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Estantia's Stories

The Girl With No Name

I love this poem, and a lot has come from it, I regard it as one of my best. Enjoy.

Estantia's Stories


A girl stood on the cliffs. She sang a song of loneliness as tears raced down her cheeks. The
wind whipped at her as she sang her heart out to the distant storm. Her dress and cloak
streamed out behind her.
It was powerful loneliness. Usually loneliness is quiet, a soft, singing of this song within a
heart, unseen tears falling softly, without sound. This was a howl, the wind stole the tears from
her cheeks as she poured her heart out to the wind.
She stood on a spar thrust out from the island rocks, which formed a jagged screen
behind her. She was right at the edge, but she would not jump.
She was framed on the spar.
Her song rung out.
This is the girl who cannot hold on any more.
The wind did not make a sound nor steal its clarity or beauty away.
The sea below formed peaked waves, smashing against the base of the cliff in the storm
that she sung to.
She choked, and collapsed, shuddering with misery, but the song still rang out. It is
always there if you know where to look, or listen.
A girl without a name.
The song was.....all.
Her pain.
The song.

A tear rolled down, once, twice. This is not defiant loneliness. This is hidden loneliness, a
thin, pure sequence of notes.
She knelt in the corner, her tears fall only in her heart, the song is in her heart. She is
hidden in a corner, dust on the floor, furniture hiding her from view.
This is the girl, but not the girl.
This is the girl who is never noticed.
This is the girl who retreats into her own mind, and makes stories and songs to help her.
She is the girl who fades into shadows and watches sadly and hungrily as the world
misses her.
She will survive.
She always has done.
Always will.
She survives because a song echoes in her empty heart.
This is the girl who sees the girl on the cliffs.
And this is the girl who knows who the girl with no name is.
Because she has no name.
She dreams she is defiant because then people would see her pain.
But this is hidden loneliness.

Because people can see defiant loneliness, hear it echoing, they miss the quiet song,
which is as strong, less strong or stronger.

This is the girl who is not seen.

This is the girl with no name.


Estantia's Stories

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