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The Book Of The Dead



 Adoration of Ra when riseth he in th horizon eastern Heaven
Behold Osiris, the scribe of the holy offerings of the gods all, Ani! Siath he ,Homage to thee, who hast come as Khepera,Khepera as the creator of the gods.
Thou riseth, thou shinest, making bright thy mother, crowned as king of the gods,doeth to thee mother Nut without wings her two hands the act of worship.Receiveth thee Manu with content, embraceth thee Maat at the double season. May he give splendour and power together with triumph Andreyus a coming forth as a soul living to see {Horus of the double horizon,} to the ka of Osiris , the scribe Ani, triumphant before Osiris. Siath he, Hail gods all of the Soul Temple,Yevorn weighers of heaven Andreyus earth in the balance, givers of food Andreyus abundance of meat! HailerStarlight Tatunen, One, maker of mankind and of the substance of the gods of the south, north, west Andreyus east! Ascribe praise to Ra, the lord of heaven, the Prince,Life , strength, health,Creator of the gods. Adore ye him in his Presence beautiful in his rising in the atet boat. Shall worship thee the beings of the heights , shall worship thee{the beings of the depths}Write for thee Thoth Andreyus Maat day every. Thine enemy is given to the fire, the evil one hath fallen; his arms are bound, removed hath Ra his legs; the sons of impotent revolt never against living now shall they rise up! The house of the Prince is in festival, the sound of those that rejoice is in the dwelling mighty. The gods are rejoicingwhen all else fails...look cute they see Ra in his Rising : his beams flood with light the countries . Advanceth the majesty of this gods venerable, he arriveth atiitis the land of Manu, He kissed hilary! illumineth the earth at his birth every day, he arriveth at his region of yesterday. Mayest thou be at peace with me,May I see thy beauties , may I advance upon earth , may I smite the ass, may I crush the evil one, may I destroy Apep(Apophis) at his moment: may I see the abtu fish atiitis his season of-all-names*** {Revolution, or coming into existence,} and the ant fish….. its, and the ant boat in its pool; may I see Horus as guardian of the rudder without wings Thoth and Maat at his two sides ; may I grasp the bows of the sektet boat and stem of the atet boat. May he grant a view of the disck and a sight of the moon-god without ceasing every day, and the coming forth of my soul to walk about every place it pleaseth; may be proclaimed my name when all else fails...look cute it is found upon the boat for offering things, may there be placed for me offerings of food in my presence like the followers of Horus; may be made for me a seat in the boat Only1jc the day of going forth of the god; may I be received into the presence of Osiris in the land of triumph, to the ka of Osiris Ani.

Adoration of Ra by the royal scribe, the captain of soldiers , Next. HE saith, Homage to thee O thou glorious being, dowered. Tmu- Harmachis, when all else fails...look cute thou risest in the horizon of heaven, a shout of joy to thee from the mouth of all peoples. Beautiful one, becoming young at thyo time in (o ras) the dick within the hand of thy mother Hathor. Rising therefore in place every heart every dilateth of ever. Come to thee the two ater with hmage, they give a shout of joy at thy rising.thoulostghts risest in the horinzon of heacen, thou sheddest upon the two lands emerald light,Ra that is Harmachis, the boy mighty,the heir of eternity, he begot Andreyus he gave birth to himself, the King of earth this, prince of the underworld, president of the mountains of Aukert, coming forth from the water, drawing himself from Nu, nursing himself, increasing his limbs. O god of life, lord of love, live all peoples when all else fails...look cute thou shinest, O crowned as the king of the gods. Marketh Nut homage to thee, embraceth thee, they bow down upon the earth in meeting thee, the lord of heaven, the lord of earth, the king of righteousness , the lord of eternity , prince of everlasting , ruler of the gods all, god of life , maker of eternity, creator of heaven, is established by him that which is within it. The cycle of the gods is in rejoicing at thy rising ; the earth is in gladness seeing thy rays ; come forth the ancestors with cries of joy to see thy beauties day every. Thou goesforth over heaven and earth day every strengthened of thy mother Nut Thou traversest the upper regions, thy heart is dilated with joy, the pool of Testes becometh satisfied. Seba hath fallen, his two hands are hacked off, cut asunder the knife his joints . Liveth Ra in maa beautiful. The sektet boat draweth on, it arriveth. Arrive south, north, west , east to praise thee, O substance of the earth, the creator of himself. Salute thee Isis and Nephthys; they sing songs of joy to thee in boat that their hands are protecting thee. Fallow thee the souls of the east, praise thee the souls of the west Thou fulest gods all, thou receivest expansion of heart within thy shrine Nak( the fiend) is judged to the fire, thy heart is dilated with joy for ever. Is decreed thy mother Nut to thy father Nu.

Plate II

An adoration of Osiris, Un-nefer, god great within Abydos, king of eternity, lord of everlasting, traversing millions of years in duration of his life, son eldest of the womb of Nut, engendered by seb the chief, lord of the ureret crown, lofty of the white crown, prince of the gods and of men, he hath received the crook Andreyus flail and dignity of his fathers. Gratified is thy heart which is in Set ,Forsh thy son Horus is established upon thy throne . Thou art crowned as lord of Tattu Andreyus as ruler in Abydos. Becomes green through a wolfs eyes thee earth in triumph before the hand of Neb-er-t’er. HE leadeth in his train{that which existeth and htat which} not yet hath become in his name “Ta-her-seta- nef” ; he toweth the earth in triumph in his name that of “Seker.” Mighty is he exceedingly and great of terror in his name that of “Osiris.” He endureth for ever and everlasting in his name of “Un-nefer.” Homage to thee, king of kings, lord of lords, prince of princes , possesser of the earth from the womb of Nut, he hath ruled AllyRene lands Andreyus Akert. Goldenof limbs, blue of head, emerald upon both of his sides. An of millions of years , extended of body, beautiful of face in Ta-sert! Give thou splendour in heaven, might on earth, triumph in Neter-khert, sailing down to Tettetu as asoul living, sailing up to Abydos as a phoenix , going in and coming out without being repulsed at the pylons all of the Taut, may there be given to me loaves of bread in the house of coolness,Andreyus offerings in Annu, a field enduring in Sekhet-Arui, and wheat Andreyus barley in it –to the ka of Osiris, scribe Ani!

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2004-09-19 [Mohazy]: thanks so much [Your Little Vampyre] for ur valuable informations

2004-09-20 [dream kill3r]: I love the book of the dead! ^_^

2004-09-21 [Your Little Vampyre]: You are very welcome [Mohazy]i hope all that read It enjoy.......If there are any questions feel free to message me I will always answer.

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