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The Crusaders Ballad


The world of man is in jeopardy. Ieuaystll, high priest of Yeiovan, has unleashed upon this world a series of unspeakable horrific entities all in the name of protecting his faith. His weapons; the Clynactims, titanic juggernauts of nightmarish origins, capable of leveling entire kingdoms in mere minutes. The Human race has been forced underground for safety, territories have been established in hopes to defend their people. Nobility, government, and law all have been thrown into chaos. Many years have passed since the Clynactims emerged, the people's only hope lies within a select few chosen by the divine Zenenicel, god of the people and defender of humanity, to champion against Ieuaystll and his horrific brood.


In the mythical realm of Cusadrehk stand eight nations; Zumdeuh, Vmynaeuh, Jybuneyh, Ajaa, Fraawehk, Oajuh, Muieca-ynnum, and Rammvena, and each of the nations worshiped their own pantheon of deities. Outraged by each nations choice of worship, a great war took place on behalf of the gods of yore. Many men perished for the honor of appeasing their gods in glorious combat. The war, known as the Sempiternal Wars, proved to be fruitless. With so many men under each nation's control and with such a deep rooted cause, the Kings of Cusadrehk agreed to a truce on the battlefield of Kalders, known to be largest and bloodiest battle during the campaigns in which all eight nations were a part of. Under the Treaty of Kalders, it was agreed upon that all nations choose one deity for their land to act as patron gods in a central pantheon. These were known as the Gods of Cusadrehk. Those gods who were not selected were given a place of honor in a great temple. Ysusthab, the god of beasts, was not amused by this and vowed to revolt. Using his divine powers, Ysusthab conjured four great beasts known as the Clynactims. These titans of nightmares were embedded with nearly unstoppable power and easily made both king and peasant submit to their will. Ysusthab's minions held domain over Cusadrehk, but were quickly challenged. War was waged across the heavens and land, pitting the gods against the shiftless behemoths. After countless standoffs, the Clynactims and Ysusthab were finally brought down. The gods scattered and entombed the great beasts to the four corners of Cusadrehk and cast Ysusthab to the bottom of a great chasm. Before being cast down, Ysusthab swore vengeance and threw his voice into the traveling winds where his curses could be heard for eternity. After the great war the land of Cusadrehk finally was able to enjoy peace.

75 years of peace later, the people of Cusadrehk have forgotten the great war. The gods' worshipers have become lazy, resulting in a critical loss of power. Though the land is at peace, the sinister voice of Ysuthab still wails through the air. This is where our story begins. 12thTalaspan-75 P.W.- A farming village outside the the city of Palgmao in the Kingdom of Oajuh, a young man by the name of Ieuaystll was helping his family with the harvest. The Kragen family's produce was going to be the best offering to the god Nylram. As Ieuaystll was loading the cart with a basket of corn he was thrown to the ground and shaking. His parents didn't know what to do except pray in hopes that their son would live. After what seemed like an eternity, Ieuaystll stopped his violent shaking and lay on his back staring at the sky. He had no answer to what had happened, only that a god spoke to him. His parents were thrilled and eagerly asked which god spoke to him. Ieuaystll was confused for a moment and hesitated, but finally after his parents begged it out of him, said "Ysuthab." Frozen with fear his father bellowed that name is forbidden in his house. His parents went frantic and ordered him to leave at once saying he was cursed and would bring nothing but ill fortune to his family and village. Angered, embarrassed, and empty, Ieuaystll bitterly honored his family's wishes. Leaving his home village disgraced, the voice of Ysuthab spoke to Ieuaystll. Ysuthab offered Ieuaystll great wealth and power if he would act as his earthly vessel. His mission: to roam the kingdoms and speak of Ysuthab's power and gain worshipers. Only then could his powers be demonstrated.

With work in hand, Ieuaystll set out to see his divine mission through. Hardships arose at every corner. Mobs would drive him out of towns, death threats, people screaming "Heretic" or "Blasphemer". Soon his reputation spread far and wide across Cusadrehk. He was barred from every nation's city, township, and village. But his reputation also granted him a following. Known as the Cult of Yeiovan, the people followed Ieuaystll and referred to him as the high priest. 25 years of toiling for the god Ysuthab has finally bared fruit. The cult of Yeiovan has assembled an intimidating number of followers. Through threats, bribes, and action Ieuaystll has almost completed his quest and redeemed himself from his past disgrace...his final task was at hand. Ysuthab ordered Ieuaystll to cut the branch from a nearby apple tree and he would bless it. This staff was blessed with the divine powers of Ysuthab and with it his will could be done. He then ordered Ieuaystll to take his flock and travel to the four corners of Cusadrehk and unleash his creations, the Clynactims, once again. As a sign of good faith, Ysuthab gave dominion of these titans to Ieuaystll so that he and his flock would remain out of harm's way. As one last act of favor to the Cult of Yeiovan, Ysuthab gave his prophet the ability to conjure lesser beasts to aid him in his mission.  

Ieuaystll and his congregation marched upon the land of Cusadrehk. Neither priest nor soldier could stand in their path and any who tried were crushed by the cult. Four sights, four beasts, 4 years, the will of Ysuthab has been fulfilled. The Clynactims are once again free to terrorize Cusadrehk. With the gods weakened, the people fled into underground safe havens in order to escape the wrath of the colossal monsters. Kingdoms were demolished, the lands were ruined, the water was polluted, and the air became heavy. The age of man looked it bleakest...that is until I came along. My name is Escrat Vaughnmogistait, scribe to the holy Zenenicel and herald of his champions. I was summoned by the divine watcher of man to chronicle the events that will soon unfold.


Do you dare to be one of those called forth by the divines? Can you brave endless campaigns against monsters the size of mountains whose very heads reach the stars? If you dare, sign:

The Crusaders Contract

The Crusaders Archive

A C.U.R.E. Endorsed RP.

Username (or number or email):


2010-12-17 [Evolution X]: I approve, I'm guessing large stars are main cities and dots are small towns?

2010-12-17 [Captain Rachel Black]: (monty python) Yaaaaaaay

2010-12-17 [Thunder Cid]: Stars are capitals, and dots are more recognized towns yes.

2010-12-17 [Akayume]: Hmmm, I wonder if we'll ever get an archer? :( To complete the eight?

2010-12-17 [Thunder Cid]: I'm looking, if not I was going to ask anyone if they would like to fill in the extra spots.

2010-12-17 [Akayume]: I see. (: (Spots? I thought archer was the only one left? o.o)

2010-12-17 [Flisky]: We need a knight too...

2010-12-17 [Evolution X]: we have a holy knight...

2010-12-17 [Thunder Cid]: I don't count.

2010-12-17 [Flisky]: Well...sort of. Nooj is strange.

2010-12-17 [Akayume]: Oh, I see. I was counting you as well. (:

2010-12-18 [Eyden13]: *Looks around*

2010-12-19 [Thunder Cid]: Like what you see Eyden?

2010-12-19 [Akayume]: we have more in the back if you're interested. (;


2010-12-20 [Eyden13]: lol, it looks pretty cool.

2011-01-01 [Rice]: Would I be able to join this? I understand it has already began and that you have a colourfull cast of characters, but I'd love to join it. :-)

2011-01-01 [Flisky]: We still have two positions open: knight and archer. ^_^

2011-01-01 [Rice]: Oh. I sent a message to [Thunder Cid] detailing more about my application. I also sent a sort of quick character profile using the archer class, I'm glad that was still open. :-) Hopefully it will be okay.

2011-01-01 [Captain Rachel Black]: (smiles manically)...fresh meat...MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

2011-01-03 [Captain Rachel Black]: I found us a Knight!

2011-01-03 [Faulty Limerence]: Well, at least until I complete my 20 hour drive tomorrow, I've just got my phone for now. But I can converse and apply just fine on that, I think. I've just finished with the introduction and was about to look further in.

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