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Cyclone looks across the village after he had just found out about the god's light being tainted. "Who would do such a thing?" He asked softly to the wind.

Araphina walked up slowly behind him, "You know why." She spoke softly to his back. She tiltde her head softly, her hair whisping around her face. The corner of her face rose as she watched him. Stood there studying him. She sighed softly to herself.

Cyclone slowly turns around and looks into Araphina's eyes. "I do now, but what I mean is what on earth will happen to the world now?" Hold his stare on her.

Araphina took another step forward not breaking the hard stare. He hair still whipping behind her. "We have yet to learn the truth of this world. But what ever will happen. We'll be ready. Or it wouldn't have happened." She said, stareing him down with her sharp blue eyes, still.

Cyclone stares at her and then he moves closer and kisses her deeply. "I know you are right." He saids after he breaks the kiss. Staring into her eyes.

"And I know."Araphina said, wrapping her arms around him. "That you enjoy teasing me." She smirked slightly. "But yes. We have a lot to deal with." She said. Her face growing serious. "We better enjoy this peace. While we can." She said, looking back into his eyes, placing her hand over his.

Cyclone looks at her and smiles a little. "Let us enjoy this peace and enjoy each others company" Holding her hand tightly.

"Yes." Araphina nodded, "What did you have in mind?" She asked tilting her head a little, looking up at him. She then slowly reaches up and cups his face with her one hand. "We can handle this. Right?" She asked a little unsure. Her being the one to look worried. His turn to confort her.

"Yes we can handle it" He looks into your eyes and smiles. "We can handle it but it will be difficulty" Her kisses her softly and smiles "But don't worry I will protect you"

Araphina laughed a little, "Sorry. But I'm a big girl. I can tie my own boots and everything." She teased him, leaning in agianst him and resting her head on his chest. "I have a idea." She said. "How about we go back to your place. And relaxe. Cause I feel that we wont get a chance to do it that much." She said, then looked up to him. Her hand laied out on his chest where her face was.

Cyclone looks at Araphina smiling at her "Sure let us go to my place and relax" Holding here hand we walk enjoying each others company.

Araphina woke the following morning. She sat up very slowly in bed. She looked to her left and there was Cyclone laying asleep. She could help but to smile. She pulled her night shirt down and sat there. She was taking in all that they talked about yesterday. Worried about what might happen to the world. Their friends. And even to them. Although, she'd hated to admit it. Losing him was the worst thought. She hoped that this wouldn't come between them. She pulled her hair around her shoulder softly, then started to braid it. Waiting for him to awake. She looked around his bedroom. She liked this room. It was dark. But lt in light. She sighed then contuined to braid her hair.

Cyclone wakes slowly and he looks at Araphina and smiles. He thoughts start to race about the up coming task and about how he was a loner until she entered his life. How he used to go into battle with out a fear, but now.... Now he has to worry about her safety. He knows she does not want him to worry, but he can not help it. After a long moment silence Cyclone says "good morning" 

"Oh!" Araphina jumped a little. She turned to looked down at him and smiled, tieing off her braid. She flipped it over her shoulder and laied down on her side to look at him. The braid would do fine until she showered. "How'd you sleep?" She asked him, taking her finger and traceing his features with it all over his face.

Cyclone smiles at her "I had a little trouble sleeping last night but I am rested" Running a finger down her cheek and kissing her lips. "Today I think we need to head east to seek the oracle to learn more about what happened." 

"But first."Araphina smiled then leaned her face in agianst his and kissed him very lightly. Just the soft brush of lips. "I want a shower. And even more. I want company."She grinned then brushed his lips with hers agian. She pulled back then sat back up and slid to the edge of the bed. When she stood her night shirt fell down just low enough to cover her. She then walked for the bedroom door, opening it she turned back to look at him. 'As yummy as you look in bed. I'r rather you wet." She said, then walked out of the door, and then down the hall a little and into the bathroom. She started the water then pulled her shirt up and over her head and off, tossing it to the hamper. She then started to unbraid her hair, and brush it. Waiting for Cyclone.

Smiling after their kiss, Cyclone makes his way out of bed and heads to the bathroom. When he enters he wraps his arms around her and kisses her neck. "I enjoy your company my lady and I am glad to have you here with me at this very moment." Kissing her again and then stepping into the water.

After the long hot shower, Araphina sat on the bed in the bedroom. She was pulling her hair up into a ponytail. He was dressed in dark blue jeans, a black t-shirt and her boots. Her leather jacket sitting on the bed next to her. She struggled with the band then finally got the hair up. She smiled, tightened it's hold then stood and grabbed her jacket. "I'm going to eat something." She called then left the bedroom and headed for the kitchen down the hall and down the set of steps. She walked in and hung her jacket over the chair then looked around the kitchen for something kinda quick to eat. Knowing he'd want to leave soon.

Cyclone got dressed in his black ninja gi and head down stairs to get himself something to eat. After a quick bite he started to pack for their journey, making sure they had plenty of food and other needs. He then made sure his weapons were ready to go. "Now is the time for us to be ready for war..."

Araphina was sitting on the livingroom couch, she was making sure that her twine was tight enough on her bow. "Yea. She said. "Your telling me." She sighed then wrapped it around the end agian. Then brushed her hair to her back, to make sure that it was not in the way.

After along pause Cyclone finally said "I think we better get going if we want to make it before dark" And he quickly pulled is long silver hair into a pony tail. And he walks to the door.

Araphina nodded. "Yea guess so. Wouldn't want to be late to her her." She said, then walked over and grabbed her bag and another then walked out the door. He bow under her arm.

Cyclone and Araphina start their long journey east to find the mystic oracle. They both are uncertain of what lays ahead and if they will be able to save the world... After a long silence Cyclone asks "Do you think we will be able to save the wrold?"

Araphina shrugged. She really didn't want to think about it. She had to much else to think about it. She had way to much on her mind...and she hated it that she was distraced. She sighed slightly then went back to brushing her hair...agian.

After what seems like hours Cyclone spots a village ahead. "I think we should stop here and ask if they now where the oracle is at.." He walks towards the village...

Araphina fell into step behind him. Adjusting her top, she sighed. Not really watching where she was walking...just as long as he was leading her.

After a quick stop at the pub Cyclone begins to question everyone in town. He ask anyone and everyone. But nothing yet.

Araphina went her own way around town. Asking people in stores and places to eat. She sighed when she learned nothing. She was currently sitting outside the Pub. Waiting for Cyclone.

After a little while Cyclone shows up and looks put off... "Any luck?" He asks looking a little pissed now...

"Nope." Araphina said, then looked up at him. Drinking from her water bottle. "You?" She asked him.

Cyclone looks down at her and just nods his head "NO Ihad no luck, we must find her though..."

Araphina raised a eyebrow at a little kid that came up to her.

"I heard that your looking for her. SHe's in the land of the water." The little kid said. "North." the kid added then ran off.

Araphina looked up to Cyclone and shrugged, "That's better then nothing...I guess." She said

"Well I guess we head north to the land of water..." Cyclone trails off staring off in space looking like he is in deep thought

Araphina looked up at him and poked his side. "Yea you." She said. "What's got you bugged?" She asked, then stood up and gathered her things.

"Its just that the land of water is where a titan was put to rest..." Cyclone looks at Araphina

Araphina nodded. "Yea I know that. But there is noway she's way out there. I'm sure of it." She added, looking back to him. "I mean, I really wouldn't think she would be anyway."

Cyclone just stares off "lets just get going" After they walk for a while they come across a stranger...

Araphina bumped into Cyclone and looked at him. "Hey!" She said, then walked around him and noticed the stranger.

"Who are you" Cyclone asked with a curious look on his face.

Araphina looked to the stranger. Awaiting a answer. Wondering. Thinking in the far back part of her mind.

TEDY~BER was standing in the path, "Hi" he said,"I'm TEDY~BER".

"So your name is Tedy~ Ber.." Cyclone looks at him. "We are headed to the land of water to find the oracle wanna tag along?"

Araphina sighed then raised a eyebrow. "Not happening Cyclone." She said, looking to him, half hiding behind him.

Cyclone looks at her "Why? We need all the help we can get don't we?"

"Well. Yea." Araphina said. "But..." She sighed. "I donno." She added. "I just. I donno." She said her nails digging into her lovers arm.

"I'm only a little crazed, but i will never leave you in battle" TEDY~BER explains..

Cyclone looks at his love. "I promise you that he will be of great help to us and he will not harm you my lady."

"So when are we leaving"Ask TEDY~BER

"But Cyclone." Araphina whined, "You know how I am about...clowns." She whispered that last word, still clinging to him.

"I know how you feel about them but we need him" Cyclone turns back towards Tedy~ber "We were on our way there now"

Araphina sighed then let him go and stood really closely next to him. "Yea. We're heading out now." She said.

Cyclone starts to walking feeling Araphina grabing his arm tightly

Araphina looked behind her every so often. Making sure their new friend wasn't trying anything funny. She was not just holding Cyclone's hand. She really didn't like clowns. Let alone ones that were trained to kill.

Cyclone keeps walking looking for any sign of the land of water while keeping and eye out for danger

Araphine sighed then adjusted her bow and arrows on her back. "THere a sign." She smiled, then walked with him over to it. "Says about 20 miles to the edge of the 'land of water'" She said, then looked up to him. "This could take a little while."

Cyclone looks at her and thinks "Do you wanna move faster?" he asks

"Deppens."Araphina said. "How fast you want to get there?" She asked him, looking up at him, still holding his hands within hers.

Cyclone smiles "As fast as I can move and that can be pretty fast"

Araphina shrugged. "Well yea. But still. What about clown boy." She said, then looked behind her then back to Cyclone.

"He can keep up don't worry" Cyclone smiles as he looks at Araphina

"Let's set up and make camp for the night. For it shall be here soon." Araphina said, looking up at the sky, then back to him. "We can get a fresh start tomorroe morning. How is that?" She asked.

"Ok but I wont be sleeping..." Cyclone looks into her eyes

'That's a shame." Araphina smiled, "Cuase I will be." She added then started to take bags and such off. She then started to set up the tent that she brought. Fighting with the silky cloth and poles.

Cyclone helps her and then he jumps up into a tree to stand gaurd

Once Araphina was done she walked over and looked up, "Hey." She called down. Hungary?" She asked him.

"No I don't need nothing" He looks off into the distance

Araphina sighed then tossed the apple up and smiled then it landed in his lap. She then walked away from the tree a little andwent into the tent and zipped it up to change. When she unzipped the tent she was in drawstring pants and a slightly bigger t-shirt. Her weapons sitting near the tent entrance. She sighed then started to sharpen her dagger at the tent entrance.

Cyclone picks the apple up and starts tossing it in the air remaining silent.

There was slooshing sound and then a scratching sound. Araphina was sharping her arrows now. She tested the tip of one and yelped. "oops." She grinned, like a fool. She had pricked herself. THinking it wasn't that sharp.

Cyclone glances down at her and shakes his head then he decides to throw the apple up and slice it in half with his sword and catch both pecies and eats one

About four hours later it was total darkness. Araphine was laying in the tent. She was hoping Cyclone would join her soon. She felt alone and empty without him laying next to her. She sighed then rolled over. Figuring he fell asleep in the tree or wanting joining her at all.

Cyclone remains in the tree not able to sleep. He just stares off into the dark thinking of what to do...

Araphina sighed, she sat up and mentaly growled at him. "I swear." She said. They's been together for 2 years. He knew that she could not sleep well without him there holding her. "Cyclone" She whined, then faked a strangle the blankets.

Cyclone after a a little while decides to go in to the tent and see how she is doing

Araphina was strangling the blankets when he came in. She smiled at him, froxen in midair, then lowered the bundle of blankets. "Hi." She said, then flanted the blankets, trying to look casual.

Cyclone smiles "Having trouble sleeping?" He asks even though he knows she has been...

'Maybe just a little." Araphina said, holding up her forefinger and thumb within a small amount. She sighed then looked at him in the eyes. "Just. I know you want to protect me." She said. "But I can do that. All I want is..." She sighed agian then looked weak and child-like. "I-I don't want to lose you. And I fear I might this time." She said, then looked down and gripped the blankets over her lap, a tear falling forming a wet spot next to her left fist.

Cyclone looks down at her "You will not lose me, I will do what it takes to stay here with you" He puts a hand on her face and makes her look at him "I promise nothing will happen to me" He kisses her and smiles "Lets get some sleep ok?'

Araphina looked at him and sniffled and sighed. SHe shifted then stood on her knees agianst him and leaned in and kissed him softly. Small kisses over and over. She then let her arms snake around his neck and countiuned to leave softly kisses on his lips, pressing her body close to him.

Cyclone smiles as he gets down next to her and kisses her over and over again. He holds her close feeling her body next to his and his blood boiling with passion

Araphina smiled agianst his kisses, her arm draped over his hip, pressing even closer agianst him. As he other hand was playing in his hair, scratching lightly at his scalp. Just the way he liked it.

Cyclone kisses her deeply as his hand slides through her hair and he pushes against her. His heart starts to beat faster as their kiss deepens

Araphina kisses him back deeply, and pressing her body up agianst his. She then, scratches lightly at his back. Lost in the love and lust of the two.

Cyclone stares into her eyes with the look that always makes Araphina feel like he is looking into her soul as he holds her close and kisses her again

" Maybe we shouldn't." Araphine said softly agaisnt his lips. "I mean. TEDY~BER is out there...and." She stopped, pressing close agianst him, searching his face.

Cyclone looks at her and smiles "He is dead to the world I know this because when I came down from the tree I landed right on his head and he didn't wake up" He Smiled "but if you don't want to I respect that"

Araphina leans in agianst his ear and whispered, "Take me. I'm yours." She said, then pulled back and smiled. After about...well just just say enought time has past. Araphina laied next to him, tracing small patterns on his bare chest. As she regain her breathing. She looked up to him and wanted to say something. But didn't want to risk it. She then looked back away.

Cyclone smiles at her and runs a finger down her cheek. Then after a long silence Cyclone decides to ask her something "Araphina after we see "HER" and before we go out to do what we have to do will you marry me?" He looks at her and awaits her answer

Araphina's eyes grew wide. She then pulled back and sat up, pulling the sheet up around to cover her. "What?" She said, looking down at him. "That's not funny." She said, as she started to grab her clothes, she dressed really quickly then shook her head. "How could you ask me that now?" She asked then pulled on her slip on sandle then unzipped the tent then setpped out and walked. She need to think about this. Needed to really think about this.

Cyclone watches her leave and lays there wondering if he should go after, after a moment he decides to let her be and just wait for her to decide...

Araphina fell to her knees somewhere after the tree that was close by and she hugged herself. She started to tear up, she looked up to the night sky and wondered. She couldn't believe he asked her. Now. "Why?" She asked softly out loud. "We've not even said I love you yet. And he asks me to marry him?" She pondered outloud. Loud enough for him to hear her faintly.

Cyclone decides to go see if she is ok. He walks out of the tent and finds her "Are you ok?"

Araphina jumped then stood and fell into his arms. "It will only make it harder if I lose you." She said agianst his chest. Hugging him tightly agianst her. "And I can't stand that thought."

Cyclone looks down at her and she feels a tear hit the top of her head "It will only give me another reason to fight harder and I promise you I will not let you lose me because I love you"

Araphina's breath caught then she looked up to him and smiled. "I-I um...I love you too." She said. "And the answer." She said, then nodded. "Yea. I'll-I'll be your wife after all this. Gladly."

Cyclone smiles "I am glad you will marry me and if we wed before we go out after the gods I will be stronger..." He looks at her and smiles

"Come back to the tent with me." Araphina smiled. 'I'll give you a preview of marriage perks." She grinned. "Over and Over." She smiled, then took his hand and led him back into the tent, laying down with him agian and nibbling at his neck.

Cyclone smiles as he lets one of his hands trace her body and he nibbles on her neck. Then he kisses her deeply as he pulls her close to him

Araphina laied there alsleep and naked in his arms, several hours later. She was smiling lightly as she shifted and pressed closer to the man she was going to marry.

Cyclone kisses her neck as he holds her close and falls into a deep sleep finally after he had become the happiest man alive

It was about 10:35ish A.M. When Araphina walked out of the tent, dressed and ready to go. She was by the small pool of water, washing her hair. Thinking deeply to herself. About her future. Their future. And the battle.

Cyclone comes out of the tent fully clothed and ready to go. He takes down the tent and walks up to Araphina and says "Ready to go?"

Araphine nodded after moving her hair behind her. "Yea." She said really softly. She then gathered the bags and things and her bow. She then stood and smiled at him, then started to headed out to the land of the water.

Cyclone nodded and fallowed her with his sword out and ready. They walk north to the land of water...

After a long time of walking, Araphine looked to Cyclone and sighed. " long after untill you want to get married?" She asked him, then popped a grape into her mouth.

"As soon as we can after we talk to the oracle because we will need to get going on the quest too,,," Cyclone looks at her gravely.

"Okay then." Araphina said, then ate another grape. "So before we actually start the battle. But you asked, for afterwards. What changed your mind?" She asked then looked back infront of her.

Cyclone looks at her "What I said was after the oracle and before the battle" He smiles...

Araphina nodded then smiled. "Well if that is what you want. then okay." She said.

Cyclone smiles "Enough of this walking crap lets get moving" HE smiles at her

Araphina sighed then bagged the grapes and sighed. "If we must." She said.

"We should if we want to make it there before dark. Do you want to keep up or ride on my back?" Cyclone winks at her with a little laugh

Araphina smiled, "I'll keep up." She said, then took off as a blur.

Cyclone smiles "God I love her" And he takes off and catches up

Araphina saw that he caught up and just smiled. She then kicked it up a little and took a boost off, heading him up more.

"A race I see" Cyclone smiles and decides to use his full speed completely passing her with a burled smile

Araphina shook her head then started to walk agian. Letting him go. Letting him have is fun.

Cyclone realizing that she decided to walk stops and hides in a tree waiting for her

Araphina was writing something down in the small notbook she brought when she passed the tree. She was to lost in thought.

Cyclone waits until she is a little passed the tree and jumps down behind her quietly and walks behind her and says "Well hllo"

Araphina dropped her notebook and then grabbed him amd flipped him over her shoulder to his back, dagger at his throat. "Cyclone!" She said, then pulled back and put her dagger away.

Cyclone looks up at her and just laughs a little "Nice reaction, I am proud of you"

Araphina smiled at him laying all sprawled on the ground and nodded. "I leaned from the best." She smiled, looking him in the eye.

"Now I think we need to get moving, ok?" Cyclone looks at her with a look of deep emation

Araphina walked around him then held a hand down to him. "Some on." She said.

Cyclone got to his feet with her help and said "lets go then we should almost be there"

"Yea." Araphina said, "I smell the salt in the air. We're close." She smiled, then leaned up and kissed his cheek. "i didn't hurt you. Did I?" She asked him after picking up her notebook she dropped.

Cyclone looks at her and smiles "No you didn't hurt me" But thinking to himself damn that girl gots some strength

Araphina smiled then put away the things then, reached for his hand and laced her fingers with his. "Sorry. I should have noticed you weren't in sight anymore." She said.

"Its ok I did it on purpose I wanted to see how you would react"Cyclone said.

Araphina smiled. "Oh." She said. "Well. Did I pass?" She asked, looking up at him, leaning agianst him. Smiling.

Cyclone looks at her and smiles "yes you did" Kissing her

"Goody. I was hoping so." Araphina smiled, then kissed him back and smiled agian. "You smell the salt?" She asked, inhaling the air.

"I do, lets go" Cyclone takes off towards the smell

"I hate this. A lot." Araphina said, then took off. She sighed then caught up to him.

When they reach the land of water they so no sign of life

Ara stopped and looked around then started to search the sand around her, then sighed. "There's nothing. No signs nothing."

"lets dive then" Cyclone jumps in

Ara smiled, stripped off her gear then her jeans and her boots and dove into the water.

They dive deep searching the waters

Ara pointed at a dark area then swam up for air. She gasped then smiled as the sun warmed her face.

Cyclone joins her and ask "did you see anything?"

"Yea. It was a darker spot then the rest. Might be where she is at." Ara said. "Care to check it out?"

"Yea lets go" Cyclone dives back down

Ara dived down after him then swam for awhile, then swam up under something and hit a air bubble. She looked around for Cyclone, kicking around looking for him.

"Over here" She sees him on the shore waiting for her

Ara climbed up and looked at the oracle. "Not really was I was thinking." She said softly, then awaited Cyclone's entrance.

Cyclone enters looking around with a look of wonder

Ara nudged him lightly then pointed the the women in front of them, with only a shear gown on, surrouned by pillows and a softly white bed.

"You must be the oracle" Cyclone looks at the lady and smiles

Ara smiled at her then sighed, "So what now scooby?" She teased Cyclone.

"Can you tell us who tainted the gods light and why?" Cyclone looked at the oracle.

"Yes I can, Hades did it to put the world into darkness"

"What no that can't be,,,"Cyclone said.

"Actually, Yea. He can." Ara said. "And I guess he has. Seeing that it's done."

"No you don't understand seven years ago I fought Hades and I locked him away..."Cyclone stated.

"Yes. But." Ara said. "Something has gone wrong." She said, then looked to the oracle.

"Yes something has gone wrong, Hades has an ally and I am not sure who it is..." The oracle looked grave

"Not sure who it is..." Cyclone repeated to himself

"It's be the only way he could." Araphina said then sat down and crossed her legs and her arms, then was lost in deep thought.

"So in order to change the world back we need to destroy Hades and who ever is helping him..." Cyclone starts to stare off in to space

Araphina started to ramble, off. Anything and everything was useless to what she was really saying.

After a few moments Cyclone looks at Araohina and smiles "Well first thing is frist we need to get back to get married trust me"

Araphina looked to the orcle and then sighed. "Should we get married? Now I mean?" She asked her.

The oracle looks at Araphina and smile "Yes you should Cyclone knows more then he is telling but for a good reason. GO and get married"

Ara sighed, smacked Cyclone's leg then turned and dove back into the water and swam for the outer surface. Once she broke it then sighed and swam to the beachy sand and then laid on it to warm and dry her body.

Cyclone joins her after a few minutes. "You will find out why we should get married before as soon as we get married ok?"

"Let me sun bathe a little first." Araphina said, opening one eye and looked up at him. Now only in his undergarments. Matching black lace bra and panties.

Cyclone smiled "ok hun" he then lays next to her

"Are you upset with me?" Ara asked him. "My human half anyway." She said. "Cause I enjoy this kinda thing?"

"No I am not upset with you, I can wait a little while" Cyclone smiles at her "Love can always wait"

Araphina nodded then turned her head and looked back to the sun. "Are you sure?" She asked him, looking away.

"Yes I am sure. You won't get to many chances like this when we head out to do what we need to do"Cyclone said to her.

Ara sighed then nodded. 'Yea I guess so." She said then looked at him and got up. She then walked over and got started to get dressed.

"when we get married I promise to end this quickly so we can enjoy our marriage ok?" Cyclone gets up and walks over to her kissing her on the neck

"Baby. Please." Ara whined. 'You know what that does." She said really softly, pressing her still half naked body agianst him.

Cyclone smiles and kisses her neck I again "You mean that?" And he does it again

Ara moaned softly agianst him, becoming weak. "Cyclone." She said, softly.

Cyclone holds her close as he continues to kiss her neck

Ara moaned softly agians then moved her hand behind her and slipped it under his waistline, taking it into her grasp softly.

Cyclone moans a little and kisses her neck again as his arms wrap around her

A while later Araphina laied naked in the sand. She smiled then arched her back and looked at him and grinned. "Mental note. Never in sand agian." He laughed lightly.

"Well now that we feel better I think we should truly get going now" Cyclone gave her a little wink and smiled

Ara rolled her eyes then sighed. She then got up, dressed fastly then started to load up their gear. "So back to your house?" She asked, srapping on the last of what she carries.

"Yes but lets travel by air" Cyclone pulled out a small orb you never seen before and held it into the air and a giant dragon came to him

Ara sighed, "Um...You know me and hights aren't to good." She said. her stomach upset already.

"We will not being flying high just hovering it beats walking" Cyclone looks at her

Ara nodded, then sighed. 'Yea. Alright." She said, swolling hard. 'I guess."

Cyclone smiled and helped her up on the dragon and then he jumped up there "And besides it gives me a reason to hold you"

Araphina sighed, then leaned back agianst him and closed her eyes. She was trying to keep her stomach from losing what food she has eaten.

The dragon raised off the ground high enough to glide and it took off

Araphina breathing quickened and she sighed trying to relaxe agianst him. This not being so bad. But bad enough.

They glide across the ground as Cyclone holds her tight

Ara threw up a little in her mouth and then swolled it and sighed. She was going to handle this. One way or another.

After a short while they reached their destination and landed

Ara got off to fast it wasn't even funny. She ran for cover then threw up behind a small bush out of view from her lover.

Cyclone smiles a little as he jumps off and sends the dragon away "You ok hunny?"

Araphina rose then nodded, taking a drink of water from her bag and then rinsed out her mouth. "Fine." She said.

"Ok I am glad" Cyclone walks into the house

Araphina sighed then walked into the house and walked into the livingroom and sighed then flopped on the couch. "Ahh. comforts." She smiled.

Cyclone joins her and smiles "Yes we can relax today but tomorrow the wedding..."

Araphina sighed. "So. Who's all coming. I have no family." She said.

Cyclone looks at her "I wasn't on planing on have no one come really..."

Araphina shrugged. "We need a witness." She said.

"I know we do but who..." Cyclone looks deep in thought..

"I could call up my human cousin." Ara said. THe only member of her family alive still.

"Ok then lets do that" cyclone smiles

Ara sighed then looked to the phone all the way on the counter. "Man." She whined.

"Don't worry about it right now ok?" Cyclone smiles

"Oh gee." Araphina said then got up in a ahurry and ran off to the nearest bathroom and threw up agian.

Cyclone sits down and realxes and waits for her to return

Araphina grabbed the phone walking back in and sighed. "I donno what wrong." She said.

"Sit next to me and lay your head on my lap and relax hun."

Araphina did that then sighed and dialed her cousin's number then smiled when she heared his voice. "Hey Alan." She said.

"Whats up Araphina?" Alan sounded happy to hear her voice

"Good. Um. I have a favor. I'm getting married tomorrow. And I know it's really short notice...but will you be out witness?" Araphina sked him.

"Um sure I can I will be there by tomorrow. when is the weding tomorrow?"

"Hun?" Ara asked looking up. "When's the wedding?" She asked him. awaiting to tell Alan.

"Noy until afternoon sometime.." cyclone looked at her and smiled

"Alan. Um. Not untill the afternoon." Ara said.

"Ok perfect, I will be there bye" Alan hangs up

"Well he's coming." Araphina said to Cyclone, setting the phone on the coffee table.

"Ok I already got the persist to come too" Cyclone smiles

"When did you make that call? Before you asked me?" Ara asked a little unsure about things, sitting up.

"No I made it after you said yes you were on the beach sun bathing I stayed at the oracle's and used her phone"

"Your up to something.' Ara said then got up from the couch with him and walked out of the room.

Cyclone just sits there and thinks to himself "she has no idea what will happen when I marry her..."

Ara was then in the bathroom heaving agian.

Cyclone goes to check on her to make sure she was ok

Araphina pulled back and sighed, then stood and walked over to the sink and rinised out her mouth. ignoreing her lover standing there. after watching her barf...agian.

Cyclone pats her on the back lightly and sighs...

"I'm fine." Ara said. "So eaither tell me what's up. Or I'm walking away. Away from this war and away from you." She said her breath minty.

"Ok, if I get married I become almost god like and then maybe we would have a chance at winning.."  

"You want to USE ME!!!??" Araphina said, as she was pissed off at him. "What the hell." She said, then pushed back him and then walked up to the bedroom to pack her things.

"No I asked you to marry me because I love you, our love is what will make me god like if we marry I am not trying to use you"

Araphina looked at him with tear stained eyes. "I'm pregnate." She said. "You hear me." She said then sat on the bed.

Cyclone looks at her with a stunned look "You are pregante... then I will not let you go on the journey"

Ara shhok her head. "I was pregnate." She said. "I was about a week along, and then. Remember I was kicked in the stomach that one battle like 3 days ago...well. I lost it." She said. "I'm sorry. My body is just having the after acffects and..." She sighed agian.

"The baby is gone..." Cyclone looks at her with a sad look

"Yea. And my body is just now starting to reject the fetus." Araphina said.

"why didn't you tell me sonner?" Cyclone looked at her but didn't seem mad..

"Cause I wasn't 100% sure up until like a day before i was kicked there. And I knew my body would dispose of it...." Kass said. "I didn't want you worry you."

"Well what is done is done.. The only thing we can do now is move on I guess..."

"Your upset with me." Ara said.

"No just said that I wont be a father..."

Ara reached scross and placed her hand over his. "We can try after the war."

"Yes after the war..."

Ara sighed. 'Your upset." She said being a empath, him not knowing she was. She got up and then sighed and unpacked her things.

"we need to deaft this evil quick..."

Ara nodded then sat back on the bed once things were put away.

"lets get some sleep ok?"

Ara nodded then sighed and got up to change. She then was dressin in her pj pants and a thin strapped shirt. And then she crawled into bed.

Cyclone fallowed her led and went to bed feeling tired..

Half way thu the night Ara laied there crying herself. Trying to go back to sleep.

Cyclone was dead to the world not hear her at all

Araphina got up then and grabbed her robe and wrppaed up in it and then walked outside the double doors in the bedroom and sat on the small balcony area. Looking up at the stars and the moon. Had resting on my stomach, feeling bad about everything.

Cyclone slowly wakes up looking for her

Ara had fallin asleep outside in the cooish weather, hand still resting on her stomach, her hair moving behind her and the lounger on the balcony.

Cyclone sees her and goes and covers her up but does not move her because he doesn't want to wake her

"Love you." Araphina whispered softly then shifed and went right back into a deep sleep.

Cyclone smiled and kissed her on the forehead and went back to bed

Ara was down stairs on the couch reading a book about 10Am the next morning. She wasn't paying attetion to anyhing. Just acting like it was any other day.

Cyclone comes walking down stairs and smiles "Ready for the wedding today?"

"Wed-Oh Shit!" Araphina claled out then fumbled her book down then ran out of the run and up to the guestbedroom. "Alan will be here soon" She said. "And nothing is ready."

Just then the doorbell rang.

Cyclone answers the door

Alan Hine took a step back and looked at the place. "Hi. I'm Alan. Maybe I got the wrong house." He said.

:No its the right place please come in" Cyclone smiled

Alan nodded then walked in, he was dressed in blue jeans and a slightly loose button up shirt, his sneakers squeaked a little as he walked into the house. 'So You the husband to be?" He asked.

"Yes I am and Ara is up stairs right now" Cyclone smiled

Alan nodded, standing there. "I'm Alan." He said. Hoping the guy would get the picture. Him not knowing who he was talking to.

"Yeah and I am Cyclone so what?" Cyclone looks at him and laughs a little

"Alan?" Araphina smiled coming down the stairs. Curlers in her hair, while she was in a robe. She ran over to him and embraced him as he hugged her back. "Cousin. It's been to long." She said.

"Well I guess I better go get cheanged" Cyclone sighed and went up stairs

Alan and Araphina sat on the couch and then talked. She only left him to go upstairs and finish getting ready and to change.

When Cyclone came back down he was dressed and a silver looking suite with his hard pulled back into a long ponytail

Alan nodded, once he saw him. "Looks good. Better then I did at my wedding." he said then shuttered at the memory.

Cyclone smiled and laughed a little "Yeah I am ready..."

'So where the guy marrying you?" Alan asked as he and Cyclone stood in the back yard. It was done up a little. But not to much. There was a place for Alan to sit. And that was about it. A arch for Cyclone and Araphina to stand under. Nothing more or less.

CYclone looks off into the distance and after a moment he says "there he is" pointing to the sky they see a guy surfing on a dragon heading towards them

Alan nodded, "Nicely done". He said then sat down in the chair. Letting them talk before everything starts.

Cyclone greets his old friend and gets ready for the wedding

Shortly later Arphina walked thu the double back doors. She was in a simple white dress with daisies in her hair as it was done up. She was carrying daisies also. She was in white flats and she was smiling. She walked up to the alter then handed Alan the flowers, then looked back to Cyclone. Waiting.

The priest started his whole speech as Cyclone looks into Ara's eyes

Ara smiled and looked back into his eyes. She said her vows once it was her turned then grinned at him. And waited.

Cyclone smiled and sayed his vows when it was his turn and placed the ring on her finger when told

Araphina tried to forced her tears away when she placed the band of silver on his finger. "I do." She said lightly smiling at him.

Cyclone kisses her deeply when he heres kissed the bride

Ara pulled back and smiled, then walk over to Alan and pull him up and into a hug then pulled back and smiled. "Thank you for coming." She said.

Alan nodded. 'yea. I'm glad I did come." he said.

Cyclone blushed and smiled as he starts to glow a golden cololr

Araphina smiled, then linked arms with her husband then walked back into the house, Alan following behind. A little whil later Araphina was making something hot tea. Alan had left about 5 minutes ago. And SHe had been a wife for about 4 hours.

Cyclone walks in and the glow is even brighter now

"Hey love." Araphina smiled, then sat at the kitchen table with her hot green tea.

Cyclone smiled "Hey babe how are you?"

"Good." Ara smiled up at him, then sipped her tea. Her ring catching off the light.

"Well now we are husband and wife aren't we.." Cyclone blushes a little

Ara blushed slightly under her mug and took another sip then set her mug down. "Yea would seem so." She said.

Cyclone smiles "Well it feels good..."

Araphina nodded. "Feels really good." She said. "And it was good to see Alan. So yea." She shrugged. "it was all good."

Cyclone smiles "Yeah but we will have to head out in a few days..."

"Yep." Araphina said. "Most of everything is still packed. So we wont have much to do. But to relax while we can. And enjoy being married."

"Yes we need to relax.." Cyclone smiles

"It's the best thing we can do for now." Araphina said looking up at him.

Cyclone smiled as he plops down next to her

Ara lifted her mug and took a another sip of her tea then sighed and looked down into the mug. "You know. When I met you. I never thought this would happen." She said. "I mean. I fell for you. The moment we met. But, I really never saw myself getting married." She shrugged. "But I guess. That no longer matters. We have larger issues at hand now...huh?"

Cyclone sighed and looked at her "Yeah we do.. and it wont be easy.." He starts to stare off in deep thought

Araphina sighed then went silent and went about drinking her tea. Worried about saying the wrong thing.

After a long silence Cyclone sighs again and decides to go for a walk

Ara watched him go then after he was out of sight she got up. Dumped out her mug in the sink and left it there. She then went up stairs pulled something out from inside a shoe box on her side of the bed then went into the bathroom. After a moment she sttod there waited, pacing back and forth in the bathroom.

Cyclone walks as his mind racing about the up coming challenge and his new wife.

"You know... She's probably just as nervous and handling it much better." Come's a soft feminen voice from the side in the trees. "The light and the gods. What a coincidence." Says the voice. In a soft almost musical sounding way.

Cyclone looks around to find the owner of the voice. "Who are you?" He asks hand on his sword ready to fight

"Just a Nymph. Apheni is the name, and the pleasure really is mine if the rumers are true." Says the voice with a small laugh before a short and thin woman steps out of the woods. With a happy go lucky smile and a little bounce in her step. She certainly dressed none to nymph-like for this realm.

Cyclone's grip on his sword relaxes as he stares at her "Did you come to join us in our attempts to bring peace back to the world?"

"Exactly that! My the rumers were spot on for that part!" Apheni giggles covering her mouth demurely. Not once taking ehr eyes off Cyclone. She had a very slight british sounding accent if one had been to the human dwelling realm and the little country it was from.

Araphina had moved from the bathroom to the back porch. She was sitting on the swing. Her book laied next to her. She was looking out amoungst the trees. Her answer was never shown. And she was unsure if she'd have a chance to do it agian before they left for battle. She sighed then shrugged. "Everything happens for a reason." She whispered to the wind. She looked down, her hair falling in her face as she waited for her husband, however funny that sounded, came home.

"Well welcome aboard then, I think we should head back to my house tol et my wife know what is going on" Cyclone looks at Apheni one last time and then he turns and starts heading home

"You are so very trusting are you not?" Apheni asks from two to three feet behind him. All of a sudden behind him. She was grinning impishly.

"Thats only because anyone that tries to attack me is a fool and will die quickly" Cyclone looks back at Apheni with a little smile

"I hear so many people say that to me it's not even a very good cliche anymore." Apheni rolls her eyes walking alongside of Cyclone. "Tell me... how's the wife? I hear it was a little turbulant today." Apheni says looking around where they were walking. She could have gone and spoken to Araphina first. But she thought she'd surprise them only a little bit.

"She is doing good" Cyclone stops and truns in to the driveway of his house "This is it"

Araphina looked up at the sound of his faint voice. She smiled, then noticed he was with someone. She stood then walked to the edge of the porch, arms crossed, leaning agianst the frame of the entrance.

"Oh hi baby this Apheni, she has come to help with the Gods.." Cyclone looked at his wife nervously

"Goddess name. Like mine." Araphina said, "Nice to met you." She said, "I'm, as he said, the wife. Araphina." She said then looked to Cyclone, and smiled at him.

"And you. Though I wouldn't much want the only title of 'wife' put to my name." Apheni grins walking up the steps offering her hand to shake. Something she had not done for Cyclone. "It was inconclusive I take it." Apheni says in a low tone softly. A twinkle in her eyes and a mischeivous grin on her lips.

Araphina smiled, then shook her hand and then looked her over softly. "Well. Yes. But, It was for the best and I got to see a old friend." She said.

"Old?!" Apheni huffs dropping her hand. "At least I'm not stuck with a worry wart male ego he-man." She snorts before grinning and hugging Araphina tightly. "It is good to see you in good health my sister." Apheni says not yet releasing the taller woman.

Cyclone looks at them in shock as he heard what was just said...

"as well as it is to see you again, sister." Araphina smiled, hugging her back. "Alan. Remember him? He was here for the wedding." She smiled, "But it is much better to see you." She added hugging her again.

"Wait I thought all your family was dead?" Cyclone looks at both of them with confusion

Araphina smiled looking to Cyclone, "What am I to say." She shrugged. "Alan, Apheni and Kris are the only ones that stayed in touch after my parents disowned me." She said.

"I see, so now that is cleared up. When do you think we should head out?"

"I've only just heard of the uprising. I've been on Earth, mingling with the mortal folks. Tell me a little about it feed me and I'll make sure I have what arsenal I need." Apheni says wishing someone would have told her about her sister albeit half sister's wedding.

"well come on in and I will fill you in on everything" Cyclone smiles and leads the way

Araphina opened the door then let them walk in. Waiting to walk in after both of them.

Apheni walks inside and whistles. "Not bad sister not bad at all." She grins scoping out the room and everything in it.

Cyclone smiles "please have a seat" he points her to a chair

Apheni snorts and rolls her eyes going to another chair and sitting sideways in it so her legs hung over the arm rest. "So my little bunny pair." She grins impishly, "what do I need to know."

Araphina smiled, sitting near Cyclone. She rubbed her hands together, then looked to Cyclone for him to answer.

Cyclone smiles for a moment then his expression turns grave as he takes a deep breath and begins "Well as you know the light of the gods is no longer pure, now the gods are evil and they are raising massive army's to put the world in to darkness and as you should know when gods create an army it will be the strongest army the world has ever seen"

"Like the Atlantians?" Apheni asks curiously. She'd heard of them, but hadn't been around to meet them. "That means the light is gone. do we know who has it?"

Cyclone looks at her "Yes we do, Hades has it and he is using it to take over as the god of all gods.." Cyclone looks of in to space and starts to think deeply

Araphina sighed then fell back agianst the couch and looked to Apheni. She was chewing lightly on her lower lip.

"Oh drat... that... thats really not cool." Apheni frowns. She and Hades were on that not on good terms thing. In fact she was still pretty sure he was going to get her back for what she had done. Apheni was chewing her bottem lip. "Dang... so we can't like... not go to the underworld?"

"Well we can but it will not be easy..." Cyclone stands to his feet. "But I will let you two catch up on eachothers lives, I am ganna go train..." Cyclone takes off out the door

"Um so remember a hundred or so years ago... when I was hanging out with Eros and those guys? and... um... stuff?" Apheni says hesitantly. She knew Araphina knew that Apheni and Hades were on bad terms but didn't know why.

"So How you really been?"Ara said the got up and moved Apheni's feet then sat under then then sat there with her, like they used to when they were younger.

Cyclone is outside practicing with his sword and his speed

"Good... lying low a bit. Some of the gods were mad at me before they were evil so you know. I unlike you are still completely unattached. I saw dads memorial the other day." Apheni shrugs.

Araphina shrugged, "Yea." She said. "For the first time. Or just a visit?" She asked.

Cyclone stopped training as he sees the sky blacken as if a storm is bout to start

"Wouldn't you like to know." Apheni grins but drops it soon after. "What have you got to eat here sister. Food of the mortals isn't very good."

Cyclone comes running in "be ready something might be comming our way"

Apheni jumps to her feet from the chair. "What?!"

"While I was out training the sky went black and I felt like they were getting ready to attack.." Cyclone looks at them with a look of terror for a second then it changed to a look of ready to fight.

"Stupid peices of... Da... ggrr." Apheni ends with growls pulling a hilt and dagger out of her boot. She does something to it and it extends into a sword.

Cyclone pulls his sword out and he says a incantation and it changes form into an unfamiliar blade "Lets get ready"

Araphina was standing between them at the ready. "So much for another day off." She mumbled then headed for the kitchen. Slowly looking around, carefull of her steps. She then walked to the kitchen door that let outside and then peeked out. Nothing...yet.

Apheni grounds her teeth. wondering if the god's would impede her ability's... to. Nope. They weren't. Apheni suddenly had greives and gauntlets on and well as chainmail. "Thank you papa."

Araphina walked slowly back into the living room, "Nothing. Yet." She said, easing off a little.

"You two stay here, I am ganna be the look out ok?" Cyclone takes off outside and jumps on the roof of the house waiting for any signs...

"The hell. He think I'm some kind of rinky dink little girl needing to be protected?" Apheni asks her sister not exactly pleased at the command he'd given.

Araphina was peeking into the room. "Apheni, let's show him want all we're made of." She smiled, then walked out the door, then carefull managed to get to the roof.

Apheni followed much quicker and a little more agile. She had been in the human realm after all. "Looks like they were sending out the scouts with their little power display." Apheni says from behind Cyclone.

"But I fear they will be sending something much worse in a moment.." And sure enough he sees three tower monsters in the back of the massive army heading their way

"How did they find us." Ara said, "I can't believe this." She mumbled. "That's crazy."

"Well father here's counting on your metal and skills." Apheni says softly. she was only Araphina's sister by mother. Apheni's father was hepheastius. she only hoped he was noth with the other gods. Seeing as he couldn't really get around what with his legs and all.

With out a ward Cyclone takes off towards the army ready to fight. He has his sward drawn and he starts slashing anyone that comes at him

"This is going to be...interesting." Araphina said to her sister then climed from the roof and stood ready. Never been the one to rush into it. Letting them come to her.

Apheni on the other hand steps forward a few more paces then her sister. Close at hand for her. But far enough away so that she could hold her own.

Cyclone slashes his way through the army making his way to the towering monsters in the back wanting to stop them before they made it to the town

After a long hard fought battle the army was gone and the giant monsters were sent back where they came from and Cyclone stood there wounded from the fight but still alive. "I wonder what is ganna come next..."

Araphina was standing over him, as a drop of blood fell from her head and landed next to his. "The second wave will be here within a couple weeks." She said, having some cuts and bruises. A deep cut on her thigh.

"That was fun." Apheni grins swinging her daggers around. she has several small cuts. and one large on on her lower back.

"That was fun." Ara smirked. "Feels...good to be back in action." He said to them both.

Cyclone looks at both of them. "I think it will be better if we bring the fight to them before they send the second wave" He then looks at the sky and sighs... "I don't think its wise to stay here and fight them it puts the village in danger"

Apheni huffs softly. Putting away her weapons, and with barely a thought she sends her armer away to where she has called it from in the first place. "I'm really hungry... and dirty. You two got a bath in your big fancy house?"

"We have two of them." Araphina smiled, then slidd her weapons away then walked over to Apheni and then wrapped a arm around her then started back for the house. Needing one also.

"I will be back later I am heading to town to go find an old friend." Cyclone called to them as they headed to the house. Then he turned on the spot and vanished into thin air

"Hmph! What an egotistical he-man you've got sister." Apheni rolls her eyes crossing her arms over her chest. In fact her sisters husband was the exact type of man Apheni disliked the most. She was excited however about the prospect of a bath.

After a short time Cyclone returns looking tired he goes and takes a seat on the couch waitng for the girls

"You smell." Ara said, behind him. Hand holding a towel, as she tried to dry off her hair. "Please. Before you sit. Clean up." She said then smiled at him and walked into the kitchen to make something for them all to eat.

"Say sister... you don't suppose... instead of fighting all the gods... we should just go round it and find the light and get it back?

"thats my plan but we also need to find away to get it purified" Cyclone looked at them

"Cyclone, you Smell!" Ara said, poking her head into the livingroom, "I love you. But for the love of the goddess you will not share a bed with me, unless you clean up." She said, then ducked back into the kitchen. "Hurry. so you can eat then."

"Find a seer and ask. Sure they speek in riddles but the prophesy always comes true. Then we'll probably need a preistess of incredable power... or something like that." Apheni says ignoring her sister. the girl always wanted things clean and people to be on time. blah blah blah. Aph rolls her eyes.

"I guess we will discuss this after I get cleaned up" Cyclone sighed and went up stares to take a shower even though he could clean him self in a matter of seconds...

"Apheni. The table is set." Ara said, "I'm going to go get Cyclone." She said then headed up stairs and knocked on the bathroom door. 'It's me." She said, then opened the door.

When she entered Cyclone was just standing under the water staring off, he looked to be in deep thought about something

"Hey love." Ara said, "your taking longer then normal." She said. Then walked over and looked at him. "Hey." She said. "You okay?"

"I am fine just thinking... I will be down in a minute ok?" Cyclone looked at her for a second and then went back into deep thought

Ara nodded then turned and looked at his shoulder. "Cyclone?" She asked then pulled back the curtian a little then reached in and lightly touched his wound. "Want me to stitch this up?" She asked.

"No it should be healing soon just give it time ok hun?" Cyclone did not even look at her

"Hey. Look at me. Please." Araphina said. "Please." She asked softer, touching his elbow.

Cyclone looks at her and for the first time in a long time she saw blood in his eyes

"Not agian." Araphina said, then pulled back. "Be ready to eat. SOON!" She said then walked out and slammed the door. She waslked down the stairs and wipped her eye and sighed. She sighed then started placing still hot food on the plate. She mwas mumbling and forcefully doing what she was doing.

Apheni says nothing simply sitting there at the table. Arms crossed.

Ara sat down then sighed. She then started to eat after thanking the goddess. "Please eat Apheni. Not use for good food to waste."

"Yes ma'am." Apheni says softly just digging in. Wondering what got her sister so upset and what was with mr. husband man.

Cyclone comes walking down and he sits without saying a word and starts to eat

Ara played with her food. She ate a little then got up and trashed her food then set the dirty dish in the sink then went up stairs. She walked into the bedroom then laid down. She felt a little funny and wasn't up for a million questions. She just wanted to think about things, dweel on the battle. Think over her mistakes.

"Alright what happened between you two?! What happened to you?! and AARRG!" Apheni jumps to her feet before falling back into her chair.

Cyclone swallows the food in his mouth and sighs "She saw the blood in my eyes for a split second and she doesn't like it when that happens" 

"the blood in your eyes? what does that mean the blood in your eyes? Doesn't like it is a serious understatement. She's like... well your her husband. This isn't just a mild perturbance for her." Apheni says crossing her arms. She was really not liking her sisters husband very much.

"Well there is something I have been hiding, the reason for my actions is that there is this demon locked inside of me and when I get angry our see someone I care about get hurt I lose it" Cyclone looks away

Araphina rubbed her face with a towel and then walked into the room and looked from her husband to her sister. "SOmething bothering you?" She asked them both, as she walked past them and then over to the couch to sit down and finished drying her hair. Having showered after her accedently nap.

Cyclone looked at is wife then just wonder outside without a word.

Ara sighed then dropped her towel to the couch and then got up and smiled to her sister before she then nodded and walked outside after him. 'Something bothering you?" She asked him, then linked with his arm and leand agianst him.

"Its just I don't think your sister likes me..." Cyclone couldn't look at her.

"She her own time. I'm sure." Ara said softly looking up at him a little, rubbing his lower arm with her hand.

"I told her my sceret just a few moments ago.." Cyclone sighed

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