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This city is about the largets city, and only city that Remains under U.N. control, all the surviving U.N. soldiers layed refuge here, and still hold this city with their fire power, the laws here have become very strict, curfews are set in place for 2000 (08:00PM) and all criminal offences are punished by public execution.. these soldiers are not messing around..follow thier laws or risk death.


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2007-06-21 [dead~spirit]: *the man in the lab coat lets out a over worked sigh as he spins around in his computer chair, and sets the disk into the computer.* "this is going to be a long day."

2007-06-21 [snowwolfsa]: Pryce: stop complaining! *he spoke sharply as he dissapeared threw door way

2007-06-21 [dead~spirit]: *the man types faster as he speaks.* "Lets see you not complain after you been working here for as long as I have with out a cigerette break."

2007-06-21 [snowwolfsa]: *there was no reply, only the sound of a locked door, locking the man down there to do his work...

2007-06-21 [dead~spirit]: *the man turns suddenly hearing the sound.* "O come on?!?!? what about my lunch break?!?!? maybe slip me something under the door I sapose? I want a raise!!!!"

2007-06-21 [snowwolfsa]: *A man in black outfit with a executioner mask walks in setting down a plate with some weird green soup in it "" he spoke before turning around and leaveing locking the door behind him

2007-06-21 [dead~spirit]: *the man stans up as the door locks, and yells as he picks up the soup..* "Umm..sir..Can I get some crackers to go with this?!?!?"

2007-06-21 [snowwolfsa]: Executioner: *the door opens as he come in and wips the man with a wip "no complain!!!! eat!!! work!!!" he spoke before dissapearing back behind the door, the locking sound is heard again

2007-06-21 [dead~spirit]: *the man shrieks, as he rubs his back* "Ow, shit!!! hey, can I atleast get a spoon to eat this soup with?!?!"

2007-06-21 [snowwolfsa]: Executioner: *door quickly opens and a spoon is heard tossed in, before the door closed and locked

2007-06-21 [dead~spirit]: *he walks over and picks up the spoon, yelling as he inspects it.* "aww, now this one is dirty, not the brightest match in the box are ya???"

2007-06-21 [snowwolfsa]: *silence is heard, like no one at all cared*

2007-06-21 [dead~spirit]: *the scientist bangs on the door annoyingly, as he yells, holding the spoon.* "Umm.. hello.. I can't eat with this!!!you got dirt all over this.." *long pause* "You know, I am going to get you fired if you do not open up this door!!"

2007-06-21 [snowwolfsa]: *silence is heard, like no one at all cared again*

2007-06-21 [dead~spirit]: *the scientist stands there for a bit longer before smirking, and running over to the corner of the room. he starts diggin with the spoon.* "heh, just as I planned it."

2007-06-21 [snowwolfsa]: Pryce: *over the intercomm "seriously i need whats on that disk, stop screwing around... your on camera you know"

2007-06-21 [dead~spirit]: *the scientist yells at the camera* "then why dont you have your hunchback fella over there give me a clean spoon to eat my soup! you know I cant work on an empty stomach!!"

2007-06-21 [snowwolfsa]: *the door opens and a spoon in a plastic bag is tossed in before the door slams and locks again

2007-06-21 [dead~spirit]: *the scientist picks it up and smiles before opening it, and eating his soup...* "Awww!! now look what you did you big dufus, my soup is cold now!!"

2007-06-21 [snowwolfsa]: Pryce: *over the comm "eat the damn soup and get to work"

2007-06-21 [dead~spirit]: *The scientist shrugs and eats his soup as he works*

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