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GAD Banners  <------------ Go here to get a banner

Great American Dreamers <-------These are the people who the quotes come from and their name for their pages.

Ok...I was going through and if you post shit on here....

1) This is a light-hearted page for funny quotes..yea...go figure.

2) Don't put shit on here that is sappy and sad unless there's like..i dunno...a sad holiday declared.

3) I can and WILL take down stuff I don't like. Not to be mean but I just read something that pissed me the HELL off because it wasn't funny and it was just...angering. 

~The Duck (Creator, Owner, Whatever)



Because of expanding needs we have broken this page up into several more pages. ANd by "we" I mean "me". So if you don't like it dont bother Courney with your complainrs. In fact, don't bother me either. Deal with it hobo!

Quotes of the Great American Dreamers 1-All those funny quotes that used to make up this page can now be found here....

Ranting For The Dream-You got something to say? Then Say it here. Maybe someone will listen...

Duck is An Animal-Supported by the Great American Dream, a Wiki for Courtney [Diab Soule]

insert "dumbass" here-A wonderful wiki made by [Diab Soule] that attacks stupid dumbasses on elftown. Hope you're not on here....haha

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2005-05-25 [dontKIKmeimdown]: IM GLAD I DONT GO TO NIGGER HIGH ANYMORE!!! There are a lot of black people there, but there are even more niggers there

2005-05-25 [dendrite.]: *agrees*

2005-05-26 [Taxicab Messiah]: In short, water was thrown on me, I cussed the chick out and demanded an apology, she didn't give me one and walked off, I went after her, and I was stopped by a friend before I hit her.

2005-05-26 [dendrite.]: whoa :o if I saw you I wouldve done it for you

2005-05-26 [Taxicab Messiah]: Haha.

2005-05-26 [dendrite.]: yup

2005-05-26 [Taxicab Messiah]: ::dances::

2005-05-26 [dendrite.]: so cute ^_^

2005-05-26 [Taxicab Messiah]: Haha.

2005-05-27 [dendrite.]: Im guessing your happy me and James are friends again Bunny? :)

2005-05-27 [Taxicab Messiah]: Yes I am. : ) EEE! YOU MEMEBERED MY NICKNAME!

2005-05-27 [dendrite.]: yayyy of course I did W00T! XD

2005-05-27 [Taxicab Messiah]: Wooo!

2005-05-27 [Taxicab Messiah]: ...Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring banana phone.

2005-05-27 [dendrite.]: :O I want a bannner phone :p *picks it up* hmm no more ringing *spaz's* eep

2009-05-02 [Nevinz]: long time since I've seen my friends

2009-05-02 [Diab Soule]: Everyone is seperated, now.

2009-05-04 [Nevinz]: yea I know, life after high school sucks

2009-05-04 [Taxicab Messiah]: Holy Crap.

2009-05-05 [Nevinz]: Holy crap what?!

2009-05-05 [Taxicab Messiah]: I has no idea.

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