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2010-12-19 04:21:22
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The Crusaders Contract


The rules are of this role play:

1.No God Modding or power playing. This means, you control only your own characters. If a player attempts to take control of another persons character, the gods (me) will intervene.

2.Please post regularly (at least once a day).

3.Please use description when role playing. Nothing worse than a vague character.

4.I, [Thunder Cid] Have the final word on disputes among players.

5.Be creative, have fun, and use every disadvantage I throw at you as a way to use your critical thinking.

Please sign your name below if you wish to continue and proceed to:

Zenenicel's Armory

1. Count Braquis Adalei Nooj
2. Cajanic
3. Baeled "Bael" Majorn
4. Llyvurn Whenbury
5. Inkah Stretkensen
6. Sydnee Hammis
7. Taneyr Puug

The Crusaders Ballad | Zenenicel's Armory

Username (or number or email):


2010-12-18 [Akayume]: I think you should make a copy of the contract that's an entire hand print - since it's totally badass and what Syd did. XD

2010-12-19 [Thunder Cid]: Maybe. Twas [Flisky]'s work, so it's up to her :)

2010-12-19 [Akayume]: Well, it is awesome. (: Btw if you're watching this page [Flisky]. XD Or I guess you could just tell her I like it [Thunder Cid]. X3

2010-12-19 [Flisky]: ^_^ Thankee. (It's up on Cajanic's page.) I could make Sydnee one, too.

2010-12-19 [Akayume]: For real? :D I would totally love that!

2010-12-19 [Akayume]: Oh. and btw, you're missing a parenthesis on #2 of the rules. XD I would edit it myself but that would be weird. o__O

2010-12-19 [Akayume]: Huzzah! (I like good grammar and like to nitpick. I do it because I care. XP)

2011-05-05 [kians mummy]: so where exactly do you put your name

2011-05-05 [Thunder Cid]: This is a pretty exclusive roleplay. I'm not allowing anymore characters at this time, but maybe the next go around :)

2011-05-05 [kians mummy]: ok, i'll keep tabs on what you said though, so no more people adding

2011-05-05 [Flisky]: This is [Thunder Cid]'s roleplay, so he can do whatever he wants in it, including adding more people who aren't necessarily you, Sammie. Besides, there are more people ahead of you for this. (I should know, I've been keeping track of those who are interested as is my duty as Co-Mod.)

2011-05-05 [Evolution X]: there were quite a few interested before hand... and this moves slowly. And there's only a limited amount of places.

2011-05-05 [kians mummy]: ok, no worries

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