine, we just lost someone overboard, that's all."

Panda laughed and put Starlite down, letting her rest on her own legs, and held onto her tightly, but not enough that she could still pull away if she wanted to. He maybe a 'tough guy', but on the inside, he still cared for a few people deeply and Starlite was quickly becoming one of them. and he didn't want to scare her.

Starlite laughed a little and smiled. She gently held his face in her hands, as she looked up at him, her hair moving with the soft wind. "Thank you"

Panda chuckled and patted her head a little, playing with her hair, "For what?"

Starlite smiled and let go of his face and fixed her hair. "For helping me get out of my shell"

Panda smiled gently down at the new girl that stumbled into his life. He glanced over at Damion, Lawerance and Sarah. He just shook his head, chuckling softly. He wondered idly for a moment as to where Mei had gone off to and for that matter his brother Dave. But he held onto Starlite's hand, "No problem my little girly girl." He gave her a true smile meant just for her.

Matt watched carefully, making sure everything was okay.

Kayden nodded. "Just these herbs and after tomorow, I'll see how it looks. If it doesn't help than it will need stitches which you'll have to go to Lawrence for that. This is all I can do." He said applying the last of the herbs. "Just take it easy and don't do anything wreckless." The young child said speaking like a mature adult.

Bell laughed a little "Want to describe what wreackless means in your vocabulary?" She ruffeled his hair lightly and looked at Matt, then walked out of the room and on the boat, as she sat at the edge of the boat. she sat there thinking about how Matt and herself first met, how they were so inlove with each other, but now she feels as if they are drifting apart. She sighed softly to herself as she took off a promise ring matt gave her. She never took off that ring until now.

Kayden cleaned up and walked back onto the deck and looked around.

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